First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Being despised
“My father made me marry Dongfang Mo on behalf of my sister. It was wrong. ”
Mu Ru quickly defended herself
“However, the next day, my father brought my sister, Xi Muxue, over. Initially, he wanted to swap me back, but… ”
Xi Muru hit a joke when she said this. Then, she clenched her fists and finally lied
“But, Dongfang Mo chose to let me stay, so this marriage is no longer a lie. ”
Even though Xi Yuancheng did not treat her well and she had never felt fatherly love, he was still her father after all.
Furthermore, the Xi family was in trouble. Her mother, Du Xinyue, and even mother Wang, who was still in the Xi family, would also be in trouble. She still did not want them to be in trouble.
“Oh, so something like this actually happened? ”
Dongfang Yingwu’s brows furrowed slightly. Then, he looked at Dongfang Mei who was sitting next to him and used his gaze to ask if Xi Muru’s words were true.
Dongfang Mei came downstairs late that day and did not see the whole process of Xi Yuancheng bringing Xi Muxue to replace Xi Muru. However, she had heard from mother Wang that the person who stayed in the end was indeed Xi Muru.
Hence, she immediately nodded and said softly,
“second brother, what Muru said is right. This matter has already been clarified. Ah Mo probably still wants a woman who is willing to marry him. After all, it’s not sweet to force things. ”
When Dongfang Yingwu heard Dongfang Mei say this, he did not say anything more. He just held his teacup and drank tea, treating Xi Muru who was standing next to him like air.
Dongfang Mo only rushed back an hour later, but the one who sent him back was not Dongfang Yu but uncle Liu. Dongfang Yingwu saw that Uncle Liu was obviously unhappy when he pushed him in, so he could not help but ask in a low voice, “where’s Yu’er? ”
“He asked him to come and pick you up, but when you came back, he disappeared instead. ”
“Ah, Yu went to deliver a gift to Mayor Kuang. ”
Dongfang Mo’s voice was very gentle and respectful. The wheelchair stopped at the head of the seat, then he turned to Dongfang Yingwu and explained softly,
“second uncle also knows that although our Dongfang Group is a big enterprise in Binhai, this enterprise has to continue to grow. If we don’t want to be defeated by other peers, we have to build a good relationship with the political world. Mayor Kuang’s daughter, Kuang Yingying, returned from the United States yesterday. I think if our Dongfang family can marry the Kuang family, this is a marriage of politics and commerce. It can only be beneficial to our Dongfang group without any harm. ”
“Yes, the marriage of politics and commerce is indeed a good idea. ”
Dongfang Yingwu nodded and changed the topic. He frowned and said,
“However, I don’t think there is much hope for Yu. He doesn’t study much and I heard that he has fallen into bad habits recently. Would Mayor Kuang like such a person as his son-in-law? I’m afraid that he won’t be able to accomplish anything. ”
“I’ve also thought of the problem second uncle mentioned. ”
Dongfang Mo quickly took over Dongfang Yingwu’s words and changed the topic
“Don’t worry. Although second brother doesn’t have any other abilities, his ability to coax girls is top notch. I believe that Kuang Yingying should be a piece of cake for him. As for Mayor Kuang, he only has one daughter. He shouldn’t stop his daughter’s marriage, right? After Ah Yu and Kuang Yingying are married, we will be working together with the government and business of the Kuang family. There’s no need for second brother to worry about that. I will naturally take care of the company. ”