First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Whose Wife Are you
Mu Ru suddenly remembered that she had been searching for his identity in her mind, and she had forgotten her manners. She blushed and reached out to shake his hand, saying,
“Welcome, President Nangong. Let’s go upstairs. ”
Mu Ru let Nangong Xun into the reception room.
After the secretary served the coffee, she immediately took out the contract she had prepared and pushed it in front of Nangong Xun. With a professional smile that she had practiced for two days, she said,
“President Nangong, please take a look. This is the letter of Intent for cooperation between our group and your company. President Nangong, please see if there are any areas that need to be modified. Of course, if there are no changes… ”
“Xi Muru. ”
Nangong Xun pushed the document that she pushed to the side. He did not even look at it. He just stared at her, frowned, and asked in a deep voice,
“If I remember correctly, you’re only 19 years old in a month. You should be in university. Why would you be working at the Oriental Group? And you’re still the executive president? ”
Mu Ru felt that Nangong Xun was familiar with him after hearing his question. However, she could not remember where she had seen him before. She had never heard of his name before.
However, since Nangong Xun had asked, she still told him the truth
“I am indeed studying at Binda University. However, since I am now Dongfang Mo’s wife, you must have heard about my husband, Dongfang Mo… ”
“What did you say? ”
Nangong Xun immediately cut off Mu Ru’s words. His expression immediately darkened. His sharp gaze landed on Mu Ru’s face as he asked in a deep voice, “what did you say? ”
“whose wife did you just say you were? ”
“Dongfang Mo. ”
Mu Ru was frightened by his sudden expression and tone. She looked at his cold and dark face and asked mechanically, “who did you say you were? ”
“President Nangong, what’s wrong? ”
“who asked you to marry him? ”
Nangong Xun’s voice was low and contained suppressed anger. He asked through gritted teeth, “who asked you to marry him? ”
“Wasn’t Xi Muxue the one who married Dongfang Mo a week ago? How did it become you in the blink of an eye? ”
Mu Ru was silent. She did not want to answer this question, and it was not within the scope of her interview. Hence, she immediately changed the topic and pushed the document in front of Nangong Xun. She reminded him lightly, “President Nangong, do you have any objections? ”
“President Nangong, please take a look at this agreement. If you don’t have any objections… ”
“Of course I have objections. ”
Nangong Xun did not even look at it and directly pulled it away with his hand. Then, he looked meaningfully at Mu Ru and said in a deep voice,
“Go back and tell Dongfang Mo that I will visit him in one inch Mo city very soon. ”
After he said that, without waiting for Xi Muru to react, he immediately stood up and walked out of the reception room. Secretary Jiang Xueyan and her assistant who were waiting outside were shocked.
Xi Muru held the document that was supposed to be signed with Nangong Xun in her hand. She wanted to cry but no tears came out. She did not complete the task that Dongfang Mo gave her, which meant that she would never be able to go to Bin University She did not seize this opportunity to fight for her chance to go to school.
Thinking that she could not go to school, her sad tears immediately rolled down.
She spent three days and three nights to prepare for this meeting with Nangong Xun, but in the end, Nangong Xun rejected the document without even looking at the contents of the document
It was the same as denying her as a person.