Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Willful Boss!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuLeaving the group of rambunctious people to their own aimless chatter, Bei Feng went off to take a bath and wash the sticky grey sweat off his body. It was beginning to emanate a foul smell.
Finally refreshed, he left his clothes in a bucket to soak and sat down to relax with his mobile phone in hand.
As he opened his WeChat again, Bei Feng was greeted by a flood of notifications from all the group chats! A strange expression fleeted across his face when he saw that all of them showed ‘99+’ missed messages!
Frustrated, Bei Feng unhesitatingly unleashed a certain gif into the chat. He had been saving it for a long time for moments just like this one!
99+? Bring it on! Your daddy here will fight it out with you!
His gif showed an abstract person brandishing a chopper wildly and hollering in rage.
“Ah! The boss came out! Quick! Run home and keep your blankets!” Some random dim-witted fellow suddenly exclaimed strangely in the chat, immediately resulting in an awkward silence.
It was only after several seconds that the chat finally came back to life, and a sea of messages once again flooded the heavens and covered the earth.
@BossBeiFeng How much do you charge for a meal?
@BossBeiFeng I want to make a reservation!
@BossBeiFeng I’m a cute young lass…can I cadge a free meal this once?
“The cost depends on the ingredients. This time, the price will be 1,600 for each person. Limited to four people only!” Bei Feng replied.
“1,600? That’s not too bad… at least I get to keep my underwear after this meal… “ A user “Flower’s not a Flower, Leaf’s not a Leaf” immediately replied with a crying and laughing emoticon.
“Ok! I’m going to take out a bank loan to buy a hoe and cultivate a virgin land right away, so that I can take care of Boss’s business after I turn a profit!” Another person kept pace with the conversation and added.
“Reservations are accepted right now, but 50% must be paid first as a deposit. Only four tables of guests will be served every time. In addition, those who fail to show up two or more times after paying the deposit will be blacklisted!” Bei Feng casually added a few more conditions.
“Holy sh*t! This boss has quite a character!”
“Boss! You won’t get a girlfriend if you’re so fussy!”
“Why are there more and more conditions?!”
“Because I just came up with those,” Bei Feng admitted without beating around the bush. He was beginning to enjoy himself…
The entire chat was stunned speechless.
“Boss, you won’t get any customers if you’re too willful!” Someone replied while adding a *rolls eye* emoticon.
“No way. The food I make is too delicious,” Bei Feng replied seriously.
“Anyway, I have some free time today, so I’ll open a few tables for reservations. I will choose four people from those who have paid the deposits. Those who aren’t selected will have your deposits returned to you within 24 hours.”
“In other words, if you find that the money you’ve transferred over has been accepted by me, that means that you have successfully booked a table!”
Bei Feng sent out the same message across the four chat groups he’d created. His main goal was to prevent a situation where, should his restaurant become immensely popular, hundreds and thousands of people would keep on nonstop transferring him money. After all, he would be unable to serve them all. If that happened, he would be stuck for days transferring their money back!
It was better not to accept the deposit and simply allow the bank to bounce back all of the unaccepted monies automatically after 24 hours.
There was no lack of rich people in the four chat groups. In a short moment, tens of WeChat transfer notifications appeared on Bei Feng’s phone.
“Woah… there are so many wealthy people here!” Bei Feng sighed with emotion. Within a minute, over thirty people had transferred their deposits to Bei Feng’s account!
“This is my contact number: 139xxxx3377. We’ll discuss the details over the phone,” Bei Feng randomly picked four people and accepted their deposits. Following that, he sent his contact details to the four.
“Ah! I’ve actually managed to book a table?!” Wang Jun was one of those who’d transferred their deposits to Bei Feng. Looking at the message informing him that his deposit had been accepted, Wang Jun felt quite excited.
This private restaurant had been strongly recommended by Qingshan Corporation. How could it possibly be a scam? Thus, Wang Jun didn’t hesitate to send his deposit the moment he saw Bei Feng’s message about four available reservations.
Immediately, he dialled the number which Bei Feng provided.
“Hello?” Bei Feng picked up the incoming call and greeted the other party indifferently.
“Hi, Boss, how are you? I’m one of the four who obtained a reservation just now,” Wang Jun announced.
“Oh. You’re the first amongst the four to call me. Mn, you have the priority to choose the timing you want for the meal.”
Bei Feng was a little speechless. He’d only just sent out the text, and his phone rang almost immediately. Was this guy a glutton? Why was he so anxious?!”
“This afternoon!”
