End of the Magic Era
Chapter 1349 - Missing

Chapter 1349: Missing
Unfortunately, the second theory was never confirmed yet, either. The studies of the underground world showed that although it was impossible to tell when the Blood Elves appeared there, their traces could be found throughout the history in the relics, but there was no sign of elves in the earliest relics. Their earliest traces were left in the same period as the middle phase of the Nesser Dynasty in Noscent.
Lin Yun didn’t know how the Blood Elves emerged, either, but like all the other elves, they were all favored by fate as natural-born spellcasters. Some of them were just more talented than others.
If the Blood Elves’ reproduction weren’t as difficult as that of all the other elves, and each new child might take years if not decades to conceive, the Blood Elves would dominate the underground world.
The largest population in the underground world was not beastmen, but half-beastmen. There weren’t a lot of beastmen in the underground world, but half-beastmen were almost everywhere.
Their strong bodies made the half-beastmen natural-born warriors. Different races of half-beastmen had different talents. Each had their own features and strengths. Although their ratio of experts was far lower than that of Blood Elves, there were simply too many half-beastmen…
In the Blood Elves’ tribe, there could be an Archmage among several hundred members on average, and one in several thousand people could advance into the Heaven Rank.
As for the half-beastmen, more than 95% of them were bottom-level beings in the army. Those half-beastmen usually couldn’t become Great Swordsmen. There couldn’t be one Sword Saint in 10,000 people. It would be lucky if there was one Heaven Rank expert in a tribe of hundreds of thousands of members.
Despite the huge ratio gap, it was impossible for the Blood Elves to conquer the half-beastmen, because the population of half-beastmen was hundreds of times that of the Blood Elves. Population was the foundation of the half-beastmen’s position.
Lin Yun wasn’t happy to see the Blood Elves, because they were famous for their arrogance and unreasonableness. They considered everybody else in the underground to be inferior species.
The Blood Elves had fought other races too many times for their prejudice. They fought half of their wars for similar reasons.
The arrogant Blood Elves even dared to decry dragons as giant lizards or reptiles, so there was certainly nothing they didn’t dare to do. The most famous war in history would happen 10,000 years later, when the Blood Elves insulted the strong descendant of a Destruction Black Dragon. The Destruction Black Dragon’s descendant was not a nice guy, either, and immediately destroyed a couple of the Blood Elves’ cities, thus starting a war that lasted hundreds of years…
Lin Yun recalled information about the Blood Elves. Before he said anything, a bloody arrow of light had been shot towards the floating boat from thousands of meters away.
The expression of Darri, who was flying in the lead, changed, and he stood in the way of the arrow without thinking. Unleashing his aura, he transformed his hands into lizard claws that were two meters long, and hit the arrow brutally.
With a boom, the arrow exploded, and Darri was flung dozens of meters back. His claws were enshrouded in bloody brilliance. From the cracks on his claws, blood was gushing out like a spring. His aura glittered for a few seconds, and he finally stopped bleeding.
“Darri, you stupid reptile, how dare you appear in front of me? Do you think you can approach our territory now that you’ve found a bastard dragon as your supporter?”
A handsome male Blood Elf, who looked like a beautiful woman, was standing on the back of one of the weird birds, with a two-meter-long bow in his hand. He looked down at Darri with a cold smile.
Darri’s expression changed completely after he heard that…
What a stupid and arrogant man. Does he not detect this formidable sir here? It’s fine if he insults me, but how dare he insult those terrifying strangers. Does he want to get killed?
Stupid Blood Elf, even if you cannot detect the bloodline pressure, do you not feel their powerful auras? I wonder why he is still alive when he’s so stupid. He’s screwed…
That man is as good as dead. I don’t know the strength or the temper of the terrifying sir on the boat, but Lord Xiuban certainly does not have a good temper. Madam Reina doesn’t seem easy to deal with, either…
That guy is doomed. But I’m involved in this because of him too. What if that sir thinks that I’m the cause of the trouble?
Darri gritted his teeth, and had no time to consider whether he could beat the man. He roared, and was about to charge out.
“What an arrogant idiot. Since when was this place the Blood Elves’ territory? If you want to cause trouble, then I’m right here!”
But before he did anything, someone had rushed out of the floating boat. Xiuban, who had been infuriated on the way because of Enderfa’s mockery, couldn’t wait any longer after Lin Yun gave him permission.
