First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce
Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Chapter 46-the Girl in his memory
When Qin Xun was not injured, he was still a handsome and handsome young man. Women had always stuck close to him. When had he ever been despised to such an extent that he was called a * * * ?
Looking at the group of students who had already walked far away to board the bus, and then looking at the night sky, he thought in despair that the enemy had not destroyed him, but now the heavens were going to destroy him.
There were more than twenty of these children, but none of them had a kind heart, or even a compassionate heart.
Just as he lowered his head in despair and stopped looking at the group of students who had humiliated him.. Just as he gritted his teeth and once again supported his hands to move his body to the middle of the road to see if he could take a gamble and see if the driver with eyes saw him stop, a voice suddenly came from beside him
“excuse me, what kind of help do you need? Can I help you? ”
He could not help but raise his head and find that it was still the same girl who had thrown the coin at him. His face immediately darkened. He gritted his teeth and forcefully threw the coin in his palm at her He wanted to smash it onto her overly beautiful face.
However, his strength was limited. Of course, he did not smash the coin onto the girl’s face. Instead, he smashed it onto the instep of her foot.
“I’m not the girl from before. ”
The girl was not angry at his angry action. Instead, she squatted down and used her hand to lift up the thick bangs on her forehead, revealing a thumb-sized birthmark. She said in a low voice,
“See? I’m not her. She doesn’t have bangs and there’s no birthmark on her forehead. Her name is Xi Muxue, and I’m Xi Muru. We’re twin sisters. ”
He then noticed that this was indeed not the girl from before. Moreover, this girl spoke softly. Although their voices sounded similar, if he listened carefully, it was not the girl’s voice from before.
“I fell from the cliff and broke my leg. Now I need to find my family, I… ”
Qin Xun struggled to tell her about his need for help.
“There’s no place to make a call around here. ”
Mu Ru thought for a moment, then said,
“then wait a moment. I’ll borrow our bus driver’s phone to make a call for you. ”
After saying that, he saw her quickly get up and run towards the bus. Unfortunately, before she could reach the bus, the bus somehow drove away without waiting for her.
He could not help but feel bad. Such a kind-hearted girl wanted to help him, but in the end, she was implicated by him. Now, she probably had to take the bus or walk back?
He thought that the girl would come back to apologize to him and then take the bus by herself. However, the girl did not do that. Instead, she quickly ran to the middle of the road to stop the traffic.
Soon, she stopped a minivan. From Afar, he saw her pointing at him and saying something to the driver of the minivan. Then, he saw the driver open the door and get out of the car. Then, he followed the girl and walked towards him.
It was this girl named Xi Muru who carried him to the minivan with the driver. Because the minivan was a single row, and his legs were broken, he could not sit in the front passenger seat, so he could only put him in the car.
The driver asked him if he knew his family’s number. Of course, he knew. He immediately told the driver and asked him to call his mother and tell her to wait for him at the hospital.

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