Wang Jun was truly somewhat impatient. He had a lot of anticipation regarding the food that was good to the point that even Qingshan Corporation would advertise it.
“Ok. You should know where Qing Ling Village is, right? It’s located at the foot of Mt. Qing Ling. Give me a call when you reach the village. I will come out to fetch you.”
“Lunch will be served from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. We will not be waiting for latecomers, so please try to be on time. Finally, the maximum number of guests allowed is four, including yourself,” Bei Feng instructed calmly. [1]
“Got it. I’ll give you a call once we arrive at Qing Ling Village,” Wang Jun accepted after considering it briefly.
Soon, the other three people who’d successfully reserved a table also called one by one. Bei Feng arranged the guests in a very simple and crude way. Whoever called first, would have priority in choosing their preferred time of the meal.
Finally putting down the phone, Bei Feng began to busy himself to prepare the ingredients for cooking.
The fish and the chicken did not go bad as they were placed in the fridge. However, almost half of their meat had already been eaten.
Bei Feng grabbed a sharp knife and carefully sliced off a generous portion of the fish, without removing its skin.
He then set the fridge’s temperature at negative two degrees Celsius. This would ensure that the meat would not be frozen solid, but would still be kept fresh. [2]
Bei Feng grasped the cool meat carefully and proceeded to cut it into two portions.
Then, he placed the meat so that the side covered with skin would face the chopping board and carefully sliced some patterns onto the meat.
After that, he covered the meat with starch and put it into a bowl.
Following suit with the other ingredients, everything else was soon prepared in an orderly way.
Meanwhile, Wang Jun had gathered a few buddies who were also obsessed over food and currently, the group was already on their way to Mt. Qing Ling.
“Brother Jun, what tasty thing have you found this time?”
A young man riding shotgun, roughly 24-25 years old judging by his appearance, asked Wang Jun who was sitting behind their car’s steering wheel.
Two girls sitting in the back also perked up and looked at Wang Jun, anticipating his reply.
Wang Jun glanced disgruntledly at the rearview mirror and the two slim girls reflected in it. How was it that those two never gained any weight no matter how much they ate?! He felt a wave of depression sweep over him as his arm unconsciously moved to rest on his ample belly.
‘We are all foodies here, so why am I the only one putting on weight like this?!’ Wang Jun thought sorrowfully.
“I’ve paid in blood for the meal this time! 1,600 for a single meal! Xiao Li Zi, you’d better treat me to Dabao Jian tonight!”
Wang Jun mustered all his might into displaying a fierce expression on his fat face. However, it only ended up looking cramped and ridiculous no matter how one looked at it!
“Are you serious? Brother Jun, what kind of food are you taking us to eat today?! 1,600 yuan? Is it a Michelin Star level restaurant?” Li Mo exclaimed in astonishment.
“That can’t be… I think we’re going in the direction of Mt. Qing Ling right now! I’ve never heard of a Michelin Star level restaurant in that direction!”
The two girls also chirped in shock.
1,600 for a single meal; even if divided by four, it’s still 400 a person! This kind of price was considered top tier even in Green Town!
“In that case, we have to eat more! Ah, if only I’d known about it earlier… we should have brought Monkey and the rest along as well,” one of the girls with baby fat on her face clicked her tongue and said.
“You think I didn’t want to? What can I do if the Boss’s only willing to serve four people per table?” Wang Jun rolled his eyes and said. Sadly, there was too much meat on his face which caused his eyes to narrow into slits. Thus, nobody was able to notice his sarcastic expression…
“What Boss? Does this guy even know how to run a business? Who will patronize his restaurant if it’s like that?” The other girl also said unhappily.
“It’s not that no one wants to patronize his business. Lots of people want to, and yet do not have the opportunity! This boss is very willful. He would only serve four tables a day, with maximum of four people per table. It was with much difficulty and luck that I was able to secure this chance!”
Wang Jun boasted coldly without even turning his head. They were approaching a narrow, winding mountain road. It was twisting and complicated, and there was oncoming traffic to look out for. He could not afford to lose his focus now.
[1] ED/N: I know it’s confusing, I feel the same. Four people can have reservations, but each of them can have their own table. However, it seems that each of the four can invite another three.
[2] TL/N: Wtf? -2 degree celcius would definitely freeze any meat. ED: Right? But don’t forget it’s meat from powerful creatures from another world… well, the author definitely seems to have forgotten something ^^ Alternatively, if he put the meat inside for a short time, it wouldn’t freeze… but this doesn’t sound like whatever is going on here…