Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Public Display Of Affection
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe group of notorious bandits who had escaped the law for so long was finally handcuffed and packed into a police helicopter. Of course, a person like Bei Feng, who had been in the thick of the action, was naturally unable to avoid a trip to the police station onboard the helicopter as well. The only difference was that he was not handcuffed.
The remaining passengers were also on their way to the police station under the escort of the other special forces officers.
Within an isolated interrogation room, a tough-looking officer looked Bei Feng straight in the eyes and asked in a cold voice.
“Bei Feng,” Bei Feng answered absent-mindedly.
‘Even though they definitely deserved it, I’d actually killed two people with these hands…’ Bei Feng thought gloomily as he looked down at his hands.
After a few rounds of rigorous questioning, and together with the testimonies of the bus passengers, an exhausted Bei Feng was finally released. He was even awarded the title of a righteous and courageous citizen, earning him a prize money of 130,000 yuan! However, he would have to wait for a period of time before he could claim the money.
Stepping out of the police station, Bei Feng took a deep breath and looked upwards at the sky with some melancholy in his eyes. It was as though he had been cut off from the world for generations!
“This person… is not simple!” The tough-looking officer fondled his chin as he turned away from the departing Bei Feng’s figure and said to the subordinate beside him.
“Captain, we only need to monitor him for a short period of time since he killed only in self-defense, but there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern, right?” The subordinate officer asked in puzzlement.
“Don’t you think that he’s a bit too calm? Besides, one of the dead bandits’ head had been completely smashed in! How big a force do you think is necessary to do something like that? The most peculiar thing was the fact that none of the witnesses even saw how that bandit died!”
The captain of the Serious Crimes Unit, Nan Xin, explained to the rest.
“In that case, why can’t we just arrest him? He might be a dangerous person as well!” Someone asked.
“Arrest? On what grounds? He has a decent background, a clean record, and was of great help in solving the case. We can only monitor him more carefully from here on out…”
Nan Xin left shortly after, leaving his team members in deep thoughts.
Bei Feng laid down on the bed and stared emptily at the ceiling of a quaint little hotel room in Chengdu. He was unable to fall asleep no matter what he tried.
Every time he closed his eyes, the images of the two dead bandits would resurface in his mind.
‘I’ve really changed…’
Bei Feng thought apathetically. He was sure that if he were to meet with such a situation in the past, he would definitely comply obediently and wouldn’t dare to resist in the slightest.
This time, he’d actually taken such a risky gamble simply because he did not want to stake his life on the bandits’ mercy.
Heavy thoughts ran ceaselessly through his mind as Bei Feng gradually fell into a troubled sleep.
When the night finally passed, Bei Feng got up like clockwork just before the sunrise. Waking up at that time had already become second nature to him.
Bei Feng pulled the curtains aside, opened the windows and began his morning cultivation as per usual.
Perhaps because of the change in his attitude and the increase in his confidence due to the incident with the bandits, Bei Feng felt that his execution of the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique had become even smoother.
The only thing which bothered him was the rigidness of his body due to the weight of Extreme Arctic Frost.
“Gu gu!”
A rumbling thunder-like sound came from Bei Feng’s body as his muscles expanded and contracted erratically like surging, tumultuous waves.
Bei Feng’s abdomen shrunk inward drastically as he sucked in a heavy breath. As though it were responding to his summons, a gold-glazed sunray half a size thicker than a pencil immediately shot into his nostrils.
In an instant, a crazy, fiery heat spread throughout Bei Feng’s body, triggering Extreme Arctic Frost as it released waves of chilling Frost Qi as though it had met a great enemy!
The two extreme opposing forces directly clashed with each other, both unwilling to back down. Bei Feng was in agony. The feeling of having the powers of Ice and Fire rampaging throughout his body was definitely not a pleasant one!
The freezing Frost Qi pierced deep into his bones, and the blistering Yang Qi seared his flesh.
His entire body’s cells were destroyed and reconstructed, again and again. Reborn from fire and ice, the new cells were much stronger than the ones before them!
Finally, after thirty six rounds of circulation, the gold-glazed ray of light finally exhausted all of its energy and, with that, Extreme Arctic Frost also quieted down.
As he opened his eyes, a bright light flashed briefly across Bei Feng’s pupils before disappearing.
A thick layer of oily black substance had formed on Bei Feng’s skin, emanating an incomparably disgusting smell. Bei Feng’s face immediately fell as he rushed to the bathroom. It was only after three rounds of vigorous scrubbing that he finally sunk into the bathtub in relaxation.
As he lay half afloat in the soapy bathtub, Bei Feng brought up the System Interface within his mind and looked at his stats.
Human Race: Bei Feng
Strength: 15
Speed: 14
Mental Power: 17
Minor Illumination Breathing Technique: Intermediate Proficiency
Weapon: Extreme Arctic Frost (Grade 2 treasure)
Level 1 Fisherman. Experience: 1,800/10,000
“Who would have thought that the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique and my Extreme Arctic Frost would actually have such a splendid synergistic effect when used together for cultivation! The progress this time was huge!”
