Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Liu Ziyun Shocked To The Core
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: Kurisu“Wait, isn’t this that infamous private restaurant?” Wang Jun realized with a shock.
A spine-chilling thought crept into his mind. ‘Oh f*ck! Could it be that dad is finally taking me to meet this half-brother of mine?’
Wang Jun felt a gnawing annoyance growing in his heart. If this guy really was his elder brother, wouldn’t he end up having to split the family inheritance with him?
As he realized this, the way at which he gazed at Bei Feng became laced with animosity.
“This is… ”
Bei Feng’s five senses had already reached a very high level. Although the guarded look in Wang Jun’s eyes had only appeared for a brief moment and was hidden in a flash, Bei Feng was still able to catch it immediately.
“This is my son, Wang Jun. Haha, you youngsters should have more common topics to talk about with each other. Feel free to disregard this old man and chat amongst yourselves.”
“This is Bei Feng. He’s a top-notch cook!” Wang Jun gestured at Bei Feng and introduced.
The two nodded curtly at each other, while making a short, nasal sound in their throats in greeting.
‘What chat amongst yourselves. Isn’t it so that it will not be so awkward later on when you reveal his identity?’
Wang Jun had a strange expression on his face. When a person got a wrong idea, it would often take hold of their minds, and, to them, every event would somehow line up with that thought, reinforcing their hypothesis.
In contrast, Liu Ziyun was looking at Bei Feng in puzzlement.
“Are my eyes mistaken?” Liu Ziyun cocked his head and mumbled softly.
“Sit down first, the food will be ready soon,” Bei Feng smiled lightly and said.
“Alright, you go ahead and do your thing. We’ll just sit and wait for the food,” Wang Jun chuckled good-naturedly.
“Eh? What’s that plant? It’s flowers are really beautiful!”
Wang Jun was usually disinterested in most mundane things. There was rarely anything that could catch his attention. But as soon as he laid eyes on the Vampiric Vine, he was instantly attracted to it. Getting up, he moved to observe the Vampiric Vine up close.
“Don’t!” Bei Feng shouted abruptly, causing