First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Chapter 33: If an empty house is really difficult to guard
Mu Ru did not wait for Dongfang Yu to finish warning Dongfang Jun before she directly walked towards Dongfang Yu’s car not far away. She did not have the spare time to explain to Cheng Feier who was dumbstruck behind her.
Xi Muru stood beside Dongfang Yu’s car and looked at the passing classmates who were all looking at her with envy and jealousy. She could not help but nervously rub each other’s hands. In fact, her entire body could not help but tremble.
She knew that many people might have misunderstood and thought that this was Dongfang Mo. and at the grand wedding three days ago, it just so happened that the groom was this Dongfang Yu, and the bride was —
Fine, the bride was herself. It was just that her bangs had covered her entire forehead at that time, so no one knew that the bride was her. Everyone thought that the bride was Xi Muxue.
Dongfang Yu was very dazzling. If Dongfang Jun was said to be sunny and handsome, then Dongfang Jun was bewitching and handsome, or even unrestrained. These two types of handsome men, Dongfang Jun was clearly still too inexperienced And Dongfang Yu was even more charming as a man.
Dongfang Yu wore a white casual outfit today. It was really dazzling, like a Korean celebrity walking out from television. thinking of this, Mu Ru’s heart could not help but skip a beat… …
Looking at Dongfang Yu walking towards her, the panicking mu ru could not help but quickly use her hands to cover her bangs that had hung behind her ears because she was sweating from running. At this moment.. She felt that her birthmark standing outside was especially incompatible with him.
Dongfang Yu’s tall body stood beside mu ru, making mu ru appear even more petite. Seeing her cover her hair, he could not help but laugh and said softly,
“actually, it doesn’t matter. I’m used to seeing it, so I don’t think it’s ugly. Your head is full of sweat, so it’s better to put your hair behind your ears to make it more comfortable. ”
Then, he reached out his slender fingers to push her bangs away from her face. His actions were elegant and gentle, making others envious.
The slight coldness on Dongfang Yu’s fingertips made mu ru’s body tremble involuntarily. She took a step back and nodded gently at him, not saying anything else.
In fact, she knew very well that Dongfang Yu treated her so well because he loved her. After all, she was the wife of his big brother and his sister-in-law.
Dongfang Yu was very gentlemanly as he helped mu ru open the car door and extended his hand to invite her to get in. When he saw her sit down, he closed the car door gently and quickly went around the front of the car. He pulled open the door of the driver’s seat and got in.
Seeing that Xi Muru was sitting there UNMOVING, he immediately stretched out his hand to help her fasten her seatbelt. At the same time, he said mockingly,
“I drive more crazily. It’s safer for you to fasten your seatbelt. ”
Mu Ru only felt Dongfang Yu’s body press against her. In her trance, she felt a slightly familiar yet unfamiliar feeling. Her delicate body could not help but tremble.
Dongfang Yu could not help but chuckle softly, then he whispered in her ear,
“sister-in-law… you smell very good! ”
Mu Ru, who was still in a daze, instantly regained her senses. She glared at Dongfang Yu angrily and said through gritted teeth,
“Why aren’t you driving? Do you want to see me get scolded by your big brother later and make you very happy? ”
Dongfang Yu could not help but laugh when he saw her like that. He quickly started the car and teased,
“sister-in-law, if an empty house is really hard to keep… the night is lonely and unbearable… since I can hold a wedding with you on behalf of my big brother, I can actually do some things… ”