Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Willfulness of the Rich!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuDawdling, the group had no choice but to advance unwillingly toward the mansion which Bei Feng was pointing at. They had come too far to turn back now, and it wasn’t like they could just sit there forever either.
As the saying goes, the horse runs itself to death whilst setting its sight upon the mountain in the distance. The two girls Wang Yudie and Wang Yuyan had been born in the lap of luxury. When had they ever suffered as much hardship as that?
Bloody hell! Cant they just build a road here?!
“This is the place! There are two dining rooms over there, you can choose one and be seated first… I’ll go and prepare the food now.”
Having finally reached the old mansion, Bei Feng pushed the dilapidated front door open and pointed at the two nicely decorated dining rooms.
‘Oh? A chance!’
Li Wei’s eyes lit up with inspiration as soon as he heard Bei Feng’s words.
“Hi there, beautiful ladies, why don’t you join us? Let’s all eat in the same dining room; it’s so much more fun and lively to eat with more people! Don’t you think?”
Li Wei looked expectantly at the two sisters. Wang Jun, who was standing nearby, quietly commended Li Wei in his heart.
“No need,” Wang Yudie rejected flatly.
The sound of a heart shattering into pieces sounded out clearly in both Li Wei and Wang Jun’s ears.
“Ah, wait! Come on, it’ll really be more fun with everybody together…” Li Wei thickened his skin and continued. It must still possible to salvage the conversation!
A cold harrumph suddenly sounded out in his ears before he could speak any further. Li Wei felt himself enveloped by an imposing aura, causing him to force the rest of his sentence back down his throat. His previously enthusiastic brain felt like it had been smashed with a hammer!
Without anyone noticing, the nondescript middle-aged man who had arrived with the sisters had suddenly appeared before Li Wei, blocking his path.
‘Brats who does not know not the difference between life and death… are the Young Misses of our family someone whom trash like you can have designs on?!’ Wu Po Ji stared coldly at Li Wei as he smirked in disdain in his heart.
He had seen countless toads like him who wished to obtain the heart of either one of the two Misses, coveting their beauty and wanting to use them to rise in status.
Li Wei’s face fell, but Wang Yudie and her sister had already disappeared around the corner. With no other alternatives, he could only turn around and walk into the other dining room gloomily.
“Young Miss, if you like the food here, you could have just invited the chef and ask him to come over to our mansion to cook for us… why would you come all the way to this place?”
‘How would I know it’d be so d*mn far?! I almost broke both my legs walking here!’
The two sisters were grinding their pearly white teeth as they complained inwardly. However, they still had to consider their public image, and were unable to lash out in anger. Thus, Wang Yudie could only choose her words in a more diplomatic manner, “There are some people who would never forsake their principles for the sake of material gains… on the way here, did you see the boss trying to get closer to us? Did you see him trying to curry favor with us even once?”
“Young Miss is right…” Wang Po Ji nodded his head. He’d also noticed that the Boss seemed to have a strangely calm personality…
In the meantime, Bei Feng was busy cooking in the kitchen.
Deep-fried mandarin fish in sweet and sour sauce, braised chicken meat cubes in brown sauce, white cut chicken, fried fish fillet and, finally, a perfectly cooked chicken soup. These were the dishes that Bei Feng had prepared for today’s lunch menu.
The reason he selected all those dishes was because of a certain quality they shared. They were all extremely simple to make!
As the dishes appeared one by one, their wondrous fragrance began assaulting the noses of his guests.
“What a well-deserved reputation! As expected, just the smell alone is incredible!”
An intoxicated expression appeared on his fat face as Wang Jun exclaimed. Picking up his chopsticks, he grabbed a slice of fish still emitting steamy fragrance and put it in his mouth.
‘Mmm! This fish is so tender and smooth it literally melts in your mouth! But, somehow, it’s still… hmm… yes, chewy! Mmm, the seasonings are not overly excessive either, which allows the fish to retain its original taste. Hmm… what kind of fish is this? How come I can’t tell at all?’ Wang Jun lowered his head in puzzlement as he contemplated.
However, as he lowered his head, he caught a glimpse of the table from the corner of his eye.
This group of beasts in human clothing! How could they possibly eat so quickly?!
In that moment, Wang Jun no longer had the time to slowly savor the taste and ponder over the ingredients. Rolling up his sleeves, he started shoving food into his mouth like a hungry ghost.
“Elder sister, these… all meat dishes?” Wang Yuyan asked dazedly.
“Looks like it… but, their aroma is really amazing! I think it should be fine just this one time?”
Wang Yudie looked at the the feast spread before her eyes as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with some hesitation.
“F*ck it! Let’s eat first! At most, we’ll just have to hit the gym one more time after this!”
Wang Yuyan made up her mind first and resolutely grabbed a slice of sweet and sour fish with her chopsticks.
“Oh? This is too delicious! It’s not oily at all, and the meat is really tender!” Wang Yuyan was so overwhelmed by the taste that she squinted her eyes in delight.
As she watched her little sister eat so heartily, Wang Yudie also dropped all pretense and began to dig in. Although the food was extremely delicious, the two sisters still managed to maintain a graceful appearance while stuffing more and more food into their mouths with an incredible speed.
