First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43: I’m a man of my word
“I have a habit of keeping my word. ”
Nangong Xun quickly cut off Xi Yuancheng’s words and said coldly,
“So, the person I was engaged to back then was Xi Muru. In that case, I’ll only acknowledge Xi Muru. I don’t want any other woman, even if she’s as beautiful as a fairy. As the saying goes, there are three treasures in a family. An ugly wife is thin and thin, and her cotton-padded jacket is tattered. Therefore, I definitely can’t give my ugly wife to anyone else! ”
“then… Mu Ru has already married into the Dongfang family. ”
Xi Yuancheng was on the verge of tears. He looked at Nangong Xun and asked weakly, “what should I do? ”
“What should I do? ”
“That’s your own business! ”
As Nangong Xun spoke, he stood up and looked deeply at Xi Yuancheng
“I’ll come back tomorrow morning. You can think of a way to get my mu ru back! ”
Without waiting for Xi Yuancheng’s reply, he immediately turned around and walked out the door.
He believed that Xi Yuancheng would not dare to offend him. As for whether he dared to offend Dongfang Mo or not, that was not his concern.
“Dad, what did you say? ”
A scream flew out from the XI residence. Of course, it was Xi Muxue’s furious voice
“You want me to go and get a birthmark on my beautiful forehead? And then pretend to be mu ru to marry Nangong Xun? How can I do that? I will not do it! ”
Even though she liked Nangong Xun very much because he was handsome, and the Nangong Corporation’s influence in Singapore was not smaller than Binhai Dongfang Corporation’s, of course, the most important thing was that Nangong Xun was a normal man This was more than a hundred times stronger than Dongfang Mo..
If she were to marry Nangong Xun just like that, then she would not hesitate to agree.
Because she was not a fool. Marrying Nangong Xun was equivalent to stepping into a top-tier wealthy family. This wealthy family was on par with the wealthy family that Xi Muru married Dongfang Mo, but the connotation was different.
Because marrying Nangong Xun would at least allow her to enjoy a good sex life, while Xi Muru marrying Dongfang Mo could only be a widow.
However, if she was asked to have plastic surgery to make herself look ugly, then she would not be willing.
Everyone had a love for beauty. Moreover, Xi Muru had a birthmark on her forehead that she had to cover up with her bangs. Wasn’t her goal because that birthmark was too ugly?
Who did not want people to see their beautiful side?
“HMPH, you’re not going to do it? ”
Xi Yuancheng snorted coldly
“What’s the use of not doing it in the current situation Even though the Nangong group was based in Singapore, their business was now global. Furthermore, there was a mysterious organization behind the Nangong Group, and it was said that the Oriental Group was afraid that if we offended the Nangong family, Xi Empire would soon be on the verge of bankruptcy. Xi Empire was already bankrupt, so what was the use of being pretty? .”
“Well… ”
Xi Muxue, of course, knew how serious the consequences of Xi Empire’s bankruptcy were, and she, a rich young lady, certainly did not want Xi Empire to go bankrupt, so she frowned and came up with a plan
“Dad, the reason why I didn’t want to marry Dongfang Mo before was because I didn’t know he had a younger brother, Dongfang Yu. How about this… ”
Xi Yuancheng frowned when he heard his daughter’s words. He looked at his daughter and after a moment of silence, he said helplessly, “I don’t want to marry Dongfang Mo. . ”
“Alright then, we’ll call Nangong Xun tomorrow morning to go to the Dongfang family. As for whether we’ll succeed or not, that’s hard to say. After all, Dongfang Mo has already acknowledged mu ru ru as his wife. ”