Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination
Chapter 3492: Too Easy

“Nothing, I’m just here to tell you to pack your stuff and leave, that’s the best option.” Li Qiye smiled.
A storm of protest from the crowd emerged. Bai Jianchan’s fans were furious.
“Ridiculous! Northern West King isn’t your home, you’re not the sect master of Ancestral City either!” A genius shouted.
The saintess and female cultivators felt indignant and openly criticized Li Qiye.
“Take a look in the mirror and know your place, how dare you talk to Young Lord Bai like this!?” A female cultivator said with disdain.
“You’re courting death, nobody.” A noble daughter uttered.
These girls would drown Li Qiye with their saliva if it was possible.
He only smiled and didn’t mind at all, evident by his nonchalant expression.
Bai Jianchan wasn’t angry. His eyes merely narrowed a bit as his forehead became resplendent. He challenged: “I come with humility and respect. If you wish for me to leave, then at least show your true abilities.”
The experts and ancestors appreciated his polite tone. His manner was indeed special, not arrogant in the slightest. A few big shots liked him more as a result.
“Only Young Lord Bai has this level of patience and magnanimity. If it was me, I would have kicked that guy off the hall already.” One genius scowled.
“Young Lord Bai is too magnificent to stoop down to that guy’s level. This only further displays how exceptional he is.” A princess took pride in this.
The other girls nodded in agreement. Their eyes had nothing but passion and adoration for him.
“My true abilities?” Li Qiye smiled.
Others thought nothing of this smile but the ancestor from Ancestral were horrified. They felt a storm looming on the horizon.
“That’s right.” Bai Jianchan nodded: “I heard about your phoenix bloodline and that you killed our army in Fire Domain. I wish to see what else you can do outside of this. Remember, not just anyone is qualified to challenge me.”
His tone became slightly domineering and arrogant. However, people thought that this was indeed the case and that he was only telling the truth. His status and power dictated so. Random cultivators weren't worth his time.
“I don’t know why Young Lord Bai is wasting breath on him.” A saintess was completely charmed by him.
“I am simply here to pay respect to the sages of the golem race and to show my gratitude for their contribution and sacrifice for this world. They are looking at us from the high heaven. I am lucky enough to receive their blessings despite personal inadequacies. The scale from Stone Dragon Ancestor is my greatest honor. The fateful ties shown today in Sacred Spirit Hall will only strengthen the friendship between Yin Yang Gate and Ancestral City…”
Though the conversation was with Li Qiye, Bai Jianchan was actually telling the ancestors from Ancestral.
His flowery words were well-received by the crowd. Some girls blushed and needed to cover their face out of embarrassment.
“If I were the saintess, I would marry Jianchan right away. That Li Qiye isn’t worthy of cleaning Jianchan’s shoes.” One beauty said.
Spring was coming for the female cultivators thanks to Bai Jianchan’s pleasant words.
“Enough, no more spewing nonsense.” Li Qiye waved his hand and chuckled: “Don’t be so complacent over one dragon scale.”
“Bah! Insulting the young lord is deserving of death.” One genius shouted.
“How can he still be so arrogant when he didn’t get recognition from the sages?!” One princess started shouting without caring about her image.
Jianchan wanted to mend the relationship between the two sects but Li Qiye kept on interrupting him. Moreover, the actual problem seemed to be Li Qiye.
“Feel free to try and see if you can obtain a blessing from the wise sages. If you can do at least that, I’ll start listening to you.” Jianchan calmly responded.
“As easy as can be.” Li Qiye smiled.
The majority of the crowd found this ridiculous, the golems included. “As easy as can be” was definitely the wrong way to describe the prestige and honor gained from obtaining the blessings of the sages. One could interpret this as Li Qiye insulting the golems.
“Ignorant child, watch your words!” One golem expert shouted.
“Still so shameless after not being recognized by the sages.” One pretty cultivator sneered.
“Haha, some people just have thick skin like that, they don’t know how to not be shameless. Just a clown in front of the young lord.” One saintess chose some harsh words.
The majority made fun of Li Qiye afterward.
“Alright, it’ll be your win if you can get one small gift from the sages…” Bai Jianchan suggested.
However, he couldn’t finish because Li Qiye raised his hand and loud rumbling ensued.
Glimmers of treasure and immortal rays filled with divinity erupted. Numerous artifacts fell down from above. It was as if the sky was a treasury and Li Qiye had just poked a hole through it.
A fiery cauldron, a saber with dragon roars, a heavenly mirror capable of illuminating Eight Desolaces, world-quaking bells… They piled around Li Qiye like a small hill. The entire area became engulfed in multi-colored radiances.
The spectators stared at the pile. Those in the know noticed their shocking background.
“Qilin Cauldron…” One ancestor trembled.
“That’s our ancestor’s Dragonrune Saber!” One golem expert blurted out.
“The legendary mirror known as Heaven Illumination…” Another expert rubbed his eyes in disbelief.
Any artifact here could become a sect-defining heirloom. The ancestors from Ancestral City gasped in horror.
Everything in Sacred Spirit Hall was part of the city’s resources and power. Now, so many have fallen into Li Qiye’s possession.