First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 42: Mu Ru’s ex-husband’s family came knocking on her door
“Uncle Xi, where’s my fianc��e, Xi Muru? ”
Nangong Xun put down the teacup in his hand and looked indifferently at Xi Yuancheng, whose expression had already changed. He asked without batting an eyelid.
“Mu Ru, she… she’s already married to Dongfang Mo. ”
Xi Yuancheng said with trepidation. Then, he looked at Mu Xue, who was sitting not too far away. A thought flashed through his mind.
“I remember that the newspaper said that Dongfang Mo and Xi Muru got married. ”
As Nangong Xun spoke, he threw the newspaper that he brought a week ago to Xi Yuancheng
“Uncle Xi, aren’t you going to explain it to me? ”
“This… ”
Xi Yuancheng wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand and forced a smile. He laughed awkwardly and explained
“originally, Mu Xue went to marry Dongfang Mo, but you heard that Dongfang CEO… In short, Mu Xue didn’t want to marry Dongfang Mo, so mu ru married him. ”
“Uncle Xi, but mu ru ru is her fianc��e. ”
Nangong Xun’s expression immediately darkened, and his cold gaze landed on Xi Yuancheng’s face
“Uncle Xi, if you want to break off the engagement or something, shouldn’t you give me a heads up? This time, I came to Binhai specifically to discuss the marriage between you and Mu Ru. I originally wanted to knock down the wedding date. ”
“This… didn’t your family move away? I thought… ”
Xi Yuancheng knew that he was in the wrong, and his explanation was a little incoherent. Then, he looked at Mu Xue, who had been looking at Nangong Xun like she was infatuated, and quickly said,
“How about this? My Mu Xue and mu ru are twins. They look almost identical, and Mu Xue is much prettier than Mu Ru. Mu Ru isn’t actually pretty, but you don’t know that on her forehead… ”
“I know that there’s a birthmark on her forehead. ”
Nangong Xun quickly cut off Xi Yuancheng’s words and said coldly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. ”
“I knew five years ago. If I didn’t know that there was a birthmark on her forehead, I wouldn’t have asked my parents to propose to the XI family. ”
This time, it was Xi Yuancheng’s turn to be shocked. He even wondered if his ears had misheard.
Five years ago, when the Qin family came to propose to the XI family, Qin Weihe only said that he wanted to be in-laws with them. He had mistakenly thought that the Qin family had taken a liking to Mu Xue, but mu Xue had already been promised to the eldest son of the Dongfang family two years ago. However, he didn’t want to offend the Qin family At that time, the Qin family and the Dongfang family were equally powerful. He didn’t dare to offend anyone, so he deliberately said that his daughter’s name was Xi Muru. In reality, he was just trying to get away with it.
At that time, the Qin family did not say anything. They just signed a marriage contract with him. At that time, he was secretly happy. This move of his was really good. He had actually given that ominous daughter to someone else, and it was still the wealthy Qin family.
Of course, when the Qin family realized that Mu ru was ugly or something, they could just break off the engagement and abandon Mu Ru. Anyway, he did not really care about that ugly daughter, and at the same time, he did not have much to lose.
Now, five years had passed. Qin Xun had come to ask for her. He had specifically mentioned that he wanted to marry Xi Muru. He even said that he knew that Mu ru had a birthmark on her forehead. Only then did he realize.
It turned out that five years ago, the Qin family had proposed to his ugly daughter, Mu Ru.
“that… Mu Ru has already married Dongfang Mo. ”
Xi Yuancheng still spoke with difficulty. He looked at Nangong Xun with pleading eyes and said,
“Look, Mu Xue is actually better than Mu Ru… ”