First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39 are you Xi Muru
In Binhai High School, how many girls had a crush on senior Feng Yun, Ning Sicheng? His photo was hung in the hall because it was the pride of Binhai High School.
However, she never dreamed that senior Feng Yun, Ning Sicheng, whom she had admired countless times, was now working for Dongfang Corporation. Furthermore, he was one of Dongfang Mo’s subordinates. Just now, he was standing in line to greet her.
Mu Ru’s CEO’s office was actually a temporary office. It used to be an empty room, but now it was temporarily moved into some desks, sofas, and file cabinets The door frame was pasted with the words ‘CEO’s Office’ , and it was done.
Because she was the CEO, and because Oriental Group was going to receive a big client from Singapore, Nangong Xun, today, Mu Ru used her identity as the CEO to specially hold a meeting for the executives of Oriental Group.
Of course, the content of the meeting was very simple. She had memorized the content thoroughly. After overcoming her fear of these people, she just sat there as if she was talking to air, so she didn’t look at anyone She just memorized the things that she had memorized according to the sequence of procedures.
“appoint Li Wenhua as the administrative manager, appoint Wang Jianmin as the personnel minister, appoint Ning Si as the general manager of the group, appoint… ”
Xi Muru only turned her face sideways when she memorized the name Ning Si as the general manager of the group. She had known the name Ning Si Cheng since she entered Binhai high school at the age of 12, so she was very familiar with it.
As soon as her voice fell, the meeting room was immediately filled with thunderous applause. Everyone looked at her with admiration. No one could deny the ability of the president’s wife. Just her courage alone was enough to make people think highly of her.
Mu Ru had just finished her meeting when Dongfang Mo’s secretary, Jiang Xueyan, politely and respectfully came to tell her that Nangong Xun’s car had already driven into the road parking lot of the Dongfang Corporation and told her to quickly go downstairs to greet him.
Mu Ru nodded and immediately took the elevator downstairs with a large group of higher-ups who had just been appointed by her. Just as she led her people to stand in line at the door, the hostess had already led Nangong Xun over.
Mu Ru looked at Nangong Xun, who was approaching her step by step. She felt as if she had seen him somewhere before, but she could not remember where she had seen him before.
Finally, as Nangong Xun approached her, Mu Ru’s sense of familiarity grew stronger. Just as she was searching in her mind, Nangong Xun had already arrived in front of her and was looking at her with a smile.
“CEO Xi, this is the president of the Xun Group, Mr. Nangong Xun. ”
Dongfang Mo’s secretary, Jiang Xueyan, introduced mu ru to her. At the same time, she said to Nangong Xun,
“This is our newly appointed CEO… ”
“Xi Muru? ”
Nangong Xun did not wait for Jiang Xueyan to say Mu Ru’s name, but he blurted it out. Then, he looked at her and asked curiously,
“Are you… Xi Muru? ”
“I’m Xi Muru. ”
Mu Ru nodded mechanically. Then, she looked at Nangong Xun and asked hesitantly, “are you Xi Muru? ”
“President Nangong, we… ”
“I am… ”
Nangong Xun paused after saying these two words. Then, he looked at the staff standing on both sides. He thought of something and smiled faintly
“President Xi doesn’t plan to invite me upstairs? ”