Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Causing Trouble!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuAfter saying that, Fan Fang Ming’s expression turned to one of curiosity and interest. “I wonder what fish is this? I’ve lived for so many years already and I’ve never tasted something as exquisite as this before!”
Bei Feng smiled lightly and put another piece of fish into his mouth. Only after chewing for a long time and swallowing did he reply. “This type of fish can only be found a thousand meters deep in a certain icy lake. Don’t mention seeing one, normal people had never even heard of this fish before. You shouldn’t dwell on it too much either; this fish is not something that you would be able to catch.”
Fan Fang Ming pursed his lips disgruntedly upon hearing Bei Feng’s words. The way he saw it, it was obvious that Bei Feng was simply not willing to divulge the origin of the fish. What did he mean by ‘this fish is not something that you would be able to catch’? If even you can catch it, why can’t I?
Fortunately, Fan Fang Ming was not such a petty person that he would hold a grudge against Bei Feng because of a matter like this. He only asked because the pursuit of top-quality ingredients was a natural interest of all chefs.
The taste of this fish was truly impossible to describe—no words could do it justice. Even the most critical tongues would have no choice but to submit and admit that its taste was formidable. Truthfully, this dish could absolutely be placed as the main dish of the state banquet without any problems!
Fan Fang Ming sighed lightly and reached for another piece of fish. But just as his chopsticks were extended halfway through the table, they suddenly stopped and hovered in mid air.
‘What’s going on? I haven’t had dinner yet, and only ate a fish head dish for lunch. How come my stomach is feeling so bloated now?’
Fan Fang Ming felt completely bamboozled in this moment. His stomach felt like a nice hot water bottle was wrapped around it. Waves of warm energy were coursing through his four limbs, and he felt like he was soaking in a hot spring on a cold day.
“What’s that smell?! It smells too good!”
“Right, how come our dishes are different from theirs?”
The people in the other dining rooms were beginning to get dissatisfied after the smell from the new dish spread into their dining rooms.
The food before them, which was originally extremely aromatic, now smelled bland after they got a whiff of the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King dish.
“Boss! Where is the boss?!”
“There are dishes which smell so delicious, but we are actually served food which is obviously several levels below it in quality. Are you afraid that we won’t be able to afford it?”
Numerous complaints rose out of the dining rooms unceasingly. The three members of the service staff exchanged helpless glances and stiffened their scalps as they entered a dining room.
“Did you guys just release a new dish? Why were we not informed?”
The guests in the dining room asked.
“My apologies, customer. Regarding this matter, I am not quite sure as well. Allow me to go and inquire for you.” A young waitress went forward and bowed.
As the saying goes, the extended hand does not hit a man with a smiling face. Seeing the sincere attitude of the waitress, the customers in the dining room did not say anything else. They allowed her to go and inquire for them.
Although Mountain Delicacies Pavilion was not a big restaurant, it was not a cheap one either. A simple four dish and one soup meal cost 4,800 yuan! Even so, the demand still exceeded the supply. A reservation had to be made way in advance just to eat a meal here!
Anyone who could afford to eat here was reasonably wealthy and was usually part of the higher class society. As such, the guests were very conscientious of their image and mannerism. They would not create a ruckus or spew vulgarities out of their mouths easily.
The other dining rooms were the same. After placating the customers, the three service staffs thickened their skin and knocked on the dining room door which Bei Feng was in.
“Come in.”
Fan Fang Ming swallowed a mouthful of saliva enviously as he watched Bei Feng eating heartily. He only broke out of his trance when he heard the knock on the door.
A waitress stepped into the room and was immediately greeted with the full force of the overpowering aroma, causing her to also swallow a mouthful of saliva as well. She went up to Fan Fang Ming and bowed respectfully. “Boss, the guests outside wish to know if our restaurant had released a new dish. There are also some customers who are unhappy. They want to know why the food in this dining room smells so much better than what they were served.”
Fan Fang Ming was momentarily stumped. He had not expected such a great commotion to take place. “Just tell them that the dish was cooked with ingredients brought here by the customer himself. Our restaurant was only responsible for cooking it, and we do not actually own any of the original ingredients.”
