Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Trickery
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe sun hung high in the sky, and the scorching sunlight was causing heat waves to rise off the ground. Yet, Wang Jun felt like his heart had been plunged into the depths of an icy lake as he stared at Ding Laoshi’s solid muscles.
‘F*ck! How did I not notice this guy’s muscles just now?! This is ridiculous! Isn’t he one of those legendary guys that people describe as having arms thick enough for horses to race upon, chest that’s strong enough to smash boulders, and who are powerful enough to open bottle caps with their chrysanthemum?’ [1]
“Ahem… I’m sorry, but I believe the boss you’re looking for is me… ” Bei Feng suddenly walked in between Wang Jun and Ding Laoshi, cleared his throat and said lightly.
“Eh? You’re… Xiao Feng?! Haha! Damn brat, when did you come back?” Ding Laoshi’s eyes narrowed into slits as he smiled in delight and as he examined the young man in front of him carefully.
“Uncle Ding!”
Bei Feng turned and greeted Ding Laoshi respectfully.
‘Whew! How timely! The danger should be over now… right? As expected, Boss is still the most reliable person in critical moments!’
Wang Jun rejoiced in his heart as he looked at Bei Feng. His gaze was as if he was looking upon his savior. Wang Jun’s knees were still shivering slightly as he calmed himself down and took a step backwards. Those hulk-like fists hovering before him just a moment ago had caused him no small amounts of fear and insecurity.
“When did you arrive, you horrible kid? You have to at least tell your Uncle Ding that you’re back! Mn, come by Uncle Ding’s place for a meal when you’re free!”
“Haiz!” Ding Laoshi suddenly sighed heavily.
“Uncle Ding, what’s wrong? Why are you suddenly sighing?” Bei Feng asked, puzzled.
“I’m sighing because it’s such a pity that you’d come back too late! My precious daughter’s already married off! If you’d came back just a little earlier, I could’ve introduced her to you instead!”
Ding Laoshi felt that it was a huge pity. He had watched Bei Feng grow up, and felt that the kid was truly not bad. What a waste!
‘Uncle Ding, please stop with the jokes… luckily, it seems like the heavens took pity on me, causing me to come back late…’
The moment Bei Feng heard Ding Laoshi mention his daughter, the image of a scary gorilla-like female appeared within his mind. He felt a chill spread through his heart as he thought of just what a terrifyingly narrow escape he had made. Such a thought caused him to feel endlessly grateful to the heavens.
“No worries, Uncle Ding… perhaps I just don’t have the good fortune, or we’re just not fated to be!”
Bei Feng did not even blink as he spoke these words which betrayed his conscience. He even scratched the back of his head and blushed bashfully.
“That’s right, isn’t it? Our Little Wan is both virtuous and beautiful. Too bad, you simply don’t have the fortune to be with her… HAHAHA… ”
Ding Laoshi laughed arrogantly. He had nothing to be exceedingly proud of in his life, save the fact that he had raised such a wonderful daughter!
Wang Jun stood mutely by the side, not daring to barge into their conversation. It was with great difficulty that the topic had been shifted away from him. If he were to open his mouth at this juncture, it would be hard for him to extricate himself from being marked by Ding Laoshi again. At that time, he wouldn’t have tears to shed even if he wished to cry!
“En. Uncle Ding, I still have some guests to entertain today, and won’t be able to chat with you… I’ll invite you over to my place for a meal next time.”
Bei Feng observed a few seconds of silence for the poor bastard who had the misfortune to marry Little Wan. When he’d last seen Little Wan a few years ago, it seemed like her wrist was already roughly the thickness of his own thigh?
“Alright, we’ll have a good chat next time then,” Ding Laoshi nodded his head and continued on his way.
“Eh? Wait a minute… did I forget something?”
Ding Laoshi paused his footsteps after several meters and mumbled to himself.
‘Sh*t! What’d he stop for?! Please don’t let him remember about me!’
Wang Jian felt his heart clench as it skipped a beat. At that moment, he was praying desperately to every god and deity in existence.
“Forget it. I can’t remember,” Ding Laoshi shook his head hesitatingly and continued walking into the distance.
“Hu… Thank the Heavens you turned up in time, Boss! Otherwise, by now, my 180-kilogram corpse would probably be lying here, to be barbecued under the merciless sun,” the fat on Wang Jun’s body jiggled violently as he patted his chest vigorously to soothe his trembling heart, a lingering fear still apparent on his face.
F*ck, don’t joke around!
This guy’s a hundred and eighty kilograms! You’re a 180 kilo behemoth and you’re scared of being beaten to death?
Bei Feng looked incredulously at Wang Jun’s body of fat.