Bei Feng mumbled in amazement as he scrambled out of the bathtub and appraised his body in front of the mirror. Although the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique was not an ordinary cultivation technique, when combined with the Frost Qi of Extreme Arctic Frost, the effects were actually enhanced even further! As if that wasn’t enough, it was an exponential increase as well! The combination of the two was definitely not as simple as one plus one!
His body was now lean and streamlined, his skin springy and fair. On his abdomen, an obvious six-pack could be seen, with two other visible chunks of muscles extending to his pelvis in a V shape. Bei Feng was very satisfied with how he looked right now.
‘Although I look a bit like a pretty boy with such fair skin, it’s definitely a vast improvement compared to the pale and sickly countenance from before!’
Bei Feng clenched and unclenched his fists repeatedly as he felt the power welling up in his body. He had never felt this good before!
Right now, his body’s quality could be considered to be far beyond that of an average person’s. His kicks and punches should carry a force of roughly 300-400 kgF! [1]
A satisfied smile on his face, Bei Feng laid down lazily on the bed and switched on the TV. The bustling city slept very late at night, and started its operations rather late as well.
It was only around 5 a.m. right now, and there was almost nobody on the streets. Even the roads were rather quiet.
At around 9 a.m., Bei Feng got dressed, had some breakfast at the store across the street and bought a red packet from a store nearby. [2]
The wedding was tomorrow, so Bei Feng had plenty of time to get ready for it.
However, after wandering around the city aimlessly for some time, Bei Feng ended up standing in the middle of the street, scratching his head. There didn’t seem to be as much to do in the city as he had thought!
“One ticket, a large popcorn and a large coke.”
After some thought, Bei Feng finally chose to watch a movie to kill some time.
The girl at the counter was looking at Bei Feng with a strange expression on her face. Normally, people would go to the movies as a couple, or with a group of friends. It was rather rare for a person to go watch a movie alone.
Bei Feng found his seat and sat down.
Beside him, there sat a couple. The guy was dressed in a suit and was wearing a Longines watch worth around 30,000 yuan on his wrist! The man looked successful, and the woman was also a rare beauty. Such a pair truly made one feel envious!
The girl seated beside Bei Feng had the gracefulness typical of Jiangnan women, and was probably the man’s girlfriend. The two clung to each other and were acting like a pair of lovebirds.
Bei Feng only glanced at them briefly and paid them no further attention. Turning his head around, he laid back on his seat to watch the movie peacefully.
Halfway through, the girl beside him got up and left, presumably to the washroom.
“Sweetie, how’s the progress between you two?”
Another girl, who had all the while been seated beside the man, suddenly leaned on him and whispered.
“Relax, she’s too gullible. In a few days, I’ll tell her that my business has run into some financial troubles, and try to ‘borrow’ some money from her,” the man said with a complacent smirk.
“Be careful, don’t let her catch us!”
The man looked around cautiously and after ensuring that nobody was looking, he put his hand on the girl’s soft breasts and began kneading them boldly.
The two felt that the darkness around the seats and the glaring brightness of the screen would be enough for them to stay hidden. Furthermore, the stereo in the theatre was very loud, so they were sure that their conversation was not overheard.
‘Motherf*ckers! You actually dare to behave so audaciously in front of a single man like me?! You’re dead!’
The shenanigans between the two were naturally laid bare before Bei Feng’s superior eyesight and hearing. This was intolerable! He himself was a lonely single man. Furthermore, he was even on his way to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend!
‘You’re so ugly but have the audacity to toy around and have a girl on each arm?! Your Daddy I am so handsome, yet I am still single!’
Bei Feng’s temper flared up. Standing up abruptly, he moved to wait at the entrance of the theatre.
“Hey, beauty, you might not remember, but I’m the guy who was sitting beside you in the theatre. Well, who I am is not important. The man beside you just now should be your boyfriend, right?”
Bei Feng’s pupils gleamed dangerously as he walked up to the girl returning from the washroom.
“Right, he’s my boyfriend… w-what’s the matter?” She backed up a step and looked at Bei Feng with caution.
“Just now, right after you left, I witnessed your boyfriend and that girl beside him cuddling and fooling around in your absence. I’m a person who can’t stand unrighteous acts, and especially have a weak spot toward vulnerable people, so I came to tell you! I even overheard that shameless bastard saying that he’s going to cheat some money out of you under the pretense that his business would encounter some trouble after a few days! It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not, but I’m telling you this lest you get heartbroken later…”
Finished with his words, Bei Feng clasped his hands behind his back and walked away, constantly shaking his head, the very image of a lonely and righteous sage, disappointed by the sins of mankind.
‘Heh, it feels pretty good to do some charitable acts once in awhile…’
Of course, what Bei Feng would never admit was that his actions were in fact motivated purely by anger and jealousy!
[1] ED/N: Apparently the author used kiloforce instead of kilos there, hence the strange small F there. I’m a bit surprised myself since usually authors seem to use just kg, without any reference to physics stuff.
[2] TL/N: In Chinese and other East Asian and Southeast Asian societies, a red envelope, red packet, lai see (Cantonese), âng-pau (Hokkien) or hóngbāo (Mandarin) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby.