Evil Emperor's Wild Consort
Chapter 27: The Cunning Ling Family Meets Danger (2)

Chapter 27: The Cunning Ling Family Meets Danger (2)
Looking at Gu Ruoyun’s faintly smiling face, Ling Xi bitterly swallowed a mouthful of spit. In the end, he still spoke up: “Gu Ruoyun, who would have expected that you hid so deeply. I still don’t understand, why didn’t you fight back against me if you had this ability at the start? However, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? We have so many people here, and you’re all alone, if all of us here attack together, did you think you could still fight back against us? I can give you a chance now, hand out the treasure, and maybe I’ll even let you die quickly!”
That’s right, this woman is just one person, with so many of them, they were still afraid of her? Has she never heard of the phrase ‘hopelessly outnumbered’?
“A treasure, you mean this?” Gu Ruoyun’s gaze swept through everyone in the crowd. With a swoosh, a sword appeared in her hands, the point of its rusty blade pointed at Ling Xi.
Ling Xi froze for a moment before raging: “Gu Ruoyun, are you mocking our intelligence? You actually dare to call such a broken blade a treasure? Are you treating this young master as a three-year-old?”
“Exactly, it’s just a broken blade, no one will take it even if you give it away.”
“Gu Ruoyun, bring out the treasure, for the sake of your brother Gu Shengxiao, we’ll leave you a whole corpse!”
“Oh?” Facing the pressing shouts of the crowd, Gu Ruoyun unhurriedly kept the sword, “Did you think that you’re very smart? From what I see, your intelligence is only that much. I’ve already offered you the treasure, but you didn’t want it, it’s not that I don’t want to give it to you.”
At this moment, within the forest, Leng Yanfeng’s eyes were focused on the calm Gu Ruoyun standing in the crowd, his handsome face carried an unreadable trace of emotion as he mumbled to himself: “Gu Ruoyun, so it wasn’t that you weren’t purposely showing off in front of me, but it was everyone who underestimated you…”
She actually found the Weapon Refining Sect’s spiritual weapon!
It also showed that her spiritual force far exceeded that of normal people…
Leng Yanfeng remained silent for a long while, before casting a last look at Gu Ruoyun and disappearing within the forest.
“Gu Ruoyun, if you’re not going to see sense, then we can only let you die!”
Cold light flashed across Ling Xi’s eyes, he coldly chuckled: “If killing you means finding the treasure, then this cheap life of yours had some value!”
As his words fell, he quickly flashed towards Gu Ruoyun.
Everyone else looked at each other, before rushing towards that skinny figure in the center from all directions…
If they killed her, the treasure would be theirs!
Thinking up to here, everyone’s expressions unconsciously changed: greed, and desire.
Within the light wind, the girl raised her delicate face, like a breeze, her voice fell into their ears, passing as slowly as a century…
“This is your speed? It’s too slow. Sorry, I’m not interested in this schoolyard fight.”
Almost at the same time, that heavy fist landed on their bodies, and they couldn’t help but to retreat.
“No way!”
Ling Xi’s eyes suddenly widened, although he could see Gu Ruoyun’s body just right in front of him, he could only watch with eyes wide open…
This woman, how could she be this strong? How much did she hide in these past years?
Regardless of how unwilling he was, Ling Xi’s body fell heavily, and at the moment he landed, he seemed to have thought of something, and roared angrily.