Fatal Shot
Chapter 297 - Sniper’s Glory (Right Ring)

Chapter 297: Sniper’s Glory (Right Ring)
“The first Legendary Grade equipment in War?”
This time, Feng Luo was the person who had a weird expression.
After all, he had the Legendary Grade Ghost Weep military knife in his backpack. He wasn’t sure which piece of Legendary equipment had been obtained first!
“But Little Feng, for you to guess that it’s Legendary Grade on your first try… Could it be…”
Sister Rui was now staring straight at Feng Luo. With her intelligence, she had already thought of a possibility.
“I got lucky and obtained a Legendary Grade military knife!” Feng Luo smiled. There was no reason to hide it from Sister Rui. He took Ghost Weep out of his backpack and set it on display.
“What a beautiful knife!”
From Ghost Weep’s appearance alone, Sister Rui’s eyes already showed admiration and praise. The kukri was synonymous with power and killing, and it was loved by many!
The military knife forged by the descendants of the Mongolians was quite different from modern special forces military knife. Rumor had it that in the hands of a Nepalese soldier, the crooked 30 centimeter blade could take the head off a wild bull in one slash!
With such a reputation behind it, the black knife looked like it was filled with power!
As a Machine Gunner, Sister Rui was naturally also interested in military knives. After looking at the stats and attributes of the knife, Sister Rui exclaimed, “These stats. It’s no wonder that it’s a Legendary weapon!”
Ghost Weep had attacks powerful enough to be compared to sniper rifles, and it completely exceeded the limits of melee weapons. It was so powerful that it would completely crush the two-handed swords of warriors!
“It looks like Legendary Grade gear is way more powerful than normal gear. Even if we disregard the attached skill, the increased stats are comparable to two or three pieces of Rare Grade gear!” lamented Sister Rui.
Feng Luo agreed. “Indeed, I think that the appearance of Legendary Grade items will further increase the power gap between players!”
He hadn’t even mentioned the Force. If one included the Force, scenes of one versus ten or even more might actually appear!
“Sister Rui, is there any confidentiality agreement between you and Glory Group regarding the Legendary equipment you are auctioning? Can I take a look?” asked Feng Luo.
Huan Yu hadn’t announced the stats of the Legendary Grade equipment in their promotion. There must be a reason for that, so he had to ask first.
“Of course you can. But you might be disappointed. This Legendary item isn’t for a gunner.”
Sister Rui laughed and pressed a button on the terminal on her wrist.
A transparent virtual screen appeared between her and Feng Luo. A 3D golden crown rotated on the screen.
[Desert Crown (Head Decoration)]
Grade: Legendary
HP +1,200
MP +1,000
Intelligence +30
Energy condensation speed +50%
Force +50
Unique Attributes: Range of energy skills increased by 20%
Attached Skill: Desert Net
Creates a continuously spreading force net that can detect all lifeforms it touches and induce a “slow” effect on their movement. The further the net extends, the more Force consumed (No Cooldown time)!
Level Requirement: Level 50
Overall Evaluation: Excellent
“A top-drawer item!” Feng Luo assessed the item in shock.
The item was a Manipulator’s head decoration. Both the attached skill and the rare attribute were definitely top-class.
It both increased the Manipulator’s skills range and limited the possibility of being approached by a melee fighter, which posed the largest threat to Manipulators!
What surprised Feng Luo more was that the equipment added 1,200 HP. This was a Manipulator’s item, and Manipulators had the lowest HP. But with just one head decoration, the Manipulator would’ve gained over 1,000 HP.
If one included other gear, just how much HP would a Manipulator equipped with a full set of Legendary Grade equipment have? 10,000? 15,000, or maybe even more?
Perhaps Feng Luo was too conservative when estimating the power difference between normal players and players with Legendary Grade gear. The fundamental changes brought about by Legendary equipment might be a lot more dramatic than he had guessed!
However, Feng Luo thought something was a bit odd.
Since the finale item of Huan Yu’s auction would be a Legendary item, they should be promoting it very eagerly, shouldn’t they?
