Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Just Escaped From A Mental Hospital?
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: Kurisu“What the hell?”
Cao Kun mumbled in disbelief. He was quite sure that he wasn’t merely seeing things just now. That gold-glazed ray of light was so unique! Although it had flashed by at an incredible speed, Cao Kun was sure he had seen it clearly!
‘Looks like I’ve run into an expert!’ A thought flashed through Cao Kun’s mind.
“Elder brother Kun, this person has…”
“Shut up!”
Ding Liang was about to say that this guy had some mental issues, and thus it would be wiser to stay away from him. However, before he could finish, Cao Kun snapped at him.
“Elder brother Kun?”
Ding Liang was dumbstruck. He couldn’t understand why Cao Kun told him to shut up in such a harsh manner.
“Be quiet and wait,” Cao Kun did not explain anything and just told them to wait, a serious expression on his face.
Ding Liang had grown up together with Cao Kun. Although he didn’t know what Cao Kun meant by his words, he still chose to have faith in him.
Even though they felt quite unhappy in their hearts, the two girls also fell silent.
As for Bei Feng, he did not give a single f*ck as to what Cao Kun and his friends were thinking in that moment. The instant the pencil-thick ray entered his nose, he focused all of his attention on his body.
As soon as the sunray entered his body, it was as if a red-hot soldering iron had been dropped into a bucket of water!
A sizzling sound could be heard everywhere the gold-glazed sunray passed through. Its source was his blood, which was evaporating as soon as it came into contact with the abundant Yang Qi!
Blood, which had now been turned into steam, was floating about within Bei Feng’s veins, causing his blood pressure to suddenly dip dangerously. However, at that crucial moment, the hidden Blood Origin Fruit’s energy was finally forced out as it hurried to replenish Bei Feng’s Blood and Qi!
Countless cells in Bei Feng’s body were also unwilling to lag behind it, each absorbing as much energy as it could.
When they finally could absorb no more, they would expend all the energy contained within them to form new cells, much stronger than the previous ones! As for the latter, each old cell would become an empty shell, washed away by the blood flow and emerging on the surface of his skin as grey dregs.
The Blood Origin Fruit’s replenishing speed far surpassed the rate at which the gold-glazed sunray evaporated Bei Feng’s blood. The extra energy soon merged with Bei Feng’s body, slowly strengthening it.
It took the energized blood thirty six rounds of circulation around Bei Feng’s body before the gold-glazed sunray was finally completely absorbed!
In that short amount of time, a third of Bei Feng’s blood had actually been evaporated!
If not for the assistance of the Blood Origin Fruit, which helped him replenish his blood, even if he were to finish absorbing the energy from the gold-glazed sunray, he would either end up dead or have to spend at least two months recuperating before he could cultivate the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique again!
As Bei Feng opened his eyes, they flashed with a glimmer of light. Opening his mouth, Bei Feng let out an ear-shattering roar, which resounded throughout the air like that of dragons and tigers!
A long stream of white gas accompanied the roar as it spewed out of Bei Feng’s mouth, dispersing only after it travelled a meter away from his body!
Cao Kun’s group covered their ears and backed off in horror when Bei Feng suddenly roared like that. When his roar finally faded away with the wind, the group were all staring at Bei Feng with a hint of fear in their eyes.
Their ears were still ringing, and the sound of that roar still resounded within their minds.
“Oh, what were you asking me about just now?” Bei Feng turned around, an amiable smile on his face.
“Ah! This brother, please accept our sincere apologies. My friends’ words just now were quite thoughtless. We had been stuck on this mountain for a day and a half already, so everyone became somewhat anxious…”
Cao Kun face fell and he hurriedly explained as he realized that Bei Feng had heard their words just now.
“No offense taken. Let’s go, I’ll lead you down the mountain.”
Bei Feng was not a petty person. Dismissing the matter with a smile, he did not bother talking with Cao Kun’s group any longer and quickly led them down the mountain.
“Elder brother Kun, why are you so polite with that brat? You could have just given him a few hundred yuan to lead the way and that would be it.”
Zhou Shan Shan, one of the girls walking in the back, asked in a soft voice.
“You don’t understand. There are some people who don’t care about a mere several hundred yuan,” Cao Kun paused for a moment and continued, “this matter ends here. Let’s not discuss it any further.”
Why did Cao Kun have so much fear and respect for this person? The other three were utterly confused.
