Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Stupefied Wang Jun
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe entire group was stunned speechless. What kind of restaurant was this! Why were the standards so demanding?!
Within an old mansion at the foot of Mt. Qing Ling, a handsome, young looking man was lazily stirring a fragrant soup in a pot, his expression the epitome of boredom. The day was warm, and he would blank out and stare dazedly into the yard from time to time.
Time passed, and soon, it was 11.40 a.m. Wang Jun’s group had finally managed to reach Qing Ling Village.
“Ahhh! The air here is so fresh!”
The girl with some baby fat on her face jumped out of the car and took a deep breath.
“Mmm, it’s really nice…” Wang Jun glanced at her ample chest and swallowed some saliva as he mumbled to himself.
“Brother Jun, where’s that restaurant? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to lay my eyes on the person who came up with all those ridiculous rules!” Li Wei was standing on the side of the road, holding a cigarette in his mouth, spawning clouds of smoke all over the place.
“Hold on, I’ll call him and ask first.”
Wang Jun was pacing absent-mindedly in the shadow of a tree. Only upon hearing Li Wei’s question did he remember that he actually had no idea where the private restaurant was!
“Hello? Boss, I’ve reached the village entrance… where’s your restaurant?” The mobile phone was plastered against his slick, sweaty face.
“You have? Ok, wait there. I’ll come over to fetch you guys right now,” Bei Feng’s indifferent voice drifted through the phone.
“Ok!” Wang Jun ended the call.
“Hoho… although this boss has a lot of strict regulations, he’s at least quite sincere. He’s even coming to personally pick us up! I guess he’s not such a lofty character after all!”
After a brief phone call, Wang Jun had already revised his impression of Bei Feng. Looks like rumors are not to be blindly trusted after all! Look, this boss was actually such a great person!
“Brother Jun, how is it? Where’s the restaurant?” Li Wei asked impatiently. A wet patch was already beginning to form on the back of his shirt.
In this kind of sh*tty weather, even the wind blowing in their faces felt like hot air from a hair dryer.
“The boss told us to wait here. He will come out to fetch us shortly,” Wang Jun’s fat face was also covered with perspiration.
“En. Then, the two of us will go wait in the car… it’s too hot out here!”
The two girls quickly dove back into the car into the shelter of the car. Wang Jun also went back into the car and turned the air-conditioner up.
“What’s taking him so long? This place is not even that big!” Li Wei snapped, a minute later.
“I suppose his restaurant is at the very end of the village… let’s wait some more.”
Wang Jun was speechless. What can anyone do within just one minute? The boss might not even have stepped out of the restaurant yet!
“Ah! Why is it taking so long?! Brother Jun, can you give him a call again?” The two girls was also beginning to get impatient.
“Let’s wait for a bit, okay? He’s probably still preparing the food and is unable to leave… I heard that those really good chefs have very high standards regarding the food they make,” Wang Jun lit a cigarette and said condescendingly.
Another 20 minutes quickly passed, and finally, Wang Jun felt that the gazes on the back of his head had become increasingly intense.
“Ahem. I’ll give him a call again and find out what’s going on…” Wang Jun felt a little guilty and hurriedly pulled out his phone before he got butchered and eaten alive in the car by the group of hungry and feisty people behind him.
“Hello? Boss? How come you’re still not here! Can you just give us the address? We’ll come over by ourselves…” Wang Jun unleashed a barrage of words the moment the call connected.
“Oh. I don’t think you guys can find the place on your own. Please wait a while more…I’ll be there in a few minutes,” Bei Feng was still casually strolling down the dried mud path when he received the call.
Wang Jun was speechless. How freaking slow was this guy’s walking speed?!
Where’s the mutual trust which should be present between all fellow humans?!
“Is there anything else?” Bei Feng asked dryly.
“No… nothing else,” Wang Jun felt strangely empty in that moment.
Bei Feng ended the call and continued his leisurely walk toward the village. Its outline could already be seen in the distance.
“Brother Jun, how was it? What did he say?” Li Wei asked grumpily. How much longer did they need to wait?
“He says he’s still on the way…” Wang Jun mumbled.
“God d*mn! You know how my temper is! Forget it! Let’s go! Brother Jun, this Boss fellow is playing us like monkeys! We’re leaving!”
Li Wei turned around in a fit of rage. No matter who it was, being kept waiting for half an hour was not a good feeling! [1]
“Since we’re already here, let’s wait for a few more minutes… if he’s still not here then, we’ll leave. Okay?” Wang Jun’s expression also changed and he hardened his heart to leave no matter what if Bei Feng wasn’t going to arrive soon.
