First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41: Losing the opportunity to go to school
She Lay on her desk in the reception room and cried her heart out.
Everyone thought that she was crying because of the negotiation with Nangong Xun. Little did they know that she was actually crying because she had lost the opportunity to go to school.
Dongfang Yu was not the one who came to pick up mu ru. That idler man had gone on a date with some beautiful woman a long time ago. It was uncle Liu who came to pick her up and said that Dongfang Mo already knew about the negotiation.
Of course, Dongfang Mo knew about it at the first moment, so when mu ru returned to one inch Mo city, Dongfang Mo was sitting in a wheelchair with a gloomy face. His face was frowning because of anger Originally, it was as uneven as a swarm of Leeches, but it looked even uglier and more terrifying.
Mu Ru overcame the fear in her heart and carefully stood in front of Dongfang Mo. Then, she handed the unsigned document to him with a trembling hand, but she couldn’t say a single word to defend herself.
“I said that if you don’t complete the mission, you don’t have to go to school. ”
Dongfang Mo’s voice was old and Hoarse. At the same time, he turned to look at Dongfang Yingwu, who was sitting on the Sofa not far away, and said plainly,
“It’s not that I don’t want to give second uncle face. It’s just that this woman is completely useless. ”
Dongfang Yingwu sighed, then looked at Xi Muru and said in a sympathetic tone,
“Young Madam, your luck is a little bad. Nangong Xun is difficult to deal with, but… ”
“What do you mean difficult? It’s because she’s not capable enough. ”
Dongfang mo quickly replied, then he glared coldly at Xi Muru who was standing there
“Hurry up and go to the isolation room to reflect on your past. What are you still standing here for? Are you waiting to receive your award? ”
Mu Ru immediately turned around and left. She was no longer unfamiliar with the isolation room because two days ago, in order to make her memorize all the things that she could not carry, she had already been locked in there for a day.
One inch ink city’s isolation room was similar to a prison cell. It was a small and empty room. There was nothing inside except for a window the size of a hospital’s toll window on one side of the wall, which was used to circulate the air.
Mu Ru walked into the confinement room naturally. The security guard locked the door outside, and the light in the confinement room instantly dimmed. There was a light, but she didn’t need to do anything. She was too lazy to turn on the light, so she leaned against the corner of the wall and sat down.
Dongfang Mo only told her to roll into the confinement room. He didn’t say how long she would be confined, so she didn’t calculate the time.
Anyway, she couldn’t go to school outside the confinement room. In Dongfang Mo’s home, if the confinement room was a small prison, then one inch Mo city was a big prison.
As for her, she could not go to school, so there was not much difference between staying in a big prison and a small prison because it was a waste of time… …
Just as Xi Muru was wasting her time in the confinement room in one inch Mo city, her family, the Xi family, was in chaos.
Xi Yuancheng looked at Nangong Xun, who was sitting in front of him like an elegant Prince. He could not help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead with a tissue because he never dreamed that this Nangong Xun was the Qin Xun from back then.
“Uncle Xi, where’s my fianc��e, Xi Muru? ”
Nangong Xun put down the teacup in his hand and looked indifferently at Xi Yuancheng, whose expression had already changed. He asked without batting an eyelid.