Evil Emperor's Wild Consort
Chapter 31: A Handsome Man Said: “Wife?” (3)

Chapter 31: A Handsome Man Said: “Wife?” (3)
Within the stone room.
Gu Ruoyun looked at the handsome man who looked completely confused. Her eyebrows raised slightly: “It looks like that mysterious power was coming from your body. Well, since I’ve already found where that power comes from, I should leave now.”
The man walked down from the stone bed and followed behind Gu Ruoyun. His silver, long hair cast his face in a devilish light, making him look like an otherworldly creature.
But at this moment, the man’s peerlessly beautiful face carried a pitiful expression. He looked at Gu Ruoyun with an aura of grievance.
“Don’t follow me.”
Gu Ruoyun paused her steps for a moment, threw out those words, then took great strides to quickly leave this strange place.
A month passed in a flash. Many people were gathered in the inner courtyard of the imperial palace. At this moment, a light flashed across the formation, and the young people who were sent into the formation to cultivate appeared before their eyes.
Luo Yin tried to look for Gu Ruoyun within the crowd, but she couldn’t find that familiar silhouette in the crowd at all. For some reason, a burst of unease came from her heart…
Did Gu Ruoyun meet some trouble? No! No way, nothing bad can happen to Gu Ruoyun.
“Why don’t I see the Gu family’s Gu Ruoyun?”
Hun Fei’s expression turned cold, his gaze sweeping across the crowd.
Gu Ruoyun was now closely tied to the fate of the Weapon Refining Sect. If she could contribute her spiritual force, then Miss would surely be able to cure her body, so nothing can happen to that woman!
“Elder Hun Fei, Gu Ruoyun was surrounded and attacked by spiritual beasts in the Heavenly Spirit formation. She has already lost her life, so we don’t need to wait for her anymore.” Young master Ling sneered once. The people who were there that day had already been bought by him, so no one will reveal the truth.
“What did you say?” Luo Yin was enraged. She stared angrily at Ling Xi, “Tell this lady what you just said one more time!”
“Hmph!” Ling Xi sneered, “I said, Gu Ruoyun met with a spiritual beast attack in the Heavenly Spirit formation, she’s already dead! I witnessed this with my own eyes!”
“Since you saw her getting attacked by spiritual beasts, why didn’t you go save her?”
Luo Yin clenched her fists tightly. Her heart trembled fiercely, and her voice was a little hoarse, carrying an unconcealed anger.
“Save her?” Ling Xi looked at Luo Yin as if she were an idiot, “Why should I save her? It’s just a good-for-nothing, if she’s dead then she’s dead, what does it matter to me? Letting this kind of good-for-nothing live is just wasting food and resources! She should even thank me for not saving her and letting her die an early death, at least she won’t have to continue a hard life in this world.”
That’s right, Gu Ruoyun was just a good-for-nothing! Grandfather already told him that that woman was only a Qi level 4. A Qi level 4 could actually defeat him, a Qi level 5, in seconds! She must have borrowed the power of that treasure she got in that cave, otherwise how could that even be possible?
Luo Yin roared loudly in rage; her fist landed on Ling Xi’s pretty face.
It happened so suddenly that no one could react…
“Ling Xi, you swine! I’ll take revenge for Gu Ruoyun today!”
Punches landed one by one on Ling Xi’s body; Luo Yin’s eyes held tears, as if she wanted to vent everything at once.
Ling Yi saw that his own grandson was getting beaten up, and finally recovered his senses, hurriedly ordering: “Men, grab this little bitch for me!”
“Little bitch, who the **** are you scolding little bitch?” General Luo, agitated and angry, came out from the crowd. He stood his ground in front of Luo Yin, “This old man hasn’t died yet, I want to see who dares to touch this old man’s daughter!”
The atmosphere became overwhelmingly charged with anger in an instant. Everyone breathed as quietly as they could, not daring to let out a single peep.
But at this moment, a puzzled voice rang out from the rear.
“What’s happening here? Luo Yin, why are you acting so ferociously the moment I come out?”