Just then, another car rolled up slowly, stopping beside Wang Jun’s car.
“Oh my God! That’s a Rolls Royce Phantom!”
The girls in the backseat were gaping at the car beside them with their mouths wide open.
“Che, isn’t it just a Rolls Royce? It’s not like it can fly or something,” Li Wei appeared as if he couldn’t care less on the surface, but his eyes were similarly glued onto the car.
“I’m going to reach the village entrance soon. Where are you guys?”
Bei Feng saw two cars parked in front of the village and thought to himself that they should be his customers.
“Oh thank Heavens and Earth! You’re finally here, Boss! Oh, I can already see you now!”
Wang Jun ended the call and wound down the window to wave at a lone figure in the distance.
What the f*ck? Bei Feng had a blank look on his face. He hadn’t even reached the village entrance. How the f*ck did they see him?
“Ah! Boss! What took you so long?”
Wang Jun went up to a middle-aged man who was carrying a small bamboo basket on his back and running in their direction.
‘Boss is truly worthy to be called the Willful Boss! Even his dressing is so unique! His clothes are simple and there are even some patches stylishly sewed onto the sleeves. And those straw sandals really add some character to his image!’
Wang Jun nodded in satisfaction as he appraised “Bei Feng” silently.
“Huff… huff… huuuuu… I’m just… a simple farmer, not… huff… some Boss…”
Ding Laoshi was on his way to Xuan City to deliver a live chicken he had prepared for his daughter. Just as he was in a hurry, he was suddenly stopped by a fatty who had popped out of nowhere and started calling him Boss. He wiped away his sweat and attempted to gather his breath as he replied with much difficulty.
“Haha! Boss is really too humble!”
Wang Jun felt that something was off, but was unable to determine the crux of the problem. Shrugging his shoulders, he did not pursue that thought and simply assumed that the Boss was just being humble.
“Look! This is the way a true master carries himself! Forget those head chefs from top restaurants. Even the arrogance of the small-time chefs in the city can reach the heavens! However, Boss was able to let Qingshan Corporation advertise for him and yet he still maintains such a low profile! Ah! Boss! Are you sweating so heavily because you ran out to fetch us?”
Wang Jun felt rather touched. Boss was such a good person! Unconsciously, his grip on Ding Laoshi’s arm became even stronger as a result of his emotions.
“Huu… hu, I… ”
“Relax, relax! There’s no hurry!”
Ding Laoshi finally caught his breath and was about to say something when the annoying fatty cut him off again.
“F*ck! The bus is gone!”
Ding Laoshi, who was entangled with Wang Jun, could only watch with tears in his eyes as the public bus drove off into the distance.
“Hey, do you two think there’s something strange going on here? Why do I have a weird feeling that this guy’s really just a regular farmer?” Li Wei turned to the girls with a perplexed look on his face.
“Hmm… you think so?”
Traces of suspicion were also apparent within the two girls’ eyes. He really didn’t look like a chef no matter how they looked at it. Perhaps cooking was just a hobby of his?
“Damned fatty! I’ve already told you that I’m not any Boss! Now you’ve made me miss my bus to Xuan City!” Ding Laoshi felt extremely aggrieved. He couldn’t help but holler in rage as he turned toward the fatty who was still grabbing onto his arm.
“Hoho, stop messing around, Boss… where’s your restaurant? Let’s go now,” Wang Jun was shocked for a moment, but quickly regained his wits. This Boss was unexpectedly quite a humorous person!
“I’ve already told you. I’m not your damn Boss,” Ding Laoshi said expressionlessly, his tone so calm that it was terrifying.
A dangerous light was hidden behind Ding Laoshi’s pupils as he looked at Wang Jun from head to toe. ‘Hmm… A fatty like this does not have too many weak points… where should I hit to make it more painful? How should I make this damn pig pay for delaying me?’
“If you’re not the boss, who’s the boss then?”
“Ah! Ah…! ”
Wang Jun was joking and laughing when he noticed that Ding Laoshi’s body was lightly trembling. For a moment, he thought that the small farmer was about to explode, and the smile on his face immediately froze.
“Sh*t! Looks like he’s really not the boss! Where did this guy come from then? Why does he look so scary now? F*ck! Don’t tell me he’s going to hit me?!”
Wang Jun’s stared stupidly at the enraged farmer in front of him as he finally realized his mistake…
[1] ED/N: Weren’t they supposed to start eating at 12:30 pm? Wtf is their problem? Or so I’d say, but I think I know where this is going… Well, I guess the MC should’ve decided on some particular time they’d meet and be there w/o being late though.