Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Wang Jun
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuAn hour later, an enticing and mouth-watering aroma slowly drifted out of the kitchen.
It was not the usual luscious, powerful fragrance typical of flavorful food. Instead, it was a refreshing and light scent which increased one’s appetite.
Even Bei Feng could not help but swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva as his stomach growled impatiently.
Every single cell in his body had been stimulated by the invigorating aroma, causing Bei Feng to feel increasingly hungry!
It was a truly unbelievable phenomenon. This fragrance by itself was actually not that far ahead of that of the Giant Cock and the Green Fish. And yet, there was a mysteriously element within it that greatly stirred up one’s gastronomical senses.
Bei Feng vaguely remembered a phrase he had seen in the past. It was something along the lines of how everyone was a slave to their own bodies.
Take for example a person who felt a sudden desire to eat an apple. Now the person might think that the action was a result of free will, but it was in fact, an action directed by their body as it craved the taste and the nutrition which apples contain. In the end, per its request, the person ate an apple.
“Looks like the System was not exaggerating about how nutritious this Imperial Shrimp is…” Bei Feng murmured to himself.
After a short and agonizing wait, Bei Feng opened the lid to check on the meat. The pincer still looked exactly the same as before it entered the wok. Even the bit of flesh near the part where it broke off from the main body remained as white as jade.
‘Is it cooked or not?’ Bei Feng himself was unsure as he lifted the steamer and examined the pincer with some confusion.
“I’ll just give it a try!” Bei Feng decided that there was only one way to find out if the meat was cooked or not.
Picking up a pair of chopsticks lying nearby, he lightly pinched a piece of snow-white meat.
As he pulled on it gingerly, the entire piece of meat actually slipped cleanly out of the shell! At a glance, it was an unbroken piece of meat at least seven or eight catty in weight!
As for the huge pincer, it had mostly become an empty shell. Bei Feng was absolutely amazed. A moment ago, he had been racking his brains, trying to figure out the best way to crack open the shell to get to the meat inside. Who would have thought that it would actually be so simple?!
With a gentle twist of his chopsticks, a piece of meat the size of a thumb was torn off. Bei Feng dipped a corner of the meat into the sauce prepared earlier and brought it carefully to his mouth as he gently bit down on it.
Immediately, a thin trace of sweetness dissolved on his tongue, spreading slowly to even the most remote corners of his mouth! The Imperial Shrimp’s meat was tender, fibrous and chewy, and gnawing on it brought about an extremely pleasurable sensation.
An orgasmic zest of freshness exploded forth with every bite, causing one to feel as though they had been transported a thousand zhang deep into the ocean!
As the Imperial Shrimp meat travelled down the esophagus and into the stomach, a warm and comfortable feeling persisted through the gastric system, as though there was a mini burner in his body.
“Bai Xiang, come and eat first! You can work on the giant lobster after this!” Bei Feng shoved another mouthful of meat into his mouth and faced the yard as he hollered loudly.
This piece of pincer meat should be more than enough for two people. Bei Feng did not even bother to cook any rice and ate the meat directly without any side dishes.
The moment Bai Xiang entered the room, he was greeted with the appetizing aroma of the Imperial Shrimp. Without any further delay, he immediately grabbed a pair of chopsticks and unhesitatingly grabbed a large piece of meat, putting it into his mouth with a blissful expression on his face.
Bei Feng patted his stomach and burped contentedly. As much as he wished he could continue shoving more meat into his mouth, he could only look bitterly at his bloated belly and curse the heavens for not giving him more space in his stomach.
He watched enviously as Bai Xiang continued wolfing the meat down like a well-drilled machine. Finally, after some time, even Bai Xiang was unable to eat anymore.
In the end, there was still more than half of this piece of seven to eight jin of Imperial Shrimp pincer meat left over. However, even so, Bei Feng and Bai Xiang could only gaze at each other in speechless despair.
The two of them had been able to easily finish similar amounts of food in the past, but this time, they actually failed!
If it was only one person, it might be possible to attribute the failure to an external factor. However, now that both of them were similarly defeated by the Imperial Shrimp, there was no questioning the fact that the Imperial Shrimp was definitely an extraordinary ingredient!
“The amount of energy contained within this Imperial Shrimp meat must be extremely high! It should be many times higher than that of normal food!” Bei Feng burped lightly and mumbled to himself.
“Well, I haven’t accepted any customers for a long time… I’ll take 10 today!” Bei Feng thought aloud. Money was not everything, but one couldn’t do anything without money! [1]
Since the Imperial Shrimp was obviously an absolutely top-class ingredient, Bei Feng was not about to sell it cheaply.
‘What’s a suitable price?’
Bei Feng scrunched his eyebrows and thought deeply. If he set it too high, nobody would be willing to pay the price. In contrast, if he set it too low, it would be too unjustifiable.
