Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Lin Bai’s Unfortunate Tragedy
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuAs for Bai Xiang’s injuries, Bei Feng was not concerned about them anymore.
‘I’m the greatest idiot in the end…’
Bei Feng peeled off his clothes and looked at the huge patches of purple and green bruises covering his body with tears in his eyes.
“Boss, are you ok?” Bai Xiang felt extremely touched as he asked apologetically.
Although he was not the sharpest knife in the box, Bai Xiang’s intuition was very strong. He naturally understood that it was because of him that Bei Feng got so badly hurt.
“What do you think? Hurry over here and help me up! I’m going to die from the pain…”
Bei Feng grumbled aggrievedly. Previously, when he was in the middle of the fight, it hadn’t felt so bad. But now that the adrenaline had worn off, his entire body was throbbing with waves of stinging, fiery pain.
Bai Xiang hurriedly put his massive arm around Bei Feng’s armpit and supported him into the room. His hulking body was stooped low as he adjusted his height to suit Bei Feng’s. Moving carefully and with movements as light as possible, the duo formed a strangely comical scene as they moved across the yard.
After a night’s rest, Bei Feng woke up at his usual time before sunrise.
‘Along with the improvement of my body’s quality to one stronger than that of a normal adult by half, even my recovery ability had greatly increased. It’s only been a single night, and yet, the injuries from yesterday are all pretty much healed already!’ Bei Feng looked at the faint bruises covering his body and nodded in satisfaction.
Getting up and stretching lazily, he proceeded up the mountain toward his usual cultivation spot.
Following the movement sets and breathing patterns of the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique, Bei Feng successfully absorbed a sizable gold-glazed sunray exactly at the moment of sunrise.
Large amounts of dead cells were expelled out of his body, and the bruises became even fainter as his ruptured capillaries were mended and the clogged blood released.
Waves of hot air radiated off Bei Feng’s body as he absorbed the last traces of the vibrant Yang Qi. Vast amounts of impurities mixed together with the dead cells formed huge beads of dark, grey sweat as they trickled out of his body. [1]
Bei Feng opened his eyes and spat out a stream of turbid air.
He felt an extremely comfortable and pleasurable sensation. It was as if he was as light as a sparrow. Although his body was covered by a layer of dark, sticky sweat, Bei Feng was certain that all the bruises on his body had already completely disappeared!
His mood lightened, Bei Feng turned around and ran down the mountain like a frisky deer.
The rugged terrain, large stones and rubble were unable to impede Bei Feng in the slightest as he skipped along the path with great speed.
Without much effort, Bei Feng arrived at the foot of the mountain and stepped into the old mansion.
Bai Xiang was still not up, and the two little wolfdogs each opened only a single eye drowsily as they glanced at Bei Feng briefly before they closed their eyes again and continued sleeping in their cute positions.
Fetching a bucket of water from the well, Bei Feng grabbed a bottle of body wash and peeled off his stinky clothes, tossing them aside as they formed a messy pile on the ground.
Dumping the bucketful of water directly over his head, Bei Feng started scrubbing his body furiously. It was only after he spent more than half an hour and washed himself three times over that he finally stopped and dried himself.
Putting on a fresh set of sportswear, Bei Feng picked up the Purple Bamboo Fishing Rod and went back to the Ancient Well.
‘It’s been a few days since I last used the fishing system. I wonder if the unused attempts could be accumulated and saved for future usage…’
Although it didn’t seem likely, Bei Feng still hoped for a pleasant surprise.
Unfortunately, it was as he expected. Bei Feng checked the status on the system’s interface and saw that he only had one fishing attempt available today.
Meanwhile, the foodies on WeChat were actually beginning to lose their minds as they spammed the chat asking for Bei Feng to resume business.
“Don’t you guys think that this boss is a little too unreasonable? How can he simply stop accepting reservations after just two days of business?!” A user called ‘I’m a glutton’ complained.
“Didn’t the boss say that he ran out of ingredients? Maybe he’s just gone to look for more ingredients… ” Another called ‘Panda who doesn’t eat bamboo’ replied.
“Forget it, looks like I’m not fated to taste the boss’s food. Fellow brothers and sisters, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait until boss accepts my reservation in this lifetime. Please take a picture of the food and burn it for me to enjoy in the underworld!” Yet another user, ‘Poor widow’, said sarcastically.
Bei Feng who was sitting beside the well was naturally oblivious to the chaos in the chatroom. He continued fishing in a calm and serene manner.
If anybody could see Bei Feng sitting placidly beside an old well with a fishing rod, they would definitely be unable to stop themselves from calling him a hopeless retard. What the f*ck was he hoping to fish from a stupid, old well?!
Somewhere in a strange world, atop a precipitous mountain and backed against a sheer cliff, a blood-soaked youth stood inches from the edge as he glared at his pursuers with unswerving determination in his eyes.
“Young Clan Lord, stop resisting and come back with us.”
The group of black-clothed men fanned out in a half circle formation and closed in on Lin Bai as their leader stepped forward and persuaded in a mocking voice.
