Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Wei Hui’s Motive
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: Kurisu“Dong, dong, dong…”
As the other man left the room, Wei Hui absent-mindedly drummed his index finger on the lobular rosewood table.
‘Humph! Does he really think I’m going to build a villa at the foot of Mt. Qing Ling? Isn’t it all just an elaborate cover? Heh. The thing I‘m really after is the secret within the old mansion!’
The corner of Wei Hui’s lips curled up in a mocking smile.
His hand moved to his bosom, retrieving a dilapidated, old map from his clothes. This map was made from an unknown animal’s fur. There were traces of bright red dye on the fur, used instead of ink to depict a map.
It was unclear how long it had been, but the matter of a heaven-defying secret within the old mansion was hidden from the world. Nobody was aware that the old mansion actually harbored a huge secret, not even the previous owner!
Wei Hui had actually set his sights on the old mansion a long time ago. He had tried to purchase it on numerous occasions. However, the impenetrably thick-headed, stubborn old man refused to sell it no matter what!
And now, after waiting for so long, the rigid old geezer had finally died! Wei Hui thought that the inexperienced village bumpkin of a youngster who inherited the old mansion should be much easier to deal with. If he made an offer of a million yuan, the kid should be easily gotten rid of, he was just a non-factor after all. However, who would have thought that the youngster would also turn out to be another inflexible and pig-headed person, stubbornly holding on to useless sentiments!
Normally, it should not require too much effort if he wanted the land. He could just directly tear down the old mansion and then settle the outcome and suppress Bei Feng with his connections.
However, the original owner of the old mansion was actually an extraordinary individual. In the beginning, when he wanted to tear down the mansion by force, he almost lost his life because of that person! He was only saved thanks to a powerful associate’s intervention.
Because of that incident, that family directly set a rule for him. If anyone wanted the mansion, sure, that’s fine. However, they could only buy it through legitimate means. If anyone dared to tear down the mansion, their entire family would be exterminated!
Wei Hui had once dispatched a huge number of people to secretly dig a tunnel into the mansion to get the thing hidden there. However, they were unable to find their way in despite all their efforts. In fact, pursuing his goal caused tens of his men to perish in the past few years!
He had gone through numerous ordeals before he found out that the only way into the mansion was through the front gate. It was impossible to enter from any other direction!
After so many years, Wei Hui felt that the original owner’s family should have stopped paying attention to the situation here. Coincidentally, Bei Feng had also returned, causing him to think that it was a good chance.
‘Soon! The day I regain the honor of our Wei family is not far off!’ Wei Hui thought solemnly as he lit three incense sticks before the altar and stuck them on the incense burner.
One hundred years ago, the Wei family was a well-known martial family. However, they were almost wiped out by the Great Qing Dynasty that year. Only Wei Hui’s branch family managed to survive.
It was a pity that their legacy was incomplete. For the past few generations, the highest cultivation level that their Wei family practitioners could reach was the peak level of the Inner Strength realm. Nobody was able to take a single step further and breakthrough to the next realm. It was only on his deathbed that Wei Hui’s father finally revealed an astonishing secret!
One hundred years ago, although the Wei Family was at its peak and appeared to have basked in unrivalled glory, it was so only on the surface.
At that time, Wei Hui’s family was not even a part of the main family. They were only an insignificant branch family, and had no access to secrets of that level.
The only reason Wei Hui’s father came to know about this secret was because an elder from the main family had revealed it to Wei Hui’s great-grandfather with his dying breath.
However, he did not manage to reveal the entirety of the secret before he passed away. Thus, the exact location of the secret remained a mystery. Furthermore, that period of time was one of wars and chaos. Thus, Wei Hui’s great-grandfather ended up leaving the continent with the whole branch family.
By the time everything passed, the only thing left behind in Wei Hui’s father’s possession was the dilapidated old map. Wei Hui’s father spent his entire lifetime searching for the location marked on the map, but was ultimately unsuccessful.
Wei Hui was the third generation to inherit the map and the knowledge of the secret. Perhaps it was due to fate, or perhaps it was just luck, but it was Wei Hui who finally managed to find the place where that thing was hidden!
“Uncle Xia, you know that I’ve started a private restaurant business right? The business is doing pretty well right now. However, my place is a bit remote indeed. Most people are unable to find their way in, and it’s a little troublesome for me to come out and fetch them every time. Right now, I’m looking for someone to help me bring the guests to my place… Uncle Xia, do you know anyone suitable for this job?”
