Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Fish Head Bean Curd Soup!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThis message was like a stone tossed into a calm lake, causing thousands of ripples to appear on its surface!
“Woah! Is this for real?”
“As expected of rich people! They are so extravagant in everything they do! Even having a lunch is so exaggerated!”
“I wonder what’s the relationship between the restaurant’s owner and Wang Jian… maybe he’s an illegitimate child?” A quick-witted netizen said.
“Hmm… he might really be Wang Jian’s bastard son… look at how they are chatting and laughing so comfortably together!” Another netizen said.
A legendary theory was thus created. Like wildfire, it spread all over the internet forums with frightening momentum. In just a few minutes, it’d been shared over 100,000 times!
“The f*ck? Don’t tell me that this guy’s really my elder brother?!”
In the end, even Wang Jian’s son had an ugly expression on his face as he heard of that rumor.
He knew his father’s personality very well. When had he ever been this nice to an outsider?
Bei Feng, who was still whole-heartedly cooking in the kitchen, had no idea that he’d just turned into Wang Jian’s bastard child.
Both dining rooms were occupied, so Bei Feng had decided to set a table for Wang Jian beneath the shadow of the banyan tree.
By the time he was done with preparing the table, the fish head bean curd soup was already bubbling in the pot. He added some fresh milk to the white broth, causing it to emanate a sweet smell.
After that, he made a huge a bowl of braised chicken with brown sauce before bringing both dishes out.
“Xiao Feng, this is for you. I had a free meal the last time, so I’m embarrassed to come empty-handed now,” Wang Jian took a bag from Liu Ziyun with a smile.
“Boss Wang, you’re too polite! You’ve already helped me so much, it’s only reasonable that I treat you to a meal! How can I accept this gift?”
Bei Feng was not a particularly humble person, but he was not arrogant or disrespectful either. He felt that Wang Jian had already helped him a lot. Thus, he did not accept the gift, but continued to put plates on the table.
“Haha, it’s nothing expensive, just accept it. It’s something you need the most right now,” Wang Jian laughed. Usually, he was the one rejecting gifts from others. This was the first time he was trying to give someone a gift, and yet he ended up being rejected!
Since Wang Jian put it this way and kept on insisting, Bei Feng could only accept his gift. At most he’d just return it afterward.
Tearing it open, the only thing he saw inside was a piece of paper. This immediately made him curious. Pulling it out, he realized that this piece of paper was actually a business license!
“Many thanks, Boss Wang, this is indeed something I need!”
People were wary of getting famous, just like pigs were wary of getting fat! [1]
It was easy to see King Yama, but it was difficult to get past his minions.
His business had actually not been authorized. The regulations regarding the sale of food products were especially strict. Thus, if the authorities were to conduct an investigation, he would definitely be forced to shut down his little restaurant.
“Since you’ve accepted my gift, you have to put some extra effort into cooking!” Wang Jian laughed, licking his lips in anticipation.
“Haha! Don’t worry, Boss Wang, you won’t be disappointed!” Bei Feng answered confidently.
“Please try this fish head bean curd soup!”
Bei Feng removed the lid in a theatrical fashion, causing a huge plume of white vapor to erupt out of the pot, bringing with it a light and sweet fragrance!
This fish head soup was actually a specialty of Bei Feng’s. He had cooked it countless times since he was a child, and was naturally very proficient with it.
Due to its lack of flesh, fish heads generally costed much less than a whole fish. As Bei Feng’s family was rather poor, they could only settle for fish heads every time. The fish head with bean curd soup was pretty much the cheapest dish they could make. However, it was also very delicious despite costing so little. Bei Feng’s old grandfather was especially good at cooking this dish, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that his ability to make this soup had reached a godly level!
Similarly, Bei Feng had also attained great proficiency in preparing this dish. Without adding any spices, the broth remained light, with no traces of the usual fishy taste at all.
“Mm! Excellent soup!” Wang Jian’s eyes lit up with delight as he smelt the rich aroma wafting from the soup.
Normally, for any fish dish, the raw, fishy taste was the strongest and most apparent on the head portion. Whether a fish dish was cooked well or not, the most direct method to determine that was to try a piece of flesh from the fish head.
The broth of this fish head bean curd soup however was milky-white in color. It was obvious that there weren’t any spices or seasonings added to the soup in an attempt to get rid of the raw, fishy taste!
Even so, there was not even the slightest trace of a fishy smell from this fish soup!
“AHH! Delicious!”