‘Let’s go with 6,000 dollars for a table of four! Mn, it wouldn’t use up too much ingredients even for 10 tables too,’ Bei Feng finally settled with a number he thought was perfect.
“Hello? Boss Wang? I have recently came up with a new dish at my private restaurant. Are you interested in coming over to taste it?”
The first person Bei Feng had thought of when he had a new dish was naturally the tycoon, Wang Jian. Before he even posted anything on the internet forums, he decided to invite Wang Jian first.
Bei Feng was not eyeing Wang Jian’s money. He simply enjoyed the company of Wang Jian and Liu Ziyun.
“Hahaha, you are trying to use me as a food tester right?”
Wang Jian was sitting in his office, massaging his temples. Due to the increased workload in recent days, he had been suffering from a lack of sleep and his mood had taken a dive. When he had heard Bei Feng’s words just now, he’d actually cheered up a bit and thus could not help but tease him.
With regards to Bei Feng’s cooking, Wang Jian was actually filled with anticipation in his heart. After contacting with Bei Feng several times, he could tell that Bei Feng would not call him unless he had absolute confidence in his new dish.
“Forget it, I’ll be able to save more for myself if you’re not coming,” Bei Feng did not attempt to curry favor with Wang Jian like others usually did. Rather, he mercilessly made fun of the poor guy instead.
“Alright, alright, I’ll come over later!”
Wang Jian was momentarily flustered. This brat was well-known as a willful fellow! If he continued teasing him, Bei Feng might really not leave him any food!
“Great, I’ll go and cook now,” Bei Feng replied with a wry smile and ended the call.
“Damn brat! Where did you run off to fool around this time!”
Wang Jian’s jovial expression changed quickly, resembling turning to the next, completely different page in a book. Turning around, he dialled a number and snapped in an exasperated tone.
Somewhere in Qingcheng, a white Lamborghini sped down the open highway, causing any who saw it to gasp in shock and envy.
Wang Jun’s face dropped as he looked at the caller ID ‘Old man’ ringing on his phone. Turning to the beauty beside him, he panicked, “Nuonuo, please don’t make any noise, my old man is calling me!”
“Hey, Dad… I swear I’m not fooling around!” Wang Jun said feebly as soon as he picked up the phone. Wang Jun who feared neither the heavens nor the earth was actually unable to gather any courage in front of his old man.
All his money was managed by his father. Thus, if it were to be cut off for some reason, that would truly a fate worse than death!
“Hmph! You still remember that you have a father? Tell me, how long have you stayed outside without returning home already?” Wang Jian scolded.
“Alright, I got it, dad, I’ll come home later,” Wang Jun paused for a moment before replying meekly.
“Good. Come back this afternoon, we’ll have lunch together.”
Wang Jian put down the phone and sighed melancholically.
This son of his really made him worry too much. How could he dare entrust a huge corporation and all its employees to him like this?
“Brother Jun, what’s wrong? Did you get scolded by your father? I say, isn’t that old relic a little too strict? We’re just having a bit of fun…”
Zhang Nuo looked at the slightly green Wang Jun beside her and grumbled indignantly.
“Get out!”
Wang Jun suddenly turned around and told Zhang Nuo dryly.
Zhang Nuo did not understand Wang Jun’s words immediately.
“I said get out of the car!”
Wang Jun snapped icily.
“Brother Jun, what’s wrong? Did I somehow make you angry? Just tell me what it is. I’ll change, ok?”
Zhang Nuo panicked. What was going on?!
“No matter what, my dad was the person who took care of me and raised me since I was young! When did it become a random b*tch’s turn to mouth off about my dad?! Now, get lost before I really lose my temper!”
A dangerous light flashed across Wang Jun’s pupils.
Zhang Nuo was scared out of her wits. Was this still the Wang Jun she knew? The cheeky and boisterous guy she was used to had suddenly transformed into an overbearing tyrant!
At that moment, Zhang Nuo did not even dare to cry and make a scene. She could only get out of the car obediently. As she watched the white Lamborghini driving off into the distance, she could not help but shed a stream of hot tears in sorrow.
All her hopes for marriage had been ruined in this one stroke. In that moment Zhang Nuo could do little but curse her big mouth.
As for Wang Jun, he was actually feeling extremely regretful in that moment. His mother had passed away very early in his life. His father had never remarried even after all these years, and had endured all kinds of hardships to raise him.
And yet, he had actually lost himself for a moment and neglected to care for the father who had raised him with love! The white Lamborghini sped up as the more he thought of his old man, the more he wished to get home as soon as possible.
[1] ED/N: Unless I’m thinking too much, it may be a paraphrase of a Chinese philosopher. While I forgot his name, google said he’s called Zhuang Zhou, a philosopher from 4th century B.C. Couldn’t confirm it, though.