First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Dongfang Mo’s wife
Dongfang Yingwu could not find any reason to object when he heard Dongfang Mo’s words, so he quickly changed the topic
“Oh right, I heard that the CEO of Singapore’s Nangong Group, Nangong Xun, is coming to Binhai in three days. Since Yu’er is busy chasing Kuang Yingying, I think it’s better… ”
“I’ve already thought about this. ”
Dongfang Mo quickly cut off Dongfang Yingwu’s words and said lightly,
“second uncle, I’m already married, so Xi Muru, as my Dongfang Mo’s wife, should share the responsibility of the Dongfang Group for me. So I’ve decided to temporarily appoint Xi Muru as the acting president of the Dongfang Group to meet Nangong Xun on my behalf! ”
“What? ”
Dongfang Yingwu was obviously shocked. His gaze could not help but stare at Xi Muru, then he asked in puzzlement, “what? ”
“eldest young master, do you think your newly married wife, Xi Muru, can be qualified for the position of executive president? ”
“Of course I can’t be qualified! ”
Mu Ru did not wait for Dongfang Mo to speak and immediately answered before he could, then she hurriedly said,
“I’m not even 19 years old, and I’ve just passed the first year of University here. I don’t know anything. Not to mention being the executive president, I might not even be able to take on any ordinary position in the Dongfang Group! ”
“Look… ”
Dongfang Yingwu immediately revealed a gratified smile. He was very satisfied with Mu Ru’s performance just now. He turned to Dongfang Mo and said,
“Why don’t you let me take over… ”
“second uncle just returned from Italy. I heard that the matter of denouncing the previous debt to Pildi was targeted by the people of the Sanguine Alliance. He was stuck on the international waters for three days and two nights and almost lost his life. Ah Mo, how could you let second uncle continue to work so hard? ”
Dongfang Mo quickly interrupted Dongfang Yingwu’s words and said very considerately,
“second uncle, you should rest for a while first. The DFM company in the United States owes us a huge sum of money last year and has yet to pay it back. If you still don’t pay it back next month, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble second uncle to make a trip to the United States. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about meeting Nangong Xun. ”
“Why don’t we let ah Jun go and meet him? ”
Dongfang Mei immediately interjected. She carefully looked at Dongfang Mo and softly said,
“Ah Jun is already 20 years old, it’s time to let him… ”
Dongfang Mo indifferently cut off Dongfang Mei’s words and said indifferently,
“could it be that aunt Gu doesn’t want AH JUN TO CONTINUE STUDYING? Doesn’t want him to go abroad to further his studies? Doesn’t want him to study for a Master’s degree? ”
Dongfang Mei was immediately rendered speechless by Dongfang Mo’s question. She secretly looked at Dongfang Yingwu, but for a moment, she couldn’t answer a single word.
Dongfang Yingwu frowned and was about to speak, but Dongfang Mo had already spoken before him
“I heard that Nangong Xun is a gambler and likes to play with guns and cars. If Aunt Gu decides not to let ah Jun continue his studies and decides to let him join the Dongfang Group as soon as possible to work with me and help me share some of the burden, then… ”
“I think it’s better to forget about it. ”
Dongfang Yingwu quickly took over Dongfang Mo’s words and looked at Dongfang Mei
“AH MO is right. Ah Jun is still young, only 20 years old. He should focus on his studies now. Moreover, the Dongfang Family’s child has to study for a doctor’s degree. As for meeting Nangong Xun, ah Mo will arrange it. ”

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