Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Wang Jian Arrives!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe sea of trees swayed rhythmically with the wind, causing one to feel as though they were looking at a green ocean, seething with waves.
On a huge jutting rock on the side of a mountain, a young man stood poised in a strange position. A small breeze blew from behind him, causing his sleeves to flutter gently.
From afar, a gold-glazed sunray could be seen flying down from the Heavens toward the young man.
A scorching heat appeared within Bei Feng’s body as soon as the sunray entered his body. The heat immediately began spreading rapidly, causing him to scream in pain and surprise.
The sunray, which was only as thick as a strand of hair, quickly dispersed into grain-sized balls of light which sunk into Bei Feng’s blood and veins!
“Hua hua!”
A tenth of his blood was immediately vaporized, while the rest suddenly became invigorated and flowed like a flood within his body!
With every powerful contraction of Bei Feng’s robust heart, his blood, reinvigorated and filled with vitality, was being pumped into every corner of his body, including his four limbs and bones. All the countless cells within his body were rejoicing at this moment, greedily gobbling down the incoming energy as though they had been starved for a long time. After circulating through the body once, the slightly less energized blood returned to the heart where it was pumped forth again. Repeating the motion like this, the Yang essence which had been injected into his blood was finally used up; but only after it had completed nine revolutions!
‘What a mystical breathing technique!’
Bei Feng slowly opened his eyes. Heat waves were emanating gently off his body and a thin layer of greyish sweat appeared, sticking to his skin.
After the brief session of absorption, Bei Feng felt extremely comfortable! It was like he had just finished soaking in a sauna. His entire body felt as light as that of a sparrow.
‘This time round, I’d only managed to absorb a wisp of energy the thickness of a strand of hair. I can only be considered to have barely started cultivating this technique. It’s not even certain how long it’ll take for me to reach the grand completion stage at this rate,’ Bei Feng thought seriously. Although he had large amounts of information and the cultivation experiences of the previous practitioners inside his head, they could only be used as a reference at most! They could not be regarded as his own experience!
And even if he were to comprehend any insights through the experiences of the predecessors, his body would still be unable to adapt to them and execute them perfectly.
‘If I can persist for a long period of time, I’m sure I can completely get rid of my internal injuries!’
The Minor Illumination Breathing Technique was truly an extremely difficult art to practice. However, it gave Bei Feng a glimmer of hope! With this hope, even if the movements were to become more complicated and the practice more strenuous, it would still be worth every single ounce of effort!
This wisp of sunray, which was only as thick as a strand of hair, had already produced such shocking results. And, apparently, when one reached the grand completion stage of the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique, every breath would attract an ocean of sunrays! Just what kind of amazing feats would Bei Feng be capable of after reaching this stage?
Any hints of lethargy had long since been swept clean. Bei Feng was in high spirits, and he felt like could knock out a bull with a single punch!
Luckily, Bei Feng still knew his limits. This feeling was merely a false sense of strength derived from absorbing the gold-glazed sunray.
Reigning in his excitement, Bei Feng went down the mountain in a marvelous mood.
The first thing Bei Feng did upon returning to the mansion was to get a thorough bath and wash the sticky muck off of his body. After that, he decided to start preparing for lunch. His stomach was already growling in hunger after all the excitement in the morning.
It was only 9 a.m. and there was still some time before lunch. Bei Feng retrieved a huge chunk of chicken meat from the fridge and washed it clean.
Then, he sliced the meat into small cubes. After that, he prepared and washed some yam, Chinese angelica, red dates and other supplementary ingredients.
Bei Feng was going to whip up some trademark home cooking, with the main ingredients naturally being the giant chicken and the green fish.
All the ingredients were prepared, but Bei Feng wasn’t in a hurry to start cooking. There was still quite a bit of time until the appointment with Wang Jian.
Only the soup needed to be boiled in advance. Otherwise, the broth would not have the time to simmer if he started cooking after Wang Jian arrives.
The soup soon started bubbling. Bei Feng did not continue adding more firewood to keep the fire going, but allowed the fire to extinguish to use the heat from the dying embers to keep the soup’s temperature just below the boiling point.
After that, he looked at the time and left the house at a leisurely pace. Before leaving, he placed a metal board in front of the stove to prevent a fire.
Bei Feng had a bit of time to kill while waiting for Wang Jian to arrive. He walked around the village for awhile and went to Uncle Xia Zhen’s shop for a chat.
“Eh? I think the lunch appointment with that brat is today?”
Wang Jian suddenly remembered his promise to have lunch with Bei Feng as he finished looking through a document.
“Xiao Liu, prepare a car for me,” he picked up his phone and instructed. Since he had already given his word, he would not renege on it.
“Sure thing, Boss Wang.”
