First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Chapter 38, how could I be ignorant
However, the document Dongfang Mo gave her was something she had never come into contact with before, so there was no pattern to follow.
Thus, she could only memorize it by rote. However, rote memorization was her weakness.
However, Dongfang Mo was a typical devil. Seeing that she did not memorize it on the first day, he actually did not give her any food on the second day. He said that if she could not memorize it, there would be no food. Moreover, he even locked her in an empty house, which was actually a detention room If she couldn’t carry it out, he wouldn’t let her out.
Alright, Mu ru admitted that a person’s potential was limitless. Under Dongfang Mo’s cruel and powerful oppression, she only used half a day’s time to memorize these things that she didn’t understand thoroughly.
Three days later, the day to meet Nangong Xun arrived as scheduled.
She wore a set of high-end professional attire that Dongfang Mo had prepared for her. In order to appear mature, she even wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her long hair draped over her shoulders was tied up into a bun. Then, she got into Dongfang Yu’s car and he drove towards the Dongfang Group.
“There’s no need to be so nervous. ”
Dongfang Yu looked at the woman whose hands were tightly clutching Bao Bao’s trembling body. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile as he said,
“I’m just asking you to go and see Nangong Xun on behalf of my brother. I’m not asking you to go to the execution ground. Why are you so afraid? ”
“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll go? ”
Mu Ru retorted him without holding back. Then, she rolled her eyes at him and said in an annoyed tone,
“It’s all because you’re ignorant and incompetent. You’re just idling around all day. Otherwise, this kind of thing wouldn’t have fallen on me. ”
“What nonsense? How am I ignorant? who was the one who spouted all these nonsense just now? ”
Dongfang Yu was very dissatisfied with Xi Muru’s accusation. Without waiting for her reply, he added,
“Also, I’m not idle, okay? I just like beautiful women. I’m also a womanizer. This isn’t too much, right? ”
When Mu ru heard his shameless words, she simply ignored him and looked out the window. She kept praying in her heart that Nangong Xun, whom she was going to meet later, would not be too difficult to deal with.
Fortunately, Dongfang Yu did not continue to pester her to discuss the problem. Forty minutes later, the car stopped. Dongfang Corporation’s building towered into the clouds in front of him. He stood downstairs and looked as if he could not even see the top of his neck.
“Don’t look anymore. It’s a whole 59th floor. You can’t even see the top if you look at your neck. ”
Dongfang Yu pushed open the car door and got out of the car as he said lightly,
“Oh right, the CEO’s office is on the 58th floor. You are the CEO, and the temporary office is also on the 58th floor. ”
As Dongfang Yu said this, he had already opened the car door for mu ru and very gentlemanly reached out to help her get out of the car. At the entrance of the Dongfang Group, there were already two neat rows of people lined up on both sides to welcome the CEO.
Mu Ru was holding a briefcase in her hand. She was wearing a professional dress and a pair of three-inch high heels. Dongfang Mo said that she was short, so he specially asked the shoe store to send it to her.
She gripped the briefcase tightly with both hands and secretly cheered herself on. Then, she tried her best to act like a white-collar beauty from a television drama. She lifted her head and walked calmly through the two rows of people.
She directly entered the VIP elevator. After stepping into the elevator, her legs went weak, and she almost collapsed in the elevator. Oh my God, she saw Ning Sicheng just now. That was Binhai High School’s senior Feng Yun It was said that he had once been admitted to Harvard with the first score.