Fatal Shot
Chapter 366 - Battle Against Giant Infected Octopus

Chapter 366: Battle Against Giant Infected Octopus
“Pew, pew, pew!”
Three white laser energy beams shot towards the quiet black hole form several hundreds of meters in the sky.
Three large Elite Grade Steel Beetles lined up straight, rooted on the platform, like a black fortress.
“Psst, psst, psst!”
Green liquid drew blurry lines in the night sky as they flew towards the hole in the hotel building. Four Elite Spray Beetles stood between the gaps of the three Steel Beetles. They extended their necks and worked hard to spray their corrosive spit at the black hole in the opposite building.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Burning hot C-grade Deflagration Armor-piercing Bullets flew towards the building and created multiple bullet holes in its fortified glass. Wearing his SUV combat uniform and holding the Eye of the Thunder, Feng Luo sat behind the seven combat type beetles, and in front of Feng Luo was an energy shield created by over ten white Energy Beetles.
Seeing the damage numbers in his vision, Feng Luo, who had activated his Advanced Level Rapid Shooting skill, was also showering the hole with bullets without any worry of consuming ammunition.
Although the Deflagration Armor-piercing Bullets did not deal much damage on the Giant Octopus Commander due to the fortified glasses of the building, the high-temperature generated from the bullets was one of the things water-type monsters hated the most, so even a mutant monster infected by the T-virus could not ignore it.
“One, two, three… 20… And if we add the two in the VIP area…” In a location further back from the firing squad, Watermelon Skin and the others who were holding weapons in preparation for the upcoming battle still looked dumbfounded. They could not help but count the number of beetles within the Beetle Squad that were crazily attacking the hole in the opposite building.
In particular, they could not help but pay attention to the two beetles standing beside Feng Luo. They had dark red shells that seemed like dried blood, as well as two large and sharp blades on top of their heads.
Although the two dark red beetles were covered in cracks and battle bruises, with one of them having even lost its tail, the structure of their body seemed like they were designed purely for battle, which made everyone sense the two Elite Grade monsters’ incredible fighting ability.
“Are they the number one pet in War?” This thought appeared in everyone’s mind.
The number one pet in War!
The title appeared more than once in the game, and it was definitely one of the most popular titles that people paid attention to.
Initially, right after the game’s update, a large flying type Commander Grade pet had claimed this title. However, as time passed, the number of Commander Grade pets had been increasing, and after the videos of some of the Commander Grade pets with special stats and attributes were released, others had been granted this title!
As for the most recent pet that received this title, it was an extremely lucky player who succeeded in advancing his Commander Grade pet to the Quasi-boss level through a hidden mission just two days ago!
“Is it time for this title to change its master again?” The reason why everyone wondered if that should have been the case was that they had not yet witnessed the actual combat ability of the beetle squad in front of them. That was why they needed more proof. The main reason was that the gigantic octopus across them had not even tried to counterattack up till that moment.
Then, a low yet angry growl finally came from the hole in the building.
After half a minute of assault, the Giant Octopus Commander that was waiting to evolve after devouring all that fresh meat finally made its move!
A brown and fleshy tentacle covered in suckers flew directly from the hole towards the platform. The tentacle that was only supposed to be a dozen or so meters continued to extend after reaching its maximum capacity, flying towards Feng Luo and his beetle fighters without losing any speed. Clearly, even if they stood the furthest back, there was no safety guarantee.
“It’s coming!” Shouted Feng Luo without any signs of panic on his face.
He pressed a button and his biochip instantaneously switched him to the Light Armor Warrior profession. He activated Raging Charge and retreated in a burst of speed. He wasn’t slow at all compared to the Octopus’ tentacle.
The Giant Octopus’ tentacle failed to catch Feng Luo. It only managed to wrap itself around an Elite Steel Beetle. However, the smooth surface of the large Steel Beetle’s shell made it difficult for the Octopus to keep hold of it. In addition to that, there was also a dark human shadow that suddenly charged in front of the beetle’s camp.
Raising a large alloy shield, the person slammed the shield on the Octopus’ tentacle forcefully. After changing into Feng Luo’s gears, Steel Fortress attacked the tentacle, and the impact from the strike even made the Octopus Commander’s tentacle shiver as it had lost some of its sliminess due to being fully stretched.
“Shield Bash!”
Although it was just a Level 15 basic skill of Heavy Armor Warriors, Steel Fortress had increased the skill familiarity up to Expert Level 70%. In addition, this Godly PK skill could create the effect of maximum pain after hitting the monster, and as a result, it would also attract the monster’s aggro!
The Octopus Commander made a low growl as it quickly switched its target. The slimy and disgusting Octopus tentacle that was initially trying to pull the Steel Beetle away immediately rolled towards the person who just made it suffer excruciating pain, Steel Fortress.
The tentacle, which had shrunk to a diameter of 30cm, wrapped around Steel Fortress quickly. After the slimy tentacle wrapped around Steel Fortress twice, it pulled him violently away from the platform!
[Immovable Mountain]!
The Level 40 ultimate skill of Heavy Armor Warriors could even withstand the powerful impact of Boss monsters much larger than themselves, and Steel Fortress’ familiarity with the skill was also at the Expert Level!
The Giant Octopus Commander growled in anger again as it was surprised and angered by the fact that the food that it could have devoured in one go was able to withstand a pull from its tentacle. However, immediately after that, a black shadow holding an alloy longsword leaped from another side and landed beside the straight and outstretched tentacle. Then, with a whoosh, he cut downward using the 1.5-meter alloy sword in his hands.
“Heavy Slash!”
Another Level 15 basic Light Armor Warrior skill.
However, was this basic skill also at the Expert Level?
After being overstretched and straightened, the over ten meters long wet and slimy Octopus tentacle was split in half by My World’s slash. However, the spot that was cut did not have a single drop of blood.
“Wuuu!” The Giant Octopus Commander inside the building across them growled again. This time, from the sound of the growl, it seemed like the Octopus Commander had become several times angrier!
“Ka! Boom!”
Then, the fortified glass with multiple holes, courtesy of Feng Luo’s previous attacks, started to crack. After that, two large holes appeared from the cracks. Two gigantic tentacles flew from the holes and, along with the severed tentacle, waved crazily in the air!