“Even if I didn’t come, you’ll at most get some light beating. You probably wouldn’t die here,” Bei Feng told him with a serious look on his face.
“Ah… I knew it! I was too naive… how could I seriously think that the Boss who’d created all those ridiculous rules would possess an affable personality? This guy’s really f*cking cold!” Wang Jun thought gloomily.
“Are we going to your restaurant now?” Wang Jun asked.
“Just a moment, let me make a phone call first.”
Bei Feng definitely would not want to walk all the way once more to fetch the other lunch group.
“Hello? Where are you guys?” Bei Feng asked with a dry voice as soon as the call connected.
“We’re already here… where are you?”
A refreshing female voice resounded, as light as spring water.
“I’m at the village entrance. There are two cars parked here, a Volkswagen and a Rolls Royce…”
Bei Feng was a little surprised. They were here already? Apart from the two cars, he couldn’t see anyone else here.
Bei Feng turned to look at the Rolls Royce.
“Are you the Boss?”
Two casually dressed girls with a score of at least 9/10 in the looks department stepped out of the Rolls Royce. The two girls looked extremely similar, as though they were siblings!
A middle-aged man also stepped out of the car, positioning himself behind the two girls.
Bei Feng nodded his head dumbly. A ripple appeared in his eyes as the girls stepped out of the car. Bei Feng had actually been silently awed by their beauty! However, he was merely shocked for a moment, and did not hold any impure thoughts toward them. Thus, his face quickly regained its usual calm.
In contrast, his gaze lingered for longer on the middle-aged man behind the two girls. He especially focused on his fan-sized hands for a few seconds. [2]
“What a breathtaking pair of sisters!”
Wang Jun was putting all the effort he could muster in an attempt to widen his eyes even further. However, it was a fruitless attempt. There was simply too much fat surrounding his eye sockets!
“Oh my God! Super Ms. Perfect! Which family are these two girls from?!” Li Wei could not even blink as he gazed enraptured by the two girls.
“Hmph! What’s so amazing about them?” The girl with some baby fat on her face said with some annoyance.
“Hehe, the two of you should know when to stop… your saliva’s almost dripping out of your mouths…” The other girl was more broad-minded as she reminded with a wry smile on her face.
‘Eh? What pure eyes! He was indeed shocked for a moment when he saw us, but then he immediately suppressed it… ’ Wang Yudie thought to herself.
‘This person is different from other men… other men would usually look at me and elder sister with either lust or possessive desire. However, this man’s eyes are instead very calm and indifferent,’ Wang Yuyan thought approvingly. At the same time, she felt increasingly disgusted by the gawking stares of Wang Jun and Li Wei.
“Since everyone’s here, let’s go,” Bei Feng said nonchalantly as he turned around.
“This journey had not been made in vain! Just having met these two fairy sisters was already worth it!”
Wang Jun shook his head vigorously and said, still in a state of shock.
As the ancient saying went, feasting one’s eyes upon a beauty was enough for one to feel full. Right now, Wang Jun already felt quite satiated.
‘They’re both beautiful and from a rich family. I might have to strive my entire life and still fail to capture the heart of either one of them… however, I should at least give it a try… ’
Li Wei’s eyes were also burning with passion as he thought of various ways to approach the two girls.
The group had already been walking for some time before Wang Jun and Li Wei finally woke up from their beautiful dreams. By then, a tragedy had already befallen the group as they realized that they had somehow found themselves landed upon a seemingly endless road which carried on and on into eternity. How much farther was this f*cking restaurant?!
“Boss, where is your private restaurant?! Why are we not there yet?!”
Wang Yudie could not help but ask after having trekked for over 10 minutes.
“Soon,” Bei Feng answered after thinking for awhile. Walking for 10 over minutes was not that long, was it? Why do these people resemble soulless zombies with just this bit of walking?
“AH! No more! I can’t go any further!”
Another 20 minutes later, Wang Yuyan placed her jade-like palms on her knees and stopped on the spot, breathing heavily.
“It’s right in front… we’ll be there in just another minute!” Bei Feng encouraged apologetically while pointing at an old mansion far off in the distance.
“Just another minute?! What happened to the mutual trust between fellow humans?! Had it all been eaten by a dog?!”
Wang Jun rolled his eyes. No wonder the boss took so much time to fetch them from the village entrance! So it wasn’t that he was walking slowly. The road’s just too freaking long!
[1] TL/N: Chrysanthemum is a slang for anus.
[2] ED/N: The fan author is talking about is a palm-leaf fan (or cattail-leaf fan). Google this 蒲扇 in google images to see what it looks like.