Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination
Chapter 3582: So Simple

Chapter 3582: So Simple
“He’s entering the valley now.” One expert said loudly.
Li Qiye stood by the entrance with the stone steps before him. Anticipation was at an all-time high for the crowd.
“What will he do to stop the test of the statues?” Another murmured.
“I think all of his methods will be useless due to his cultivation. Only Heavenly Sovereigns can take it directly.” An older expert commented while shaking his head.
He wasn’t looking down on Li Qiye and simply stated the truth. The best example was Golden Cicada Buddhist Child who fled due to injuries. Li Qiye could be reduced to blood if he took this path.
“What will he do? Will the statues play nice with him too?” One teacher from Duality said.
He wasn’t the only one confused. Everyone else racked their brains and couldn’t come up with a particular method due to the disparity in cultivation. They estimated that the Heavenly Sovereign realm was necessary to get through.
No methods or schemes could make up the gap between a Violet Marquis and Heavenly Sovereign.
“Let’s wait and see, maybe he’ll show us something unimaginable.” Teacher Du had indescribable confidence in Li Qiye.
By this point, all eyes were on him. No one wanted to miss a single action.
However, the only preparation he did was stretching before taking the first step. He seemed to be unaware of the danger.
“Watch out, the power there can reduce you to nothingness.” A spectator shouted.
Everyone assumed that the sonic waves would catch him off guard and kill him soon.
Alas, nothing actually happened during his ascent. The steps didn’t react at all. This was completely different than when Golden Cicada tried to climb up since they lit up and the statues were activated.
One step, two, three… Li Qiye had no problem moving up while still singing.
“Why…?” The experts outside became as astounded.
Golden Cicada wasn’t the first to attempt this. Dugu Lan of Duality tried as well. The result was exactly the same - being repelled by the sonic waves.
Their failure was a testament to the valley’s defense. The question was - why is it not activated against Li Qiye? The all-destroying sonic waves were nowhere to be found.
“How strange, the Buddhist test isn’t happening to him.” One knowledgeable ancestor had no explanation.
“Maybe it stopped working?” Another cultivator wondered.
A senior immediately glared at him and said: “To lay down something like this required the power of the Heavenly Sovereign realm, at the very least. Do you think such a character can make a basic mistake?”
The cultivator smiled awkwardly. The senior was right. This was akin to a dao lord making a mistake with an elementary move - simply impossible.
“What sorcery is this?” Sir Shang’s eyes widened in disbelief.
He was here relatively early and saw the repeated failures. That’s why Li Qiye’s success was beyond his imagination.
“This exceeds reason and common sense.” One Duality teacher said.
This line resonated with the rest of the crowd.
“I’m right again, this brat is as devilish as can be.” Teacher Du said.
“Is it actually fine though?” Some cultivators were still nervous because he wasn’t finished. The statues could still suddenly activate and kill him.
As time passed, he easily finished the downward steps and made it to the valley. The spectators finally heaved a sigh of relief.
“He’s fine.” One of them felt as if he was the one taking the trip.
“He did it…” Yang Ling celebrated and finally relaxed. She was tense earlier and clenched her fists tightly, going as far as sweating.
It seemed that Li Qiye was telling the truth earlier. Everyone thought that he was messing with Sir Shang. Now, they finally understood his answers.
For everyone else, entering the valley was a perilous undertaking but for him, this was no different from a walk. There was no pressure and burden.
Many became happy because they saw hope. Even a woodchopper could enter this valley.
Pessimism struck them earlier because of the failures. They thought that only a grandmaster would be able to get the golden egg. Li Qiye changed their mindset right away.
“He’s going for the golden egg!” Someone shouted.
People calmed down and started watching again. They saw Li Qiye walking towards the stone platform.
Both the juniors and ancestors became tense again. They saw the world draconic king not attacking him.
The two seemed to actually be chatting. They just couldn’t hear the conversation due to the defensive barrier of the valley.
“The brat really knows all the chaos primal beasts here.” One ancestor was completely convinced by Li Qiye’s ability.
Even this great beast was friendly with him. Doubters had no choice but to accept this strange reality.