Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Commencing!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuCarefully putting the Golden Silk Blood Eel into the bucket, Bei Feng, who was currently in an excellent mood, turned around happily and walked back to the house.
“Ding! Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Commencing now.”
“Eh? What was that?” Bei Feng halted his steps and looked around timidly.
However, not even half of a person’s shadow could be seen. The sky was rapidly getting darker and the trees were swaying and rustling rhythmically along with the wind. The entire scene made one think of a host of demons, engaging in a riotous revelry.
“Was it my imagination just now?”
Cold sweat running down his back, Bei Feng stared blankly. In this barren mountain and fields, there was no other person apart from him. Quickening his steps, Bei Feng half ran into the house.
“Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Locking in data!”
The monotone, robot-like voice sounded out once again.
“Ah! It appeared again!” All the hairs on Bei Feng’s back were standing up straight at this point, goosebumps all over his skin. He was truly frightened by it all. Such a situation was enough to scare anyone to death!
“What the hell was that voice?!”
Everything fell silent again. Bei Feng stood alone in the room and started murmuring to himself in his consternation. He was beginning to look somewhat crazy at this point. Bei Feng had a feeling that the voice would soon reappear!
Minutes passed, and yet, Bei Feng’s rough breathing was the only thing interrupting the dark room’s silence.
“Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Registration Successful!”
Human Race: Bei Feng (Level 1 Fisherman)
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Mental Power: 12
Note: Average human’s attributes are set as 10 points.
Required experience points to reach level 2 Fisherman: 10 000.
Equipped: Grade 1 Purple Bamboo Fishing Rod, upgraded from Dilapidated Bamboo Fishing Rod.
Ancient Well registered as Myriad Heavens Fishing Gateway. Currently, Fisherman is at level 1. Daily fishing attempts allowed: 1.
Probability of acquiring items from the Myriad Heavens: Ordinary.
As he expected, the robotic voice resounded once more, nearly causing him to jump out of his skin. This time, Bei Feng was sure that the voice actually came from within his mind!
Before Bei Feng could overcome his shock, a green-colored screen appeared in his front.
“What’s going on? Myriad Heavens Fishing System?” Bei Feng sputtered involuntarily. His heart was filled with shock. Based on the introduction of the system, it seemed he could fish for things from other worlds?!
‘How can this be possible?!’
Bei Feng felt that the capitalistic world view he had relied on for so many years was crumbling at this moment.
‘Since this system had appeared, is there still something impossible? Let me give it a try!’
After the initial shock, the only feelings remaining in Bei Feng’s mind were those of anticipation and impatience!
If this system allowed him to fish for items from different worlds, then, it might not be impossible for him to fully recover from his injuries and get rid of all the other lingering problems within his body!
Bei Feng completely forgot about the Golden Silk Blood Eel in the bucket. Picking up the fishing rod once again, he rushed out of the house toward the Ancient Well.
“Eh? This rod?”
The moment Bei Feng picked up the fishing rod, he felt that there was something wrong with it. The fishing rod seemed to have become somewhat heavier.
Lowering his head, he looked at what he had assumed was a yellow bamboo fishing rod with its color fading. What he saw now gave him a huge shock! The fishing rod in his hands looked as though it had undergone an earth-shattering makeover!
Firstly, the material was vastly improved. Previously, the body of the fishing rod was made of the most ordinary bamboo, and could not be any more average. Now, it was deep purple in color, its surface glazed with brilliant jade-like lustre and gentle to the touch.
Secondly, there was now a fishing reel attached to the rod. A spool of white silk line was attached to it. The silk line looked extremely thin, just like a spider’s silk. Bei Feng became a little worried; such a thin line, surely it would not even be capable of holding a small fish weighing a few taels?
Another thing that changed was the fishing hook. It had turned completely jet-black, and now, it radiated an eerie light. The material seemed to be just as excellent, but there were no additional mechanisms like a reverse hook and so on.
“Right, the introduction did mention this purple… whatever rod. Disregarding the other stuff, just obtaining this fishing rod alone is a pretty good deal!”
By now, Bei Feng was already about 90% convinced regarding the whole Myriad Heavens Fishing System thing. The ability to transform a regular fishing rod into one like this was something that was impossible to rationalize with modern science! The only thing remaining was to try out this Fishing System.
Arriving at the Ancient Well, Bei Feng was momentarily stumped. What should he do now? Is there a code or a phrase he should shout out to begin fishing? Perhaps… Shazam! Or… Heavenly King subduing Earthen Tiger, Treasure Pagoda suppressing River Devils! Something like that?
Besides that, was it necessary to attach a bait to the hook? Was it even possible to catch anything without a bait?