While he was still flying, the brilliance of magic power had started glittering in Xiuban. Bloodlust, Power of Earth, and Power of Wind all enhanced his body. The tattoo of a bloody abyssal evil dragon appeared on Xiuban’s skin, and gazed at the Blood Elves with its wicked eyes.
Seeing Xiuban charging at them, the level-3 Heaven Rank Blood Elf sneered, and slowly drew the bow in his hand, gathering a bloody arrow of light on the string.
“Stupid bastard reptile, you don’t even carry the features of a dragon, yet you call yourself a dragon. Go to hell…”
In the blink of an eye, the arrow crossed thousands of meters, and approached Xiuban. With bloodshot eyes, Xiuban waved Carnage and smashed the arrow into pieces. Then, he continued charging at the Blood Elf.
The Blood Elf seemed slightly surprised that the bloody arrow he was proud of didn’t work, but he wasn’t bothered at all. He stretched his bow again, shooting another three bloody arrows.
Unsurprisingly, the three bloody arrows were smashed into pieces by Carnage. However, the broken pieces of the arrows turned into countless smaller arrows, and chased after Xiuban.
All the smaller arrows hit Xiuban. Immediately, he was enshrouded in red light.
The Blood Elf stared at Darri coldly.
“Darri, dumb*ss, is he the help you found? Let me tell you, this place will be the Blood Elves’ territory from today on, and it will belong to me. You will answer for your stupidity today.
“Your blood will become the source of my power. I will let you die in pain. The helpers you’ve found will die just as miserably…”
With sympathy on his lizard face, Darri lowered his head, and mumbled, “Arrogant idiot, goodbye. Sir Xiuban’s bloodline power is getting greater and greater. How terrifying. Did he only use 10 percent of his strength? He has become five times stronger all of a sudden, and he doesn’t seem to be reaching his limits…”
A roar burst out in the sky, and the bloody brilliant that enshrouded Xiuban exploded. The dragon tattoo on Xiuban’s skin seemed infuriated, and turned into burning flames. Instantly, Xiuban charged at the arrogant Blood Elf in a streak of light.
The Blood Elf was surprised. The bird he was riding flapped its wings, trying to dodge. It was very fast, but all of a sudden, it seemed to have detected something, and was too horrified to fly any longer…
The Blood Elf unleashed his mana, and left the bird’s back. He dashed 200 meters in the blink of an eye. Considering his speed and agility, Xiuban shouldn’t be able to catch up to him.
Unfortunately, not just Xiuban, but the dragon tattoo on his skin had been infuriated too…
The abyssal blood dragon’s source of power was blood. They were among the top five groups that were good at using the power of blood. Yet, someone had attacked it with a blood spell…
It was a pure insult that could only be repaid with blood…
Xiuban held Carnage with both hands, and the dragon tattoo on his skin slowly raised its head. As Xiuban moved, the abyssal blood dragon’s head suddenly reappeared a kilometer away, and bit the air.
Instantly, the Blood Elf, who was dodging agilely, emerged from nothingness. He had been bitten by the dragon’s head, and flames were burning on his skin. He cried miserably.
Immediately, the other Blood Elves, who were smiling and waiting for their leader to cut off the enemy’s head, were panicked. Bloody spells and arrows rained upon Xiuban.
Unfortunately, the Blood Elves’ spells didn’t work on Xiuban at all. They couldn’t even break his skin when they hit him. Also, most of their power was ignited by the flames on his skin, making the flames even more terrifying.
Ablaze with bloody flames, Xiuban wielded Carnage furiously, and smashed the Heaven Rank Blood Elf.
The terrifying power blew up the abyssal blood dragon’s illusionary head. All the air and mana exploded under the force. The Blood Elf’s body was shattered into a mist of blood too. All his blood and mana were ignited by the flames on Xiuban’s skin.
In less than one second, the Heaven Rank Blood Elf was completely gone. Even his weapon was shattered into pieces by Xiuban’s terrifying force.
After the strongest Blood Elf died, the other Blood Elves couldn’t possibly resist Xiuban. Bloody flames flashed nonstop in midair. The weaker Blood Elves were ignited directly. Their bodies and blood were burnt into nothingness, and turned into even bigger flames.
Three minutes later, only the flames were floating in midair. Xiuban was enshrouded in one of the flames that was almost eight meters tall.
After all the enemies were taken down, the dragon tattoo on Xiuban’s skin craned its head again and opened its mouth, swallowing the bloody flames like a vortex.
A few seconds later, Xiuban’s face turned so red as if it were dripping blood. His aura rose crazily all the way to level 3 of the Heaven Rank before it finally stabilized again. The tattoos of four kinds of dragons also appeared on Xiuban’s skin, as if they were coming to life. They slithered and didn’t disperse until a long time later.
