Evil Emperor's Wild Consort
Chapter 32: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (1)

Chapter 32: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (1)
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Luo Yin’s fist froze just as it was about to hit Ling Xi, and she turned her head in disbelief. Gaping at the young woman who had appeared in the square, she lost her composure and said: “Gu Ruoyun, you’re not dead?”
“Who told you I was dead?” Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes.
Thus, Luo Yin very honestly pointed towards Ling Xi, who was spitting fresh blood in front of her: “He said he saw you getting killed by spiritual beasts with his own eyes. I was even about to settle this debt with him, but who knew that you were still alive. However, this does make me think of that phrase… Good people don’t live for long, but troublemakers live for thousands of years. Gu Ruoyun, you’re a troublemaker.”
That’s right, that woman was simply a troublemaker. Had she appeared just a moment later, Luo Yin might have already killed Ling Xi.
“He wanted me dead, but I don’t die that easily.”
Gu Ruoyun’s lips raised slightly. Her gaze carried an unreadable meaning as it swept across Ling Xi’s pale face.
“Alright, since everyone is here, then your test has now ended.” Hun Fei internally heaved a sigh of relief. To him, Gu Ruoyun’s life involved the safety of Miss, so there could not be any slip ups. In this entire world, she was probably the only one who had such a powerful spiritual force.
Thinking up to this point, he coughed drily twice, and said with a serious expression: “Azure Dragon Country has always produced brilliant talents. In the past, there was Gu Tian, the number one genius of this mainland, and now, there are Gu Shengxiao and Leng Yanfeng, the two unmistakable talents. Amongst you, there are also many outstanding talents. However, only one of you, no matter how hard you work, will be unable to amount to anything.”
Whoosh whoosh whoosh!
All eyes gathered on Gu Ruoyun. To them, the only person in this world that would not amount to anything no matter how hard they worked, was the famously useless Gu family’s good-for-nothing!
Old man Gu’s expression was terrible. He glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun, as if the person in front of him was not his granddaughter, and was instead an enemy he could not let live…
“Gu Ruoyun,” Hun Fei looked at Gu Ruoyun, and said coldly, “Your brother is a genius amongst geniuses, but you have a good-for-nothing’s body. I have seen that your spiritual ocean is exceptionally vast, and that it is much harder for you to advance than normal people. With such a spiritual ocean in your body, you won’t be able to achieve anything in this lifetime.”
Looking at the mocking glances thrown her way, Gu Ruoyun calmly smiled.
This mainland was indeed much more primitive compared to her previous home, the East Peak Mainland. Otherwise, how could one of the elders of a top force, the Weapon Refining Sect, not be able to see through her body’s quality and realise its true potential? If she had this kind of body in her previous life, then she would not have had such a miserable end…
“However…” Hun Fei paused, a light flashing across his eyes, “Our Weapon Refining Sect is not the kind to look down upon you for being a good-for-nothing. I’ll give you a chance to swear your fealty to my Weapon Refining Sect now, what do you think?”
He looked at her as if he was doing her a huge favour, holding his head up high while looking at her.
In his mind, Gu Ruoyun could not possibly reject his generous offer, and should even be grateful to become a sacrifice for his Weapon Refining Sect.
Let this good-for-nothing swear her fealty to the Weapon Refining Sect? Did Elder Hun Fei knock his head on something before making this kind of decision?
After hearing his words, the crowd suddenly exploded. Everyone could not believe their ears. The respected Weapon Refining Sect was going to let a good-for-nothing serve them?
Something that shocked them even more happened after that.
Gu Ruoyun’s smile grew deeper, her eyes were even filled with laughter.
“Sorry, but I’m not interested in your Weapon Refining Sect.”
As if thunderstruck, the people present were all dumbfounded.
She had actually refused…
That good-for-nothing actually had the courage to refuse Elder Hun Fei’s invitation?
Looking at Hun Fei’s darkening expression, everyone could not help but sweat for Gu Ruoyun in their hearts.