First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Extreme humiliation
That was for sure. Even though he did not eat or drink for three days and three nights, it did not mean that he did not poop. With two broken legs, he could not stand up or squat at all. Therefore, he could only Poop and pee on his body. How could it not stink?
“Aiyo, let’s hurry up and leave. This person stinks. It’s disgusting! ”
Someone covered his nose with his hand and shouted loudly.
“That’s right. Looking at the scars on his face, he must have been beaten up when he went to steal something! ”
“It’s too disgusting. He must be a beggar! ”
“Let’s go, let’s go. I’m going to Puke from the smell of his body! ”
“That’s right, let’s go quickly! ”

The group of children were all talking at the same time. Everyone covered their noses with their hands and quickly ran past him. No one even looked at him, much less extended a helping hand to him.
Seeing that the group of children was about to pass by him completely, he gritted his teeth and used his last bit of strength. He reached out to grab the leg of a student’s pants and begged in a low voice,
“please, little friend, help me make a phone call… ”
“Hey, don’t pull my leg, it stinks! ”
The girl quickly pulled her leg away and could not help but kick his hand. At the same time, she scolded him in a bad tone
“where did this stinky man come from? It’s so disgusting, he actually pulled the leg of a girl’s pants. You look like a dead man. You must have raped someone’s wife and been caught, that’s why you were beaten so badly! ”
He widened his eyes and raised his head slightly. He looked at the little girl who was as beautiful as a princess. He never thought that such a girl would have such a ridiculous imagination.
Just as he was about to explain how he got the wound on his body, he heard the boy next to him echo the girl’s words
“It has to be. Mu Xue, ignore him. This kind of lowlife deserves to be beaten. He deserves to be beaten to death. Let’s go! ”
“Hey, since he is a disgusting * * , then we should do justice for heaven. Let him remember what the consequences of being a * * are forever. ”
As Mu Xue spoke, she took out a one-dollar coin from her bag and threw it at his face
“Didn’t you want me to help you? Take this one-dollar coin to make a phone call. However, this place is also ten kilometers away from the nearest town. Take this one-dollar coin and slowly crawl to make a phone call! ”
A group of children laughed mockingly. Following that, other children also took out a coin to imitate this girl called Mu Xue. They wanted to throw the coin at his face, but they were stopped by Mu Xue.
“Don’t throw another coin to her. ”
Mu Xue stopped the boy who took out the coin. Then, she said with a princess-like expression,
“If we all throw the coin to him, won’t he be able to collect enough money to pay for the taxi? Let him take my one-dollar coin and crawl slowly! ”
“Hahaha, Mu Xue, good idea! ”
The group of children laughed shrilly again. Then, they walked past him one after another.
He picked up the coin that was thrown at his face and held it tightly in his hand. Because his palm was completely worn out, the coin was inserted into his flesh. It was a piercing pain.
It was a great humiliation. He had never thought that he would actually encounter such an insult!

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