Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 32

Chapter 32: There’s Nothing That Cannot Be Solved With A Fist!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: Kurisu“Where are you?” Zhou Xiao Wan asked.
“Near Pacific Cineplex,” Bei Feng replied lightly into the phone.
“Alright, wait there for me. I’ll come over to give you the invitation card,” Zhou Xiao Wan said after a brief pause.
Bei Feng ended the call, put the phone back into his pocket and walked into a cafe nearby.
Around half an hour later, a young woman who seemed to be around 23 or 24 years of age appeared at the same location. After looking around briefly at her surroundings, she spotted Bei Feng through the window of the cafe. Smiling lightly, she walked towards him.
“Did you wait for a long time?” Zhou Xiao Wan asked with a smile.
“Not really,” in that moment, Bei Feng did not know what to say.
“You… how are you these days?” Zhou Xiao Wan asked after a brief moment of silence.
“Pretty good… being alone is surprisingly quite carefree and leisurely,” Bei Feng said with the smallest of smiles.
“This is the wedding invitation. I hope you can be there tomorrow to give us your blessing…” As she finally stood in front of Bei Feng, Zhou Xiao Wan similarly did not know what to say. Putting her hand into her purse, she took out a bright red invitation card and gingerly placed it on the table.
“En. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving first. Waiter, the bill please!” Bei Feng left without a second word after paying the bill.
The next day, after his daily morning cultivation, Bei Feng left for the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel alone.
At the wedding hall, Zhou Xiao Wan could be seen welcoming guests as a tall and handsome man accompanied her. Their faces were wreathed in smiles, and they seemed to be deeply in love with each other.
Bei Feng looked at them for a few moments and sincerely blessed them from his heart; he was actually sort of relieved to find that she was truly happy. Leaving his red packet at the guest reception counter, he turned around and left before the ceremony even began.
“I’ve really forgotten it all, huh…” [1]
For some reason, as Bei Feng walked out of the hotel, he suddenly felt a huge sense of release flood over him. As he finally let go of the mental demon within his heart, even the flow of Blood and Qi within his body became much smoother.
The trip to Chengdu from Qingcheng had been long and arduous, but his return journey via the train took only one hour. This time, there were no bandits for him to contend with.
After a short ride on a taxi from the station, Bei Feng finally returned to Qing Ling Village.
“Hey, idiot! Aren’t you a big and fierce guy? Why aren’t you fighting back huh? Hahahaha!”
Right as he reached the entrance of the old mansion, Bei Feng was greeted by a coarse, mocking laughter.
Bei Feng’s face sunk immediately. Someone actually came to his place to cause trouble?!
“Who the f*ck are you! What are you doing here?!”
A man with a head full of hay-like blonde hair was squatting near the front door and sucking on a cigarette when he saw a lone stranger approaching. Standing up immediately, he cursed aloud as he walked toward Bei Feng aggressively.
“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know who he is!”
Bei Feng pointed at Bai Xiang who was crouching, huddled up against the wall. A fierce anger welled up in his heart. Without another word, Bei Feng clenched his hand into a fist and landed a heavy punch on the blonde-haired man’s stomach.
The blonde-haired man immediately curled up and fell to floor like a boiled shrimp, clutching his stomach and quivering uncontrollably.
“B*astard! You dare to hurt one of ours? Brothers, kill him!”
The group of men around Bai Xiang took one look at the blonde-haired man lying on the ground and immediately hollered in rage.
What was the most important thing for people in this business? It was loyalty and face!
Hitting one’s brother was even worse than hitting the person themselves! Without another word, the group directly picked up the baseball bats and watermelon knives lying on the ground beside them and ran towards Bei Feng.
With regards to fighting, Bei Feng was not afraid at all. He had been in countless brawls since he was young, and had long since gotten used to it. The trick was to open his eyes bravely and not shrink back no matter what. [2]
Especially considering the bloody scene he had been involved in two days ago, Bei Feng’s aura naturally wouldn’t be the least bit inferior to his opponents’.
Bei Feng stared calmly at the watermelon knife swinging at him and, with a flash of his body, stepped to the side nimbly as he dodged. Immediately after dodging, he punched out in retaliation against the man with the watermelon knife. At the same time, a baseball bat smashed into his shoulder. Gritting his teeth, Bei Feng continued propelling his fist toward its target as it landed on the man’s chest with a resounding bang.
Although Bei Feng’s strength had far exceeded that of an average man, when he received the blow from the baseball bat, it was still rather painful for him! However, there were four opponents remaining in front of him, and he could not let his guard down yet.
Another baseball bat struck Bei Feng’s thigh, causing him to stagger forward. Clenching his feet and forcefully stopping himself from buckling over, Bei Feng sent a powerful kick towards the other’s knee.
A few minutes later, only a single punk was left standing before Bei Feng, holding a baseball bat in his slightly trembling hand.
‘Is this f*cker made of steel? Why won’t he fall after taking so many hits?!’
Gao Kai looked at the freak before him and suddenly felt a wave of fear surge through his heart.