After deliberating for a brief moment, Bei Feng still decided to use an unlucky cricket as his bait. Following that, he immediately cast the hook into the well.
The originally still water of the Ancient Well started swirling rapidly. Soon, a black vortex formed, and the fishing line disappeared within it.
Beneath the clear, blue sky of a certain world, there stood an enormous forest, full of ancient trees. Bone-chilling, savage roars continuously rose out of the forest, one after another.
The trees here were extremely thick and tall. Any random tree here required at least a few people holding their hands to surround it. Some of the bigger trees required tens of people instead if they wanted to surround it.
Innumerable fierce beasts ran amok throughout the forest and countless scenes of savagery kept on playing out, based on the law of the jungle’s script.
A towering Giant Ape over 10-zhang [1] tall was hammering its chest with its fists and howling furiously toward the skies. Facing it was a Giant Python, its length over 30 zhang. Raising its head, strangely adorned with a single horn growing on its forehead, it roared at the Giant Ape, unwilling to back down.
Following that, the two giant beasts charged at each other violently and started an earth-shaking battle. The surrounding area immediately descended into chaos, with various towering trees being broken down or uprooted and used as a weapon!
If Bei Feng were to witness this scene, he would surely be scared out of his wits! What kind of ape can grow to a size like that?!
And that 30-zhang long Horned Giant Python, it was even bigger than the Titanoboa which had existed on Earth at one point in prehistory!
At that moment, a spider silk-like strand, which turned out to be a fishing line, descended from the clear skies, stopping in the middle of the forest.
The unfortunate cricket, after being pierced by a hook, dropped into water and teleported into another world, was amazingly still alive. Right now, the poor creature was coughing out water and struggling weakly on the ground.
Bei Feng was sitting silently beside the well, his eyes closed as though he was asleep. He looked serene like a monk, possessing no worldly desires.
Any fishing enthusiasts would understand this state. The most essential factor in angling was not technique, but patience!
Normally, younger people tend to be more impatient and were unlikely to be able to endure such a dull and boring activity. They wished to catch something the moment the line was cast!
However, although Bei Feng could not be considered old, he had indeed experienced a multitude of events in recent years. His attitude and mentality were calm and steady, like those of an old man who had gone through many vicissitudes of life.
“Shua, shua!”
Deep within the foreign world’s forest, the poor cricket was still struggling feebly on the hook when a rustle resounded in a bush nearby.
A silly-looking Giant Cock with a thief-like expression poked its head out of the bush and looked around curiously. It’s tiny, beady eyes scanned the surroundings suspiciously.
A few minutes later, after ensuring that there was no danger present, it stepped out of the bush.
This silly-looking chicken’s height was actually as much as 120-130 centimeters! Its body was covered with long, vibrant and colorful feathers, it also had a huge blood-red crown atop its head!
Its curved beak was as sharp as an eagle’s and its feet quite wide, giving it additional stability and power. A thick layer of keratin-like skin was wrapped around its feet and claws.
The Giant Cock looked at the struggling cricket on the ground, a look of disdain in its eyes. Trotting over arrogantly, it pecked at the cricket nonchalantly.
“Eh? I got something!”
Bei Feng, sitting at the side of the well, felt a jerk from the other end of the line.
With gleaming eyes, Bei Feng hurriedly raised the fishing rod. However, it felt rather light, as though there was nothing on its other end.
‘Did it escape?’
There was no weight to be felt from the line, nor were there any signs of struggling or pulling. Even so, Bei Feng decided to reel in the line and check.
The Giant Cock, who had just swallowed the cricket, felt something pull at it from the sky and started to panic. A powerful gale was stirred up around it as it flexed its wings vigorously, sending the leaves nearby flying.
However, no matter how the Giant Cock struggled, it was still rapidly pulled upward. In a short moment, it had disappeared from where it stood.
Very quickly, the Giant Cock appeared within the well. At that moment, Bei Feng felt a heavy weight pull at his arms.
“Holy sh*t! What a huge chicken!”
Bei Feng looked down the well. An enormous chicken with ruffled feathers, its weight no less than forty, fifty catty, was staring at him venomously with its tiny, beady eyes.
Working on the fishing reel energetically, Bei Feng began to fish the gigantic chicken out of the well. The Purple Bamboo Fishing Rod bent to a frightening degree, just like a bow. In spite of that, it didn’t break! Even the thin, spider silk-like line showed no signs of breaking at all!
The Giant Cock seemed to have been bound with some sealing spell, and did not struggle at all. Thus, it was successfully fished out of the well.
TL/N: Here’s a giant cock for you :p
[1] 1 zhang = 3.3 meters