Among the trio, Ding Liang was the only one who appeared to be deep in thought. This crazy looking youth was definitely not a simple person. One must understand, that Cao Kun was not even this careful with the mayor’s son!
Going uphill was easy, while going downhill was difficult. [1] In addition, Bei Feng was leading them down a rugged path. As he was used to it, it was not too problematic for him. However, the girls suffered considerable difficulties.
Along the way, perhaps due to her frustration, Zhou Shan Shan kept on making unpleasant innuendos about Bei Feng, causing him to scrunch his brows in annoyance. However, he was able to rein in his temper and could not be bothered to react to it.
Cao Kun’s forehead was also filled with black lines as he looked at Zhou Shan Shan. Was this woman born without a brain?
“We’ve reached the foot of the mountain. Just follow that path and you’ll see the road leading to Qing Ling Village.”
Bei Feng did not even stop to catch his breath as he pointed directly at the mud path behind the mansion.
“Many thanks, brother. Can we stay for a meal at your place? Don’t worry, we’ll pay for it!” Cao Kun looked at Bei Feng and asked.
“Sure, it’s 1,600 a meal,” Bei Feng glanced at Cao Kun and said unhurriedly.
“What?! Why don’t you go and rob instead!” Zhou Shan Shan blurted out in anger.
“Shut your mouth!” Cao Kun felt his heart go cold. Why would this girl not listen!
This place was so f*cking remote, if they really got robbed because of her stupid mouth, they wouldn’t even be able to cry!
“Agreed!” Cao Kun gave Bei Feng a profound glance and nodded.
“When you’re done eating, you can just go back by yourself,” Cao Kun turned around and told Zhou Shan Shan in a bland tone.
Initially, Cao Kun had felt that this girl was pretty good. She was demure and beautiful, albeit a little willful at times. He had found her rather likeable at first, but it seemed like he had misjudged her quite a bit. Girls like her would sooner or later end up offending people that could not be offended.
“Wuuu, wuuu… big brother Kun, I was wrong, please don’t chase me away! Wuuu… ”
Zhou Shan Shan started to panic. It was with much effort that she’d ‘caught’ a rich family’s second generation son. Although their relationship had not progressed to anything official yet, Zhou Shan Shan had already thought of herself as Cao Kun’s girlfriend!
“We met as friends, so let us part on good terms. Don’t make a scene here. I’m sure you understand my character well by now?” Cao Kun’s expression did not even change as he said coldly, his words as biting as the winter’s cold.
“I get it. You will definitely regret it!”
Zhou Shan Shan wiped her tears, stared icily at Cao Kun one last time and ran off.
“Elder brother Kun… ” Ding Liang hesitated briefly and said. His tone was as if he had something to say.
“Let her be. Come, let’s go in and eat,”
Cao Kun was unaffected by Zhou Shan Shan’s departure. For girls like her, he just had to say a single word and an entire horde of them would immediately flock to him.
Bei Feng watched silently as the dramatic scene unfolded before him.
Watching this girl leave was quite satisfying. It had also conveniently saved him some breath. He was actually rather annoyed by her earlier antics as well!
“There are two dining rooms over there, please choose one and wait for a moment,” Bei Feng said with a light smile.
Cao Kun’s group did not object and directly chose a room.
“What a beautiful dining room!”
Cao Kun’s eyes lit up. As expected of an expert, even the way he designed his rooms was so clever and filled with originality!
Bei Feng actually had no intention to receive any customers in the morning. However, it just so happened that he himself hadn’t eaten any breakfast yet. Since he was going to cook anyway, he might just as well use this opportunity to earn some money! This could be considered as Cao Kun’s good fortune.
Soon, a large portion of Taro Braised Chicken emerged from the big wok. After that, a portion of Steamed Sliced Fish was plated up as well. Although there were only two dishes, the quantity was quite generous!
Bei Feng set aside some for himself, serving the rest of the food to Cao Kun and his friends.
He did not make any soup this time as it was too time-consuming. Even if he were to begin cooking right away, it would still require at least half an hour to finish.
[1] TL/N: Shouldn’t it be the other way around? ED/N: The characters for “mountain” and “difficult” seem to form the expression “mountain accident”, so maybe it’s a play on words. Or maybe I’m thinking too much and the author just meant that it’s easy to go too fast while descending and twist one’s ankle etc.