Extraordinary Genius
Chapter 28 – The lost Wen Dongjun

Chapter 28 – The lost Wen Dongjun
Wen Deguang came to Feng Yu home in the evenings. He is here to confirm what he had heard from his son. His son, Wen Dongjun had told him that Feng Yu’s brother-in-law is able to help him enter the best high school in the city. Feng Xingtai was shocked. That Xiao Li is so capable?
But Feng Xingtai saw his son making eyes at him and he just goes along with it. He promised to help Wen Dongjun. After Wen Deguang left, Feng Xingtai’s face changed and took out the feather duster to question Feng Yu.
"I need to find some company. Maybe next year, my sister might be getting married and move out. I can’t be living alone in Bing City right? Aren’t you worried?” Feng Yu asked.
Looking at his son's irritating face, Feng Xingtai really wants to beat him up. But what his son said made sense. He will worry about his son living alone in Bing City if his daughter gets married.
"Can Xiao Li arrange Wen Dongjun’s entrance to the best high school?” Feng Xingtai asked. He didn't really think that Li Shiqiang is capable of accomplishing it.
"It's already done. The vice principal had already instructed the admission officers. Don’t look at me this way. When did your son lie to you?” Feng Yu asked.
"You wet your bed when you were four years old and you lied that you spilled your drink on the bed. When you were six years old, you broke Mr. Li’s cherry tree and you lied that it was the wind. When you were eight years old, you ...” Feng Xingtai said.
"Come on Dad. Did you picked me up from the streets?” Feng Yu is speechless. His father is bringing up his dark history and must be stopped.
He is a genius and he will become a legend. Everyone will be scrambling to learn from him and there might be people who will be writing a biography for him. His father must forget these embarrassing incidents. If these are recorded in his biography, he won’t be able to face everyone!
The next morning, Feng Yu carried a backpack and met up with Wen Dongjun. The pair took a bus to Bing city.
“Xiao Yu, over here!” Li Shiqiang stood behind a group of people, waving his arms.
“Brother Li, this is my childhood friend Wen Dongjun. This is Brother Li, my sister’s boyfriend.” Feng Yu said.
“Good afternoon, Brother Li.” Wen Dongjun greeted.
"Same to you. Let’s go. The car is in front.” Li Shiqiang said.
When on the Jeep, Wen Dongjun immediately ask: “Brother Li, you can afford a Jeep? Does everyone in the city can afford to buy Jeeps?”
Li Shiqiang replied embarrassingly: “No. Only a handful of people can afford to drive in the city. I had borrowed this Jeep from a friend. He is working at the City’s transport department. This Jeep is about to be scrapped. Other than going to the countryside, they seldom use this Jeep. I gave him two packets of cigarettes to borrow it. I heard that they are going to eliminate a batch of vehicles and planning to sell these vehicles off cheaply. I have the intentions to buy one.”
Feng Yu eyes widen: “Brother Li, the city is going to eliminate the batch of vehicles? Are there any Volga?”
This old Jeep creates lots of black fumes when moving. During winter, it is freezing to stay in this Jeep. But the Volga is different. It is a sedan car.
“There is no Volga. But there are Lada (Produced by the Soviet Union and is from the same factory with the Volga. During the 80’s, there are many Lada vehicles. Lada vehicles were also used as Taxi in the capital), and the Santana. The prices are not too high too.” Li Shiqiang said.
“If it is not more than 20,000 RMB, then buy a Lada with the company's money. You can use it first. But if there are business deals and need to use the car to fetch or send guests, you need to drive them around. Forget about Santana. I do not like that car.” Feng Yu said.
"Didn’t you had other uses for the company's money? You want to use it to buy a car?” Li Shiqiang asked.
“Don’t worry. Someone will be sending us money soon.” Feng Yu said.
Wen Dongjun heard Feng Yu and Li Shiqiang talking about buying a car. He thought “What the hell? Buy one if it is not more than 20,000 RMB? That is 20,000 RMB! I had never even seen so much money in my life. Also what company are they talking about?”
"We have reached. The ancestor of this restaurant owner is a royal chef in the Qing dynasty. His mutton dishes are very nice. Both of you go in and order the food first. I will go and fetch your sister.” Li Shiqiang said.
The last time Wen Dongjun came to the city was a few years ago. There are lots of changes to the city. The people here wore very nice clothes and this restaurant is very big. It is big enough for more than 10 big table.
"Waiter, I want to order. One lamb rack, one Double Cooked Pork Slices, one of your special beef, one Eight Treasure Chicken, one Squirrelfish. Well, those are all meat dishes. Give us some radish dishes and four cans of Jian Li Bao. OK, that's it.” Feng Yu said.
Eight Treasure Chicken
Feng Yu ordered a lot of dishes in one breath. Both the waiter and Wen Dongjun were stunned. Don’t talk about if they are able to finish all the food, these dishes are not cheap. The total will cost at least 30 RMB.
Feng Yu saw the waiter staring at him and said: “My brother-in-law drove out to fetch my sister. Hurry and send the order to the kitchen. They should be here when the food is served.”
The waiter looked at the Feng Yu and nodded.
“Xiao Yu, you ordered so many expensive dishes, will your brother-in-law get angry?” Wen Dongjun whispered.
"Doesn’t matter. My brother-in-law has money. You don’t worry. He will get angry if I ordered those cheap dishes.” Feng Yu replied.
Li Shiqiang and Feng Danying arrived the same time as the dishes were served. Both of them did not mention anything about ordering too much food.
Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun did not hesitate and start eating. As they are in their puberty stage, they can eat a lot. But they are still unable to finish all the food on the table.
Feng Yu chatted with Li Shiqiang while drinking his soda: “Brother Li, are you still traveling to Shen city these few days?”
“Of course. You let those lads rest but we still need to give them their salaries. They have been playing poker every day.” Li Shiqiang replied.
There are almost no more Treasury bonds for them to collect door-to-door. What’s left is to trade Treasury bonds between the two cities. Feng Yu had let those lads work at Tai Hua company. But other than cleaning up the warehouse, doing some simple renovations, they had nothing to do.
The amount Li Shiqiang earned from trading Treasury bonds between the two cities is barely enough to cover the living expenses, food, and salary of those lads.
“Brother Li, they are our future followers. Since I am free these few days, I will train them for a bit. I guaranteed that they will help us earn a lot more in future.” Feng Yu said.
Now Feng Yu have a need for talented intermediary agents. Those that know what goods are in demand, able to sell off goods at high prices, know what type of goods sells the best each location and where to get cheapest goods.
One month training should be enough for only Bing City market. If Feng Yu really wants to train them well, he will still need to see if these lads are suitable for this job.
Wen Dongjun felt lost after hearing what they said. Brother Li often go to Shen City? Brother Li is also paying the salary for his workers to play poker? And Feng Yu is going to give training?
“Ok. I trust you. After eating, we will go to the mall. Both of you are starting high school and will need a few sets of new clothes.: Li Shiqiang said. He knows that Kirilenko is coming again within the next few days and they will be able to earn some money.
At the mall, Wen Dongjun’s eyes became wide again. This mall is really big. The clothes here are beautiful. There are even toy guns that look like real guns here.
Li Shiqiang brought them around Bing City for two days and didn’t go to Shen City. Wen Dongjun is impressed with the city life and made up his mind. He must study in the city’s high school!