Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Extreme Arctic Frost
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuBei Feng controlled the urge to burst out in laughter as he nodded his head, a strange look on his face. As for Bai Xiang, he turned around and went back to the village.
Now that he was alone once again, Bei Feng made his way to the yard and began his daily practice of the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique’s movement sets. At the same time, he brought up the system interface within his mind and checked his body’s status.
The harvest from this morning’s cultivation could not be said to be small. The amount of energy he had absorbed was multiple times higher than the hair-thick rays from before!
His body’s quality had improved greatly after absorbing the pencil-thick sunray. Right now, his stats were as follows:
Strength: 10
Speed: 9
Mental Power: 14
Required experience points to reach level 2 Fisherman: 9,200!
Minor Illumination Breathing Technique: Intermediate Proficiency
Bei Feng had ultimately still underestimated the power of the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique. He assumed that it would require a long period of time to completely rid his body of all lingering injuries. In the end, it had only taken a few days and his body had already fully recovered!
Apart from his Speed stat, every other stat was either equal or exceeded that of an average human!
‘I really wonder what that remoulded body mentioned by the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique will look like…’ Bei Feng thought solemnly. It appeared that his understanding of the word ‘remoulding’ was too elementary. The real ‘casting off of one’s old self and completely remoulding the body’ was definitely not that simple!
Bei Feng felt heat emanate from his chest as he grew increasingly excited. This day, the fervency with which he practiced the movement sets became even more enthusiastic. The medicinal essence of the Blood Origin Fruit was also stimulated by Bei Feng’s intense workout, causing it to release more energy into his body.
Time passed by quickly and soon it was evening. Bei feng finally stopped his practice and washed himself with a bucket of well water. After that, he begun his preparations for dinner.
‘I have to stop accepting reservations tomorrow. The ingredients are all almost completely used up!’
Bei Feng shook his head as he glanced at the remaining fish and chicken meat in the fridge.
Returning to his room, Bei Feng picked up his phone and posted a message on the chat groups, “due to the lack of ingredients, all reservations will be stopped temporarily from tomorrow onward. The boss himself is not certain when business will resume. Please be patient for the time being, and thank you for your understanding.”
“F*ck no! For real? It’s only been two days since the private restaurant’s opened for business and he’s stopped accepting reservations already?!” Someone complained as soon as the message appeared.
“Boss, could it be that you just don’t feel like opening? I’ve heard that most chefs are very lazy,” a cute lass posted with a ‘tell the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence’ expression.
“That’s right, Boss, what ingredients do you need? I’ll bring them over for you!” Another netizen followed up without skipping a beat.
“The ingredients I need are not something you guys can find!”
Bei Feng only replied with that one sentence, and immediately put away the mobile phone, not bothering to bicker with them any longer.
Bai Xiang had also returned with all his belongings, and moved into an empty room beside Bei Feng’s room.
Dinnertime came and went and after all the dinner guests had finally left, Bei Feng picked up his Purple Bamboo Fishing Rod, walked over to the well and cast the line, sitting down cross-legged as he prepared himself for a long wait.
Somewhere in a mysterious realm, a youth with unfathomable powers stood before a platform as he looked fervently at the gleaming weapon atop it.
“Only a weapon like this can be worthy of my esteemed self!” Xiao Fan chuckled smugly in his heart.
A long spear roughly 3 meters in length laid on top of the elevated platform, exuding a cold and deathly aura. The spear shaft was made of frost iron and refined gold, while the spearhead was wrought in the form of a black and gold dragon’s head. The dragon’s mouth seemed to be swallowing an icy blue blade, which was protruding from it and emanating endless waves of blue mist. An exquisite dragon’s body was plastered on the surface of the spear shaft, creating an image of a dragon coiling its body around the spear. It was incomparably sharp and able to chop, stab, slash or split anything with ease. Not only that, it was even impervious to fire!
However, its most impressive aspect was the ability to shrink and enlarge at will! After binding the weapon with blood, one can even hide the spear within one’s body!
Xiao Fan aura exploded upwards, causing him to seem like a celestial emperor who had descended upon the earth. Tightly clenching his fists, he punched the defensive barrier with all his strength!
The protective barrier trembled violently as powerful shockwaves rippled all over it.
A clear sound rang out within the stone chamber as the protective barrier transformed into balls of light which faded away slowly.
“Haha! This spear shall be named Arctic Frost!”
Xiao Fan laughed heartily as he stretched his hands out to grab the spear.
Just as his fingers were about to come into contact with the spear, a silk-thin strand suddenly descended from nowhere and hovered before the Arctic Frost. A jet-black hook swayed gently in the air.
‘Eh? The f*ck is this?!’
Xiao Fan was momentarily stunned as he looked cautiously around the stone chamber. Where did this hook and line come from? There wasn’t even a single gap in the chamber’s roof, so what was going on?!
‘Unless… this is another treasure?!’ An excited thought flashed through Xiao Fan’s mind.
“Haha! I’m indeed a man heavily favored by the heavens! Hmph! I’m a person born with great luck indeed!”