Xiao Liu was the young man who had been following behind Wang Jian back when he bought the Golden Silk Blood Eel. He was actually Wang Jian’s driver and bodyguard.
As one of the richest men in Qingcheng, his personal safety was naturally very important. Being entrusted with the safety of a VIP like Wang Jian was an especially impressive matter. Liu Ziyun was actually a martial practitioner of the Baji Fist! [1]
This wasn’t the kind of martial arts boring old grandpas practice in their gardens to stay fit. The Baji Fist had overwhelming destructive and explosive strength which made it extremely practical during real-life fights and even in the larger skirmishes! Normal people? Even if an entire group of them threw themselves at a practitioner of the Baji Fist, they could still forget about getting past him!
If not for the good relations between Wang Jian and Liu Ziyun’s family, there would be no way for him to hire Liu Ziyun!
A short while later, a black Mercedes-Benz stopped outside the tall building. At a glance, it looked extremely ordinary. However, this car had actually been heavily modified! The car’s body and windows were entirely bulletproof. Wang Jian himself appeared after a few minutes.
“Boss Wang, where would you like to go?” Liu Ziyun asked lightly.
“We’re going to Mt. Qing Ling. Remember the kid who sold us the Golden Silk Blood Eel the last time? He’s going to treat us to a meal,” Wang Jian chuckled.
“En,” Liu Ziyun did not say anything else and drove off immediately.
Within Xia Zhen’s shop, Bei Feng and Uncle Xia were having an extremely good time catching up. Bei Feng would also occasionally lend a hand as an assistant if a customer came in.
“Xiao Feng, look at the time! You must be getting hungry. Come, we’ll get your Aunt to whip up some nice food for you. We can continue chatting over lunch!” Xia Zhen looked up at the clock and said.
“Ah! Uncle Xia, there’s no need! I’ll be having a guest over for lunch in a while,” Bei Feng declined. He actually felt a little uneasy. It was already 12.30 p.m., could it be that Wang Jian wasn’t coming anymore?
Bei Feng’s phone started ringing right as some pessimistic thoughts crept up in his mind..
“Hello, Boss Wang,” Bei Feng looked at the incoming number with joy in his eyes. He immediately accepted the call.
“I’ve reached the village entrance of Qing Ling Village. You should be able to see a black Mercedes over there,” Wang Jian motioned for Liu Ziyun to pull over and said.
“Ok, I’ll come over to pick you up right now!”
Bei Feng hung up the phone, said a few more words to Uncle Xia and ran off to the village entrance.
“Sorry, Boss Wang! I’ve kept you waiting,” Bei Feng saw Wang Jian and the young man who was with him the last time from afar and shouted out in greeting.
“Mm, let’s go. I’m somewhat anticipating your cooking skills!”
Wang Jian smiled lightly and said jokingly. He was not really expecting much from Bei Feng. As one of the richest man in Qingcheng, what kind of delicacies had he not tasted before? His taste buds had long since been accustomed to good food.
“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.” Bei Feng declared in a cool tone. His tone was filled with confidence!
“En,” Wang Jian replied noncommittally.
The trio then began walking toward the old mansion with Bei Feng in the lead.
“Eh… how much further do we have to walk?” Wang Jian could not help but ask as the trio had been walking for over 10 minutes already.
For a man of his status in Qingcheng, he was chauffeured almost everywhere! Wang Jian could not even remember the last time he had had to walk for so long!
Furthermore, this was an unpaved mud path! Although the ground was currently dry, Wang Jian’s limited edition designer shoes were already covered with a layer of dust and sand!
Liu Ziyun did not say anything. His guard was raised and he was secretly inspecting the surrounding trees for anything suspicious. The moment Bei Feng made any unexpected movements, Liu Ziyun would move to take him down immediately!
“We’ll be reaching soon… we should arrive in another seven to eight minutes… “ Bei Feng replied with a bit of guilt.
“Ah this brat… I’ll let you know, I’m going to get really angry with you if the food doesn’t taste good!”
Wang Jian was beginning to regret accepting the invitation. However, he couldn’t possibly turn around now that he’d already walked this far!
“Hehe, don’t worry, Boss Wang! I’ll definitely make you come over willingly yourself the next time!”
Bei Feng was filled with confidence. He refused to believe that the ingredients from the Myriad Worlds would be unable to subdue Wang Jian!
[1] TL/N: It’s a pretty cool martial art….
ED/N: Oh, it brings back memories. I remember seeing a character using these or very similar moves in King Of Fighters series, somewhere between 95 and 2000 (as in KoF 95 etc). Btw., the English name is sth like “Eight Extremes Fist”. You can find it on wiki under the name “Bajiquan” (quan means fist).