A delicate taste of fresh fish mixed with the silky texture of bean curds burst forth with a slew of flavours as Wang Jian lightly sipped a spoonful of soup.
As the warm soup travelled down his throat, a faint aftertaste of sweetness continued to linger on the top of his tongue, slowly spreading to every corner of his mouth.
Letting out a satisfied sigh, Wang Jian dropped all reservations as he ate voraciously. Bei Feng and Liu Ziyun also joined in; the three soon forgot everything else as they immersed themselves in the food.
While the trio was in the middle of their feast, Wang Yudie and Wang Yuyan, who had finished eating, walked over to Bei Feng’s table.
As ladies, they were easily filled and thus were unable to finish everything. Although the food was very good, their appetites were too small.
‘Eh? An expert!’
Liu Ziyun, who was in the middle of attacking a huge piece of fish, suddenly lifted his head, put down his chopsticks and looked at the three approaching figures.
‘Oh? Who would’ve thought that I’d bump into another martial practitioner here…’
Wu Po Ji had also noticed Liu Ziyun. Whether intentionally or not, both men were sizing each other up in that moment.
“Boss, your food was really good! But how come they’re all meat dishes?” Wang Yuyan came up to Bei Feng and complained.
“Mm… I have plans to introduce other dishes in the future…”
Bei Feng said vaguely. Actually, he wished to make other kinds of food as well. However, he was really unable to accomplish it at the moment due to a lack of ingredients!
“Really? You must let us be the first ones to know at that time ok?” Wang Yuyan was delighted, and hurriedly said. “Alright, thank you for the meal… should I transfer the rest of the money to your WeChat account?”
Wang Yuyan took out a small, mobile phone pale shade of pink in color and waved it before Bei Feng.
“En,” Bei Feng nodded.
“Ok, the transaction’s done. We’ll be going now,” Wang Yudie bid him goodbye with a cool voice.
“Mn. You’re welcome to come again next time. You should be able to find your way out? Just follow the small road we came in from just now. It’s quite far, so I won’t be sending you off…” Bei Feng said with a serious expression.
‘This f*cker!’
Everyone’s foreheads were covered with black lines. Even Wang Jian and Liu Ziyun had expressions of disbelief on their faces.
‘Does this guy even have any EQ? You know it’s far and yet you still dragged us all the way here!’ Wang Yudie cursed in her heart.
‘Che, what an idiot,’ Wang Yuyan rolled her eyes and thought to herself.
The two sisters each let out a soft snort, turned around and left.
“Hey, you seem pretty strong. If an opportunity presents itself, let’s spar a bit and compare notes with each other,” Wu Po Ji’s steps paused as he suddenly turned around, blurting out words of a challenge toward Liu Ziyun before following the two sisters out.
Liu Ziyun was similarly full of fighting spirit. If the timing and the location were not so inconvenient, he probably would have stood up and challenged Wu Po Ji on the spot.
“Hmm… looks like those two ladies also possess uncommon background… how come I’ve never heard anything about them before? Perhaps they’re from a different town?”
Wang Jian was quite shocked when he heard the conversation between Liu Ziyun and Wu Po Ji. He knew how strong Liu Ziyun was. A man that even Liu Ziyun took seriously was definitely not a simple character!
Liu Ziyun might appear skinny and frail, but only those who had witnessed his destructive strength would know how much power was hidden beneath that skinny and seemingly weak frame!
A single punch of his was sufficient to smash through a 30-centimeter-thick tree trunk, and a single kick would cause a massive dent in a 5-centimeter-thick steel plate!
Bei Feng was quite confused by the entire conversation. However, although he was quite curious, he did not ask Liu Ziyun about it. After all, everybody had their own secrets.
The rest of the meal passed without further interruptions. Wang Jun’s group had also finished eating. After completing the payment, they too left by themselves.
To Wang Jun’s group, simply having eaten at the same place with the richest man in Qingcheng was a matter cool enough to boast about for a long time.
Shortly after having eaten his fill, Wang Jian also left with Liu Ziyun in the helicopter. With Wang Jian’s status, there were naturally many things which required his attention back at Qingshan Corporation. Thus, he could not stay for long at Bei Feng’s place.
Bei Feng was eventually left alone. He started to clean up the dining rooms, all the plates, dishes and utensils. Truly, pain and joy coexisted together!
Joy was naturally from the 3,200 yuan he’d made in just one afternoon. As for pain, it was of course due to the tiresome necessity to clean up three tables worth of dishes, plates and utensils!
[1] TL/N: pigs are wary of getting fat because they’ll be slaughtered when they’re fattened up.