Fatal Shot
Chapter 245 - Battle for the Supply Box

Chapter 245: Battle for the Supply Box
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter a few minutes, in a spacious high vantage point with a wider visual field, Feng Luo who was wearing the night eagle tactical glasses looked at the sky and said, “The airdrop has begun!”
Under the bright and sunny sky, a black shuttle transport vessel flew towards the island from the ocean and hovered less than 1,000 meters away.
After a certain period of time, around 20 silvery-white boxes with mini parachutes would fall from the plane’s cabin onto various parts on the island.
Feng Luo frowned. Clearly, as the supply boxes were dropped in batches, the first few batches would definitely attract people to fight over them.
This airdrop method… They’re really intentionally trying to induce battles!
After a few seconds, the first batch of supply boxes had landed in a certain location.
“That direction!”
A white arrow appeared on the digital map that had been kept on in front of Big Pineapple.
However, with his extraordinary sight, Feng Luo had already identified the supply box that was closest to them from the boxes in the sky. Compared to the signals on the map, in a situation where he could directly see the target, the tactical glasses were much more useful!
“A signal appeared when the distance is 500 meters… Yeah, in that case… Let’s go!”
The two of them ran towards the supply box that had landed closest to them. As a Light Armor Warrior and a gunner who had the Charge and Quick Sneak skills that increased movement speed substantially, even if these boxes flew faster with the help of these landing devices, they would still be able to catch up.
After a minute, the two of them ran to the middle of the forest where the vegetation was denser.
Big Pineapple’s eyes were still quite sharp. In an instant, he saw a silvery-white supply box whose parachute was hanging on a tree around 20 meters away.
“Hold on!” Feng Luo suddenly stopped. At the same time, he also halted Big Pineapple, who wanted to run straight towards it.
“What’s wrong?”
“There’s a situation on the map!”
Although Big Pineapple’s map was kept open, he did not really spend much time looking at it while in pursuit. However, Feng Luo was different, and he had already noticed one black dot and three black triangles running towards them in the 200-meter radius observable in the map projection.
One of the triangles had also clearly noticed that others in the surrounding area had the same target as him.
After hesitating for a second, the triangle that changed direction completely disappeared from the map. Clearly, he knew that he wasn’t strong enough so he could only give up. On the other hand, the black dot stopped for one second before turning into a triangle and started running towards them.
Feng Luo made a judgment about this person in his mind. Just because you want to fight doesn’t mean that you are confident!
But who didn’t have confidence?
“Three people. Hehe, looks like there are more points to be collected. This plan of defending the supply boxes sure works well.” Big Pineapple laughed while looking at Feng Luo.
“Old Feng, the same old plan?”
The “Old plan” was, naturally, for Big Pineapple to go out and “sell his flesh,” and then, Feng Luo would just hide somewhere and deal the damage, taking advantage of their opponents’ unpreparedness. After all, they had not yet exposed their positions on the map.
“No, we have to change a little. Let’s use plan B!”
Before speaking, Feng Luo had already scanned the surrounding environment once. Then, he quickly ran towards a hidden position with dense vegetation not far away.
The forest was packed with trees and vegetation, so sniping here would definitely be affected, and the Barrett would also be constrained. As such, there was a need to tweak the previous tactic.
Apart from being a Sniper, Feng Luo was someone who possessed a second profession, the Scout. Although Feng Luo’s Scout skill levels weren’t high, a Scout was unlike a warrior. During combat, they did not use their skills to simply cause a little damage. Instead, they relied more on dealing high, critical damage in vital areas to instantly kill their enemies!
High damage had always been Feng Luo’s trump card.
Big Pineapple who was “Alone” chuckled. He then retracted the alloy longsword in his hands and took out the medium-sized alloy shield before running towards the location of the supply box.
Everything was now in place, and the only thing left was to wait for those people to bite!
As expected, within five seconds, all of the triangles that they saw earlier in the map had arrived.
The first to arrive was actually a Wind Manipulator with a fierce-looking scar on his face. Although he did not have signs of being modified into a beast warrior on his body, the rebel army symbol on the energy robe he wore proved his identity. He had an energy shield protecting him, and clearly, he had now seen the supply box hanging from the tree. Upon seeing the box, he immediately wanted to rush over.
However, before he did, he saw Big Pineapple holding his alloy shield in front of him standing beside the tree, looking as if he was defending the place. The Wind Manipulator immediately stopped in his tracks.
Clearly, compared to beast warriors with slightly deficient IQ, the rebel army Wind Manipulator was much more vigilant. From the almost complete set of gears he wore on his body, one could tell that he was definitely not any weaker than a beast warrior.
Less than two seconds after the rebel army Wind Manipulator arrived, the second person also appeared.
This was a player. Moreover, he was a Light Armor Warrior with decent equipment.
Light Armor Warriors were the ones with the most advantage in this “game.” After all, everyone was in a “naked” state, and the Light Armor Warrior that had the strongest melee combat ability could gain advantages more easily than others.
After the player and NPC appeared, the third person did not seem to appear. However, this did not deter the battle that ensued between the three sides.
The rebel army Wind Manipulator initiated the attack. He waved the energy converting staff and released the Level 35 Wind Manipulator skill, Spiral Wind Blade, that flew towards Big Pineapple’s head. The target of the skill was the silvery-white supply box hanging in the tree!
The skill was made up of over ten continuous light green wind blades. Like an accurate guidance missile, it had swallowed up all the leaves and branches of the trees around the supply box.
Pu, pu, pu…
All the branches with a diameter of less than 5cm were broken by the continuous wind blade. Even the branches that had thicker diameters were cut by the light green wind blade, leaving deep cut marks on them.
The leaves were also crushed into pieces by the continuous wind blade skill that continued to spin. The crushed pieces of leaves flew into the sky before falling slowly. It was as if the sky was raining leaves.
One could not deny the range and destructive power of the Energy Manipulator’s skill. It really made the other professions envious, especially gunners whose attack skills were quite weak.
However, no one really felt like that at that moment since everyone’s gaze was fixed on the supply box after the rope that kept it hanging was snapped!.
“F*ck! To drop the thing that I’ve been protecting just like that!” Big Pineapple shouted. He quickly raised the alloy shield he was holding before charging towards the supply box.
He was closest to the supply box, so if someone was going to catch it, he would definitely be the first.
The other Light Armor Warrior player was also clearly caught by surprise by the situation. He also hastily cast Charge and dashed towards the location of the falling box.
His aim was the box, but whether his real aim was the man or the box, one did not know!
However, at that time, something that both warriors did not anticipate had happened.
The supply box on the ground suddenly flew up into the air by itself, and then flew towards the rebel army Wind Manipulator!
If one were to observe carefully, one would be able to vaguely see a light green energy wind tunnel in the location where the box dropped.
The Wind Manipulator used the Wind Hole, the Level 30 skill that had long-range manipulation as well as trap functions.