Xiuban spouted a mouthful of bloody mist and spat.
“Damn you, fool. You dared to curse the great Lord Xiuban? This is what you get. I shouldn’t have let you die so easily. I should’ve roasted and eaten you.”
Xiuban flew back, cursing, with Carnage on his shoulder. While cursing, he glanced at Enderfa now and then, as if he was warning Enderfa.
Enderfa’s three faces rolled their eyes at the same time.
Darri was floating in midair, and still emitting the power of his aura. He was astounded to see Xiuban emerge unscathed. He couldn’t understand what happened until a long time later…
So strong. He’s so strong. Sir Xiuban’s level didn’t seem to be as high as that of the stupid arrogant elf, yet he killed that idiot so quickly…
Instant kill…
What a terrifying guy. Is he really a beastman? No, not a chance. Sir Xiuban might carry the beastmen’s bloodline, but he’s definitely a horrifying dragon. Maybe he just likes the appearance of beastmen.
Maybe Sir Xiuban loves smashing enemies with his giant weapon as a beastman. That’s how he turned into this look.
Sir Xiuban is already so strong. Then how much stronger is the three-faced monster who keeps yelling at Sir Xiuban? Also, that cold-looking woman doesn’t seem to respect Sir Xiuban, either.
Sir Xiuban’s position seems to be the lowest here. Then how strong is that mysterious lord?
Darri floated in midair, frightened. He was truly scared. There weren’t many top experts among the half-beastmen. The strongest he had met was only slightly better than the stupid Blood Elf.
He wasn’t killed by the Blood Elf last time, partly because he ran fast, and partly because he had the strongest beastman help him. He didn’t expect such a Blood Elf to be killed so quickly…
“My lord, in front of us is a tribe of Cave Gnomes. It was the biggest tribe I have seen. I don’t think it’s been destroyed in the last 100 years. Also, the Blood Elves must’ve come here to capture the Cave Gnomes as slaves.
“It’s said that the stupid Blood Elf found a huge mine of Blood Crystals, but it’s not easy to exploit the mine. He must’ve come here to capture the Cave Gnomes for that…”
Darri quickly reported the things he knew, and Lin Yun understood.
The Cave Gnomes were only a mid-level species in the underground world that wasn’t appreciated, because half-beastmen and beastmen were better miners. A lot of half-beastman species were good at mining.
People never thought of Cave Gnomes unless they met huge mines that were difficult to exploit. The Cave Gnomes were able to dig complicated caves without letting them collapse. They were naturally talented in construction. Having built nests for the Destruction Black Dragons that were picky and bad-tempered back in the Nesser Dynasty, they certainly knew what they were doing.
Unfortunately, nobody appreciated their ability, which only allowed them to dig caves in the underground world for their own safety. Their mining efficiency was low, and they demanded a lot of food. It was possible that they would dig a way out and escape. They were not the best slaves.
It was better to enslave the half-beastman races that were stronger and more obedient.
The floating boat moved onwards. Soon, they saw a barren mountain and many caves one meter wide on the slope. Observed from the distance, the mountain looked like an enormous honeycomb.
Traces of battle were everywhere on the mountain. There were even a lot of dead bodies of gnomes, which had attracted a lot of scavengers. Some hideous monsters were even fighting over the dead bodies.
Not a living Cave Gnome could be seen. However, the dead bodies weren’t a lot for the total population of the tribe. The survivors had surely escaped into the caves.
The Blood Elves had to have failed to capture the Cave Gnomes. Looking at the caves that were only one meter wide, Lin Yun could totally imagine how mad the Blood Elves had to have been…
But the Cave Gnomes were already hiding in their caves. It was difficult enough to find them, let alone subdue them. Obviously, none of them could possibly enter a cave that was only one meter wide…
Lin Yun was considering how he could communicate with the Cave Gnomes when Darri patted his chest, and announced, “Sir, allow me to talk to those filthy… Well, those Cave Gnomes. Sir Xiuban saved their lives by killing those arrogant Blood Elves. I’ll be right back…”
As he talked, Darri walked to one of the caves. It seemed as if he had lost all his bones when he wriggled into the cave at a high speed.
Inside the narrow channel, Darri’s eyes that looked like those of a snake glittered. His fork-like tongue stuck out of his mouth and waved. A few seconds later, Darri found the right direction, and moved forward quickly like an agile lizard.