Xiao Fan raised his head to the heavens and laughed complacently. However, in that moment, with the smile of his last laugh still etched upon his face, the gently swaying hook suddenly dropped and, right in front of his disbelieving eyes, landed on the spear!
Like a sudden clap of thunder which appeared before there was time to cover one’s ears, the jet-black hook had latched itself around Arctic Frost and, in a fraction of a second, vanished beyond the stone chamber’s roof!
“AH! Who is it! Who dares to snatch my lucky encounter away from me!!!”
Xiao Fan was stupefied at first, unable to believe his eyes. However, in the next moment, his entire body was trembling with rage. He had just proclaimed himself the favored son of the heavens, one born with great luck. And yet, in the blink of an eye, his treasure had disappeared!
Back in the old mansion, Bei Feng was furiously reeling the line in, his heart filled with anticipation.
Gradually, a black and gold object slowly emerged from the black swirl within the well and appeared before Bei Feng’s eyes.
“A long spear! What an exquisite and oppressive-looking long spear!”
Bei Feng’s heart was captured as he stared unblinkingly at the weapon in front of him.
“Ding! Grade 2 treasure obtained, a long spear! (Unnamed. Cast from frost iron and refined gold, weighs 3,600 jin! Able to slice through metal like mud. The spear comes with inherent Frost Qi and can be bound to owner through blood. Can be kept within the owner’s body.) Experience gained: 1000!”
Bei Feng was immeasurably astounded. A Grade 2 treasure! He had actually caught a Grade 2 treasure this time! Furthermore, it was a long spear which could be kept within one’s body!
“Si! So cold!”
Bei Feng had merely touched the spear’s blade with the tip of his finger for a millisecond before he was forced to jump backward and retract his hand hurriedly. It was just as though he had received an electric shock.
Lifting his finger toward his face, Bei Feng observed that a layer of frost had already formed atop the finger which had come into contact with the spearhead. He had even lost all sensation in that finger.
It took a long period of time before Bei Feng’s finger finally returned to normal. And it was all thanks to the medicinal essence of the Blood Origin Fruit residing within his body. If it were another person who had foolishly touched the spearhead like that, that person’s finger would mostly likely have already been frozen solid and broken off like a frozen sausage!
Bei Feng glanced timidly at the area around the spearhead where a layer of ice had already formed and was currently slowly spreading out in all directions.
“What a shocking Frost Qi! This spearhead’s temperature should be at least tens of degrees Celcius below zero! Since its cold aura is so extreme, let’s call it… Extreme Arctic Frost!” Bei Feng exclaimed in amazement. After that, without the slightest hesitation, he pierced his finger with the jet black hook, and squeezed a drop of blood onto the spear shaft. [1]
“Weng! Weng!”
The long spear vibrated gently as the black and golden dragon coiled around the spear shaft seemed come to life as it extended its body and crawled around the spear in a lively manner.
Suddenly, the long spear rose into the air and levitated in front of Bei Feng. A huge amount of blue mist flowed out of the spearhead which seemed to be of an inconceivably low temperature!
Before Bei Feng was even able to react, the spear suddenly shot straight toward his body!
Bei Feng only had time to let out a wretched cry before closing his eyes as his entire life seemed to flash before him. Perhaps he should not have been so harsh on that chicken back then…
After several tens of seconds, Bei Feng finally opened his eyes and cautiously examined his body as he realized that, surprisingly, he didn’t feel any pain at all!
Contrary to what he’d expected, the image of himself getting pierced by the spear seemed to be just his imagination. In fact, Extreme Arctic Frost seemed to have disappeared into thin air!
Just as he was looking around in puzzlement, a wave of Frost Qi suddenly emanated from his body. In an instant, his entire body was encased in ice!
The medicinal essence of the Blood Origin Fruit was classified as fiery Yang energy. As such, it seemed to have become agitated in the instant that Bei Feng’s body was frozen by the Frost Qi, causing it to immediately launch a counterattack!
Very quickly, Bei Feng’s body became the battlefield for the two incompatible attributes, Ice and Fire!
However, neither of the two forces was able to suppress the another. In the end, it was Bei Feng who suffered the most! His body’s temperature was constantly changing, his blood boiling at one moment, and his bones being frozen to the marrow at another.
After an unknown period of time had passed, the two forces finally merged together somehow, and the commotion within Bei Feng’s body gradually quietened down. For the time being, as long as the medicinal essence of the Blood Origin Fruit was not wholly used up, Bei Feng would remain safe…
[1] TL/N: Gee, what are the chances that the MC will choose the exact same name (almost) for the weapon as the other guy? -.- ED/N: Maybe they both played LoL (or whichever game’s character inspired the name of the spear – when I put it in google images and on baidu images, some archer with ice arrows came up, so…). Also, as you may’ve surmised from the title of the chapter, Han Bing = Extreme Arctic Frost. Its literal meaning is much simpler but it’s utter nonsense in English so we spiced it up a bit to preserve the sense of ‘coolness’ or ‘epicness’ the Chinese name Han Bing has and its literal translation unfortunately lacks.