“You bunch of villains! After all these years of kindness we showed to you, you actually dared to follow the Third Elder in rebellion!” Lin Bai shouted angrily with a face full of contempt.
“Young Clan Lord, a wise man submits to fate. We are merely doing what we can to preserve our livelihood! The Clan Head had been missing for so many years already. He’s probably dead by now!” The leader continued in a cold voice, completely unmoved.
‘At this juncture, I can only risk everything and go all out,’ Lin Bai’s heart went cold as he traced the ring on his finger nervously.
“Young Clan Lord, give up and come back with us.”
“There’s nowhere to run. It’s a thousand-zhang drop behind you. Unless you’re a Martial King, there’s no way you can escape!”
Faced with such a dire situation, Lin Bai actually started laughing crazily like a madman!
“Hmph! You’re about to die, but you can still laugh? Since you refuse to come to your senses, we’ll just send you on your way!”
Watching the sinister smile on Lin Bai’s face, an ominous feeling arose in the leader’s heart. He stiffened his fingers like an eagle’s claws as a metallic black glow appeared around his hands.
“Have you ever heard of the Thunder Pulse Pearl?”
A shiny, black pearl with three lines arranged into a lightning-like pattern suddenly appeared on Lin Bai’s palm as he swiped the spatial ring on his finger.
“Thunder Pulse Pearl?!”
The group of black-clothed men collectively took a step backwards in panic as a hint of fear flashed in their eyes.
“You won’t dare to use it! If you activated the Thunder Pulse Pearl, you would not be able to survive as well!” The man in the lead laughed coldly.
“Since I’m going to die anyway, I might as well drag you bastards to the grave along with me, right?”
A bead of sweat appeared on the man’s brows as he stared stupidly at Lin Bai. He was right, there was only death waiting for him if Lin Bai was caught by them. If he used the Thunder Pulse Pearl, he would still die, but he could at least take everyone here into the afterlife with him!
At that moment, as both sides descended into a nail-biting stalemate, a silk-thin fishing line suddenly appeared out of nowhere and, with impeccable accuracy, latched onto the Thunder Pulse Pearl! It was so smooth it was as though the hook had grown eyes on it to better aim for its prey!
‘What’s this?’
Li Bai was momentarily stunned as he tried to comprehend the current situation. Immediately after the line had wound around the Thunder Pulse Pill, an immense force suddenly tugged at the pearl. Before he could even react, the Thunder Pulse Pearl flew out of Lin Bai’s outstretched hand!
Li Bai looked at his only lifeline disappearing into the clouds as he cried out in despair.
“HAHAHA! Don’t blame us! Even the heavens want you dead!” The group of black clothed men all laughed with wild abandon.
“If I manage to survive this, a day will come when I will have my revenge! I’ll make sure that all of you will die a painful and slow death when it happens!”
Lin Bai was a resolute man. As he voiced the hatred in his heart, he steeled himself and, without even the slightest pause in his steps, decisively jumped off the thousand-zhang cliff!
“Ding! Grade 2 treasure obtained, Thunder Pulse Pearl! (Consumable. Once activated, it will result in a complete devastation in a radius of a hundred zhang. The usage method is simple, but it can only be used once. This is an indispensable protective item any self respecting person should have, whether they be staying at home or going out on journeys and trips. This item is also excellent for killing and looting purposes.) Experience gained: 800!”
‘So dangerous?’
Bei Feng almost dropped the Thunder Pulse Pearl in shock. This thing was multiple times more powerful than a hand grenade! A radius of one hundred zhang, that was over one hundred fifty meters in diameter!
Bei Feng looked at the tiny black pearl the size of a walnut with some apprehension in his heart. If he accidentally triggered this thing while trying to remove it from the hook, he would be dead for sure.
Fortunately, the worst-case scenario Bei Feng was worried about did not happen as he gingerly removed the Thunder Pulse Pearl from the hook and stowed it away in a box.
If this thing was properly utilized, it could be a powerful killing instrument. No matter who the enemy is, once this Thunder Pulse Pearl exploded in their face, there would be only one conclusion…
As for leveling up to a Level 2 Fisherman, he still had a long way to go. Right now, he was only at 2,600 experience points. It was not even a third of the total he had to gather!
“Boss, the boys failed. That bastard had steeled his heart, and would not sell no matter what.”
In the office of a certain building, a skinny-looking man stood respectfully before Wei Hui’s desk as he reported.
“Heng, since it’s like that, then don’t blame this old man for being merciless. Tell Ol’ Black’s group to act. As for the cause of death, just make it look like an accident. However, do not make your move within the mansion!”
Wei Hui said cooly. He had waited for far too long, and his patience was already running out. Even so, he still had to take that huge family clan behind that mansion into consideration.
[1] ED/N: I don’t think it was mentioned before, so if anyone’s confused, Yang Qi is the power (Qi) contained within the sunrays. The sun is one of the symbols of Yang (while the moon of Yin). A small lesson of Chinese: one of the words for sun in Chinese is 太阳 (taiyang), and the second character is the character for Yang we’re talking about.