First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Chapter 44-the past five years
“Dongfang Mo will definitely be willing. ”
Mu Xue said confidently
“Back then, I was the one who was unwilling to stay in the Dongfang family. He was somewhat helpless when he accepted Mu Ru. Now that I’m willing to marry him, of course, he would be more than happy. ”
Xi Yuancheng listened to Mu Xue’s words and carefully recalled the scene when he brought Mu Xue to the Dongfang family.
At that time, Dongfang Mo indeed wanted Mu Xue to stay. In the end, he relied on his eloquent tongue to insist that mu ru was a girl. Then, Dongfang Mo forced Mu ru to stay.
From this, it could be seen that Dongfang Mo had always liked Mu Xue in his heart.
Moreover, six years ago, he had also taken a liking to Mu Xue.
So, now, Dongfang Mo would probably agree to let mu Xue exchange for Mu Ru, right?
Nangong Xun was driving on the road. When he thought of Xi Muxue’s infatuated gaze on him, he could not help but sneer from the bottom of his heart. He thought back to five years ago, how she had humiliated him, and how mu ru had treated him kindly.
He would never forget that summer five years ago, he had been chased by his enemies. Because he had been in a hurry to shake them off, he had run madly. In the end, he had fallen off the cliff, and not only had his clothes been torn.. His phone and wallet were all gone when he fell off the cliff, and one of his legs was broken.
He used his hands to support himself on the road, dragging his broken legs. Inch by inch, he climbed out of the jungle under the cliff with great difficulty. He climbed for three whole days before he climbed onto a main road outside.
Of course, the main road was not in the city, but in a remote place in the middle of nowhere. He climbed for three days and three nights. Not only were his clothes worn out, but the muscles on his arms and palms were all worn out, revealing red flesh, not to mention others He was a little afraid of looking at it himself.
He lay on the side of the road, cold, hungry, tired, and in pain. He looked at the speeding cars on the main road and shouted loudly, hoping that one of the cars would stop.
However, after crawling for three days and three nights like this, and starving for three days and three nights like this, his voice was already very low. Not to mention the speeding cars, even if the cars were parked there without moving, if a person was sitting in the car.. They might not be able to hear his voice.
He shouted for a long time, but there was no effect at all. However, he could no longer crawl and could only lie on the side of the road, hoping that there were pedestrians on the road, hoping that there were pedestrians who could lend a helping hand.
Soon, a group of pedestrians walked over, but it was a group of children. They were wearing dark blue high school uniforms with white stripes on them. They looked like seventh or eighth-grade high school students.
This group of students seemed to be about twenty or so. They were carrying bags. They were probably returning from a spring trip. Everyone was in a good mood. Along the way, they were singing and walking toward a bus that was parked not far away.
He immediately used his last bit of strength to shout,
“Please, can you help me? I need help! ”
Although he had used all his strength, his voice was still very low. However, this group of students just happened to pass by him, so not only did they hear his voice, but they also saw him as a person.
Obviously, this image of him had frightened this group of future flowers of the motherland. This was because his current situation was even uglier than that of the beggars who wanted money on the overpass. Moreover, the stench coming from his body was even worse than the stench coming from the beggars.