The waitress nodded her head and left the dining room. ‘This time around, it probably won’t be as easy to pacify the customers. The quality of that dish inside is really way too superior to the other dishes. If it was me, I would not be able to accept this explanation too!’
Seeing that Gu Yue had emerged from the dining room, the other two waitresses hurriedly walked up to her. “Xiao Yue, how was it? What did the boss say?”
Gu Yue recounted the entire conversation without missing a single word. By the end of it, the three were smiling bitterly as they looked at each other with resignation.
Left with no alternatives, they could only return to the other dining rooms and explain the situation to the customers.
Although the customers in the other two dining rooms were dissatisfied with the explanation, they still scrunched their noses and accepted it unwillingly. The food before them was becoming more and more bland as they ate. In the end, rather than continuing to sit there unhappily, they decided to settle the bill and left. However, the dining room which Gu Yue was in charge of had a little situation.
“Brother Chuan, can you think of a solution for us? The food that other people are having smells so good! But look at our dishes; how can we still eat this now?”
A trendily dressed girl whined flirtatiously and pouted as she grabbed Miao Chuan by the arm.
“Did you hear that? My girlfriend is already saying it like this, so you must find a solution for me this time. The customer is king, right? As a service staff, shouldn’t you be striving to fulfill the wishes of your king?”
Miao Chuan had drunk quite a bit of alcohol with his mates earlier, and at this moment, he was still quite tipsy. He lay back on the wide-armed chair and demanded loudly.
“My apologies sir, but our restaurant really does not have the ingredients, so we are unable to prepare the dish for you.”
Gu Yue lowered her head and quibbled.
“You don’t have the ingredients? If you don’t have it, don’t you know how to go and buy it? Saying so much… isn’t this all about money? This brother here has nothing but money! Is 10,000 yuan enough?!”
Miao Chuan sneered coldly and pulled out a crisp, new 10,000 yuan bill from his briefcase and threw it before Gu Yue.
Gu Yue was close to tears as she stooped down and picked the money off the ground. She walked up and placed the 10,000 yuan bill back on the table, ‘Big Brother, we really do not have the ingredients!’
“What’s the point of running a restaurant if you don’t have ingredients? Do you know who I am? Do you believe that I can call my brothers down here within minutes and smash your broken shop apart?!” Miao Chuan fell silent for about ten seconds. Just when Gu Yue thought that this customer had finally given up, he suddenly erupted!
An entire stack of money was thrown ruthlessly at Gu Yue’s face. Miao Chuan who was already slightly drunk felt like he had lost a great deal of face in front of his girlfriend. The more he thought of it, the more infuriated he became. In that moment, he stood up and grabbed Gu Yue by the hair and smashed her head onto the dining table!
Bowls, chopsticks and food were splayed all over the elaborate carpet. A long red line had also appeared on Gu Yue’s forehead, and fresh blood flowed unceasingly from it.
“Brother Chuan! Hurry up and stop! Don’t blow the matter up!”
The trendy girl was completely shell-shocked. Within just a few short minutes, the situation had escalated to such a level! She hurriedly grabbed onto Miao Chuan’s arm and pulled him away. Then, she pulled out a packet of tissues from her purse with a shaky hand and dabbed at the wound on Gu Yue’s forehead.
“Hello? Blacky, bring some guys over to Mountain Delicacies Pavilion and help me settle an issue. It’s beside the Perfect International Trade and Commerce Center at the heart of the city.”
Miao Chuan was still unwilling to let the matter go. He made a phone call and growled huffily.
“No problem, Brother Chuan, I’m near the area now. Wait a moment, I’ll bring the guys over immediately!”
After ending the call, Miao Chuan continued to vent his anger by kicking at the elaborate screens at the side. Even a few exquisite vases used for decorations were smashed into pieces.
With such a big commotion, the others naturally were alerted to it. The other two waitresses flung the dining room door open and rushed into the room.
“Gu Yue! Gu Yue, what happened to you?!”
Cai Ting took one look at the bloodied forehead of Gu Yue and immediately broke into tears. With just a few steps, she had reached Gu Yue and took her into her arms.