“Oh? Boss Wang? What’s up, is there anything you need my help with?” Bei Feng was in the kitchen preparing to cook some light dishes for himself when his phone rang.
“Haha, what? Can’t I call you without any goal in mind? That aside, hmm… I’ve helped you out quite a bit… shouldn’t you at least treat me to a meal or something?” Wang Jian asked teasingly.
“Oh! I was still thinking about a proper method to repay you for your help… Ok, I’ll definitely treat you to a meal next time!”
Bei Feng replied apologetically. He was actually very grateful to Wang Jian for his help in generating so much publicity for his small restaurant. Without the backing of the influential Qingshan Corporation, how many people would have even heard of it? Not to mention traveling all the way to his old mansion! Also, who would want to pay such an exorbitant price and follow all of his ridiculous rules just to eat a meal?
“There’s no time like the present. Let’s make it today! Coincidentally, I’m near your place right now,” Wang Jian said smilingly.
“What? Near my place? Alright, I’ll start cooking your share immediately then.”
Bei Feng was not one of those people who did things sloppily or tended to procrastinate. After ending the call, he immediately went to prepare the ingredients.
“Hmm… I suppose I could use the fish’s head to make a fish head bean curd soup… ”
Bei Feng thought for a brief moment before pulling a 20-catty fish head out of the fridge, along with some bean curd.
Bei Feng was still in the middle of cooking the fish head bean curd soup when, suddenly, a thunderous noise sounded out from the sky. It was growing louder and louder as it neared.
“Eh? That doesn’t sound like thunder… it’s more like… a helicopter!”
Bei Feng heard the noise getting louder and knew that something extraordinary was going on. Putting down his work, Bei Feng hurried out of the kitchen.
A gust of choppy wind swept past his face as soon he came out of the kitchen, causing him to squint his eyes and raise his arm before him.
However, the following scene immediately caused him to widen his eyes again, this time in disbelief. A helicopter was hovering right outside his mansion, descending onto a huge piece of empty, flat land nearby!
Finally, the helicopter landed and the whirring blades slowed down to a stop.
“Haha! Xiao Feng! Is the food ready yet? My stomach is already growling in hunger!” Wang Jian jumped out of the helicopter as he shouted in greeting. However, Bei feng stood still in the main entrance, staring dumbly at the helicopter, and didn’t reply right away. Meanwhile, Liu Ziyun also jumped out of the helicopter, a dashing smile on his face.
“Boss Wang?! What’s with the super grand entrance?!”
Bei Feng was rendered utterly speechless. This was the willfulness of the rich! Who else would ride a helicopter just to grab lunch?!
“It’s nothing much… hoho, I just didn’t want to keep you waiting!”
Wang Jian cleared his throat lightly and ran his fingers through his windswept hair. He couldn’t possibly tell Bei Feng that the reason he arrived by helicopter this time was because he didn’t wish to dirty his shoes walking on the mud path, right? It wasn’t his fault that there wasn’t even a single proper road leading to this god-forsaken place!
“Holy sh*t! What’s going on?!”
Wang Jun’s group was naturally alarmed by the commotion. They watched speechlessly as a helicopter landed right outside their window!
That was a private helicopter! Compared to it, even a Rolls Royce must bend the knee in submission! Wang Jun’s group grew increasingly interested in the identity of the two men who had just come out of the helicopter.
“Eh? Brother Jun, do you get the feeling that that middle-aged man looks a little familiar?” Li Wei turned to Wang Jun and asked.
“Hmm… he indeed seems somewhat familiar… he looks a bit like…”
Wang Jun also felt that the middle-aged man leading the other from the helicopter looked very familiar. He just couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
“Wait, I remember! The richest man in Qingcheng!”
“Qingshan Corporation’s Chairman, Wang Jian!”
As though enlightened by some deity, Wang Jun and Li Wei suddenly turned toward each other as they exclaimed simultaneously.
No wonder he seemed so familiar! With his status as the chairman of Qingshan Corporation, his face would often appear on newspapers and television. They had seen him there!
That middle-aged man was Wang Jian! After confirming his identity, the two of them immediately discarded all thoughts of approaching him.
There are only two results for an ant who decides to pace about in front of a powerful giant.
First: it might get ignored and left alone if the giant was in a good mood.
Second: if the giant was feeling moody, he might just squish the ant to death with a single finger! Or at the very least, he would flick the ant far away, out of his sight!
Wang Jun and Li Wei exchanged a glance. The background of this private restaurant turned out to be unexpectedly deep! It seemed like the restaurant owner actually had quite a close relationship with Wang Jian!
Wang Jun quickly took out his phone and stealthily snapped a few pictures, focusing on those with Wang Jian and his helicopter in the background. After that, he immediately posted the photos onto the internet chat forums.
“Shocking news! I saw the message posted by Qingshan Corporation about the private restaurant and very luckily managed to secure a table. However, while we were in the middle of eating our food, Qingshan Corporation’s chairman, Wang Jian actually appeared! He actually arrived on a helicopter! Here’s a picture as evidence!”