Extraordinary Genius
Chapter 982 – Page and Sergey

Stanford University is located in the San Francisco area and is near to Silicon Valley. It is one of the world’s top ten Universities, and many Noble prize winners and successful businessmen had graduated from him.
The elites from this University include the founders of HP, Yahoo, Nike, Logitech, Firefox, Cisco Systems, eBay, etc. and many MNC top management comes from this University too.
Today, Feng Yu had come to San Francisco to meet two software genius, whom he admired in his previous life.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In Feng Yu’s previous life, these two geniuses had founded the world’s biggest search engine, Google.
Larry Page still has not realized the value of their search engine and had discussed with Sergey to sell this technology to Yahoo for 1 million USD. After all, the founder of Yahoo is their schoolmate.
However, Sergey is still hesitating, as he felt this is an opportunity to start his own company. Although Larry and Sergey do not have even 10,000 USD now, they can look for investors.
Feng Yu had asked his men to give out leaflets at Stanford University, indicating that he is willing to consider investing in any company as long as he is convinced.
When Sergey knew about this, he persuaded Larry to give up the idea of selling this technology and called the number on the leaflet.
Feng Yu had told Ralph to take note of these two names a long time ago. When he knew Sergey had called, he asked Ralph to tell Sergey that he will go over to look at their technology. If he is interested, he will invest or buyout their technology.
Today, Larry and Sergey will be meeting Feng Yu at a restaurant near to their school. They are very nervous, as they will be meeting one of the world’s top tycoons, and are afraid Feng Yu is not interested in their search engine.
Feng Yu arrived at the restaurant with eight bodyguards and attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone is curious. Who is that man? Why is he surrounded by bodyguards? Is he a superstar? He looks Asian. Could he be the next Bruce Li?
Feng Yu had accepted the interview by but refused to let them publish his pictures. Although some newspapers had published Feng Yu’s photographs before, not many people noticed it. That is why most people still do not know how Feng Yu looks like.
In the corner of the restaurant, two young men, with messy hair and bushy beard, panic when they saw the tall and big bodyguards standing in front of them.
“Larry Page and Sergey Brin?” Feng Yu asked.
“Yes. You are?”
The bodyguard pulled out the chair for Feng Yu. “I am Feng and might be the person who will invest in your research. Shhh… don’t be too excited.”
Feng Yu looks at the two geniuses in front of him. They look so different from what he imagined. They had long curly hair and beard. Although they are in suits, they still look sloppy!
Never mind. What Feng Yu wants are their brains and technology, and their appearances do not matter.
When the two young men met Feng Yu, they were excited and had wanted to stand up, but Feng Yu stopped them.
“Mr. Feng, our technology is a type of search engine, using an algorithm we developed. It will rank and differentiate the webpages…” Larry Page started explaining their technology excitedly.
To be honest, Feng Yu has no clue what Larry Page is talking about. It was too technical, but Feng Yu does not need to understand the technology behind the search engine, as he is here to invest.
“Wait a minute. Larry, Sergey, I am not a scientist or an engineer. I don’t understand what you all are talking about.” Feng Yu had to interrupt Larry, as he is afraid Larry and Sergey will continue for the next hour.
Larry and Sergey were embarrassed and started to panic. Does this mean that Feng Yu is not going to invest in their search engine?
Larry was still fine, as he has the intention of selling this technology. If Feng Yu is not going to invest in them, he will sell this technology to Yahoo. But Sergey is more interested in perfecting their search engine and start their own business.
“Mr. Feng, our search engine has potential and can let users find the sites they want. It is convenient and can greatly increase the visitors to the sites…”
Feng Yu waved his hand. “Larry, stop panicking. Although I don’t understand the mechanics behind this technology, this investment is nothing to me. I only want to know what your plans are. Are you all going to sell this technology, or do you all want me to invest? Can you all perfect this technology?”
Larry wants to complete his studies and hopes to sell this technology, while Sergey is looking forward to someone investing.
Larry asked. “Mr. Feng, how much are you offering if we are going to sell it? If you are going to invest, how are we going to split the profits?”
“I will offer 1 million USD to buy this search engine. I think I am the only person that will offer this price.”
Feng Yu still have not finished, and Larry wants to agree. 1 million USD… if he split with Sergey, both will be rich and can complete their studies before setting up a company in the future.
But Larry knows Sergey is more interested in setting up a business now and is looking forward to listening to the investment proposal.
“If it’s an investment, I will invest 10 million USD in setting up a company and give each of you 5% shares. You all will head the development team to perfect this search engine, and if more funds are required, I will settle it. If you all can show me the prospect of this search engine, I will increase my investment by 100 million USD, without diluting your shares. However, whatever related technology developed in the future will belong to the company!”
Larry’s jaw dropped. Even an idiot knows which proposal to choose. Although they had to put in more hard work, they will each get 500,000 USD in the form of company shares.
More importantly, Feng Yu will provide funds and will not dilute their shares. This means that if they can produce results that satisfy Feng Yu, their share value will increase by ten times!
As for the condition of ‘any related technology developed in the future, it will belong to the company’ is not a problem. After all, they are also the shareholders of the company.
This time, before Larry can reply, Sergey shouted. “We will pick the second proposal!”
Feng Yu knew every sane person would pick the second proposal. It’s hard to recruit genius like them, and 10% of shares are worth it.
“Ok. This is the contract. After signing it, you two will be the founders of Google Inc. Google is derived from the word Googol, and it signifies our search engine is searching through massive data. I believe we will create an incredible company together!”