Bei Feng went to Xia Zhen’s shop and, after chatting with him for a bit, quickly brought up the main issue.
“Hmm… there is indeed one guy who might be able to help. He’s not very bright, but there should be no problem with him if his only responsibility is to lead customers to your place. There’s no need for any monetary remunerations either. You just need to take care of his meals and lodging. Besides, he can also do some simple chores for you if there’s nothing going on,” Xia Zhen pondered deeply for a while before he thought of a certain young lad.
“That’s fine, he just needs to lead the way for my customers,” Bei Feng did not consider it for long. Although, judging from the other’s words, the guy Xia Zhen recommended might not be the brightest bulb in the box, it’s not like he’s a complete fool, right? A simple task like leading the way for guests shouldn’t be a problem.
“Great, wait a moment, I’ll call him over,” Xia Zhen put his tools down and immediately went out of the shop.
Bei Feng did not need to wait long. Xia Zhen returned in no time, leading a stout guy with him.
‘Wow! So tall! So muscular!’ That was the first thought that flashed through Bei Feng’s mind.
That guy was taller than Xia Zhen by at least a few heads!
One should know that Xia Zhen was not a short person at all! He was around 1.8-meters-tall. Yet, this fellow seemed to be at least 2.3-meters-tall!
Other than that, his body was massive and well-built! Even his arms were thicker than Bei Feng’s thighs!
“This is the guy. He’s called Bai Xiang. This kid used to be pretty smart… however, his parents passed away in a car accident when he was only fifteen years old. From then on, he became a little abnormal in the head. The poor boy had lived till now relying on the kindness and support of the villagers,” Xia Zhen whispered into Bei Feng’s ear.
“En. He’ll do,” Bei Feng nodded his head and said.
“Bai Xiang, come over here. This person will be your boss from now on. You must do your work well. Understood?”
Xia Zhen craned his neck as he looked up and instructed Bai Xiang.
“Bo… boss,” Bai Xiang scratched his head in a honest and straightforward manner, walked forward and greeted Bei Feng.
“Mn. Your job is to wait at Uncle Xia’s shop. When a customer comes here, you just need to bring them to my house. Okay?”
Bei Feng said lightly. He did not seem to look down on or despise Bai Xiang because he was different.
“Ok. But, I don’t know where your house is…”
Perhaps because Bai Xiang noticed the kindness in Bei Feng’s voice, he became more relaxed with his speech. At the very least, he was not stuttering anymore.
“Let’s go, I’ll bring you there now,” Bei Feng got up after pondering for a moment. He had nothing else to do right now anyway. After bidding farewell to Xia Zhen, he took Bai Xiang with him.
As soon as they reached the old mansion, Bei Feng went into the kitchen and started cooking, letting Bai Xiang return to the village to await customers.
Qin Yun was one of many members of the chat group Bei Feng had created and, today, he finally managed to make a reservation. Not willing to lose even one second, he immediately called a few of his friends and rushed to Qing Ling Village excitedly.
“Oh? There’s a new message,” Qin Yun took out his mobile phone and looked at the WeChat message.
“What’s the matter?”
The other guys were not in their best condition, spirit-wise. They were going to sleep until 11 a.m. or 12 p.m since they did not need to go to work that day. However, in the end, they were still forced to wake up at 9.30 a.m.
In addition, they had been riding in a car for around two hours. Thus, it was no wonder that their groggy brains weren’t working too well at that moment.
“The boss told us to look for a custom furniture store. There will be someone there to fetch us,” Qin Yun finished reading the message, lifted his head and said.
“Alright, then let’s look for it quickly. We can rest a bit after we find the place,” the other guys said.
“Boss, we came here following the instructions of the private restaurant’s Boss Bei Feng. He said that there would be someone here to fetch us…” Qin Yun walked into the shop.
“Oh. Bai Xiang! The guests are here. Bring them to Bei Feng’s house!” Xia Zhen turned around and called loudly into the shop.
“You guys, follow me,” responding to the call, a gigantic figure emerged from the store, a honest smile on his face.
‘Woah! Impressive! I’d like to see who still dares to say that arms can never be thicker than thighs!’ The light smile on Qin Yun’s face froze, as he looked up at Bai Xiang who seemed to be smiling grimly at them. All of a sudden, he felt the ground beneath his feet soften…
Somehow, the obviously honest smile on Bai Xiang’s face became an ugly and ferocious scowl in Qin Yun and his friends’ eyes…