Auctioneers would often keep the finale item a secret in order to attract attention by being mysterious. But if the Desert Crown was marketed as the “First Legendary Equipment in War,” that would definitely attract a lot more attention, wouldn’t it?
Wasn’t it a mistake to waste such a good opportunity and to play at being mysterious instead?
Feng Luo put his doubts into words.
“We’re actually doing this at Glory Group’s request!” Sister Rui said while laughing in resignation.
“Glory Group? Aren’t they the ones selling it?” Feng Luo paused. “Ah, I understand. They’re only trying to gain publicity!”
Clearly, Glory Group did not really want to auction off the Legendary item.
“Auctioning War’s first Legendary item is just a gimmick. Their objective is to make the guild or one of their players more popular. War has a lot of superstar players who made their names the same way!
Keeping quiet about the item was part of their plan!
“However, no matter what, the highest single bid since the beginning of War will probably appear in the auction tomorrow!” Sister Rui said with full confidence. Then, she said to Feng Luo, “Oh, that’s right. Little Feng, you can head straight to luxurious box number two tomorrow. I’ve already reserved it for you!”
“Also, with regards to the right ring that you asked me to keep an eye out for, I’ve got some leads. But the price is too high!” Sister Rui said, frowning slightly.
“How much?” Feng Luo asked after a short pause.
The ring dropped by the Desert Rock Lizard Commander was a Rare Grade decorative item. Although it was only a Level 40 item, it was still top-class. It definitely wouldn’t be cheap.
However, if the asking price was too high even for Sister Rui, that was saying something!
“Five million credits,” said Sister Rui as she shook her head.
“I understand… Then forget it. Anyway, just one left ring should be enough!” Feng Luo laughed.
Five million! This guy wants as much as I wanted for the Whisper of the Wind!
“But it’s fine. There’s also going to be a ring in the auction that you might want to take a look at!” Sister Rui laughed and touched the screen in front of her.
The screen moved, and a black ring carved with a tiny sniper bullet appeared.
[Sniper’s Glory (Right Ring)]
HP +400
MP +200
Agility +12
Vitality +4
Unique Attributes: Increases damage once past half of maximum range. Every 10 meters will increase damage by 1%. Maximum 50% damage added to final damage!
Level Required: Level 42
Overall Evaluation: Perfect
“Sniper’s Glory, another top-class item!”
Feng Luo’s eyes glowed. The ring was definitely custom-made for Snipers!
The unique attributes of the ring went into effect only after the attack range exceeded half of the maximum attack range, so only a Sniper could achieve the maximum bonus. Moreover, only a top-class Sniper who could ensure high accuracy at long distances could realize the true potential of the ring!
For Feng Luo, the effects of the ring would be even better!
Normal Snipers would only be able to achieve 75% of normal damage, even with the added bonus of the ring, due to the 50% damage reduction when bullets reach their maximum range. However, it was different for Feng Luo. He had learned the rare skill called Maximum Shooting, after all, so even at his maximum range, his damage would remain at 80%! This meant that paired with Sniper’s Glory, the damage he would deal at maximum range would be 120% of normal damage!
His damage of over 1,000 meters would be greater than at 500 meters. Any player would be dumbfounded by that fact.
Feng Luo decided that he would definitely buy that ring.
“Since its level is relatively low, I’ve arranged for it to be auctioned off in the group bidding round. Don’t forget to bid then!” Sister Rui laughed.
In a large-scale auction like this, tens of thousands of items would be sold at once, so it was natural that not all items would be sold one-by-one on stage.
Most items would be auctioned off on a platform similar to that of the Exchange. Players would be able to bid on the items freely.
In this case, the final price would definitely be lower than if it were auctioned on stage. Of course, due to earlier marketing and Huan Yu Company’s high-end clients, even such a method would reel in a higher price than the Exchange.
However, Sister Rui’s arrangement would clearly help reduce Feng Luo’s competition in bidding for this item.
Otherwise, even if the equipment had a lower grade, with its unique attribute alone, a lot of expert Snipers would still bid for it!
“Thank you, Sister Rui!” Feng Luo nodded. Now, he had high expectations for the auction tomorrow.