The six of them had landed blow after blow on him, and yet, that freak was still standing! Apart from putting some effort into dodging the knives, Bei Feng would rather tank the baseball bats than to miss an opportunity to launch a strike of his own!
“Hu… hu… tell me. Who was it! Who sent you guys here?!”
Bei Feng’s entire body was wreathed in pain. He did not even need to look to know that, beneath the cover of his clothes, his skin was already covered in patches of purple and green bruises. Even so, he forcefully endured the pain as he walked toward the quivering punk.
“Big bro, this is nothing personal! Somebody paid us to do this!”
Gao Kai felt his knees soften as he heard the threat in Bei Feng’s voice, causing him to almost kneel down in panic.
“Get to the point! Who sent you here!” Bei Feng’s patience was running low.
“I really don’t know! Somebody came to us, and said that if we can make the owner of this mansion sell the house, they will give us a twenty percent cut of the money! As for the rest, we really know nothing about it!”
Gao Kai felt like he was about to burst into tears at any moment.
“Will you do it yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?”
Bei Feng’s tone became increasingly cold as he decided that this pathetic bunch of hooligans truly did not know anything else.
“I… I’ll do it myself!”
Gao Kai stared stupidly at Bei Feng for a moment before he realized the meaning behind Bei Feng’s words. Under Bei Feng’s unfriendly glare, Gao Kai raised the baseball bat high in the air before bringing it down savagely to smash onto his own leg!
The crisp sound of a bone breaking rang out across the old mansion, accompanied by a wretched cry.
‘Good God! What a ruthless strike!’
Even Bei Feng was stunned. Somehow, wasn’t it even more ruthless than if he was to do it himself?
“Motherf*cker! How come it broke so easily with such a light swing?!”
Gao Kai hugged his leg as he rolled madly on the floor. He felt like crying but had no tears. If he knew that this would be the result, he would rather have that demon come hit him several times instead…
“Scram!” Bei Feng barked coldly.
The group of hooligans formed a sorry sight, supporting each other as they hobbled out of the mansion.
‘Godd*m! I’m never stepping a single foot in this place ever again! Whoever still wishes to come can go by themselves!’
The blonde-haired man was actually the one with the lightest injuries. As he looked at the tragic state the others were in, he could not help nodding his head with some trepidation in his heart. [3]
They could not afford to offend a crazy person like Bei Feng who would risk his life just to return a blow or even to just bite off a piece of the enemy’s flesh!
“Bai Xiang! Are you alright?”
Bei Feng endured his pain and hurried to help Bai Xiang up.
“I’m fine… I have very thick skin,” Bai Xiang replied with a silly and honest smile. He did not even seem angry at all.
“Why didn’t you fight back?” Bei Feng was speechless as he looked upwards at the enormous Bai Xiang. What was the point of having such a tall and muscular body if he didn’t use it?
“I can’t! Father said that I must not raise my hand against other people,” Bai Xiang scratched the back of his hair as he shook his head vigorously.
“You were already getting beaten up. Why can’t you retaliate?”
Bei Feng was dumbfounded. What kind of father was this? He taught his own son not to retaliate even when he’s getting beaten up?
“People will die if I hit back…” a trace of fear fleeted past Bai Xiang’s face.
“What nonsense. Although you have huge fists, as long as you do not attack their vitals, there’s no way you will kill anybody with just a few blows!”
Bei Feng realized that he was becoming increasingly wicked. Right now, he was even teaching Bai Xiang how to beat other people up.
In that moment, Bai Xiang became slightly flustered as he did not know how to reply. Looking around, he saw a millstone which weighed around a few hundred catty. His eyes lit up as Bai Xiang hurriedly walked towards it.
Bei Feng was about to lecture Bai Xiang about walking away in the middle of a conversation when he saw Bai Xiang punch out at the millstone.
A rich golden light appeared atop Bai Xiang’s fist as the heavy millstone broke apart, large chunks of stone flying in all directions!
“Like that,” Bai Xiang turned around and looked solemnly at Bei Feng.
“F*ck me!” Bei Feng took a step back in shock. This couldn’t be real, right?
The way he looked at Bai Xiang was as if he was looking at a monster. Let alone another person, even an ox would not be able to withstand such a punch!
“En, your dad was right. It is better to resolve matters in a civilized way, with our mouths and with logic. Let’s not resort to violence so easily…”
Bei Feng immediately sang a different tune as he saw the immense power behind Bai Xiang’s punch. How many people could actually take that fist head-on?
Bei Feng had a strange expression on his face as he looked at Bai Xiang. This fellow’s strength had already qualified him as a superhuman existence. He would likely have a very promising future if he were to join the triads. How did he end up in such a state?
Although he was curious, Bei Feng did not pry. After all, everyone had their own secrets.
[1] ED/N: Pretty vague in the original version, but he’s likely speaking of his feelings for her.
[2] ED/N: Somehow, I don’t get the impression that the author has any fighting experience…
[3] ED/N: He rly nodded. In case it feels strange, just consider it as him reaffirming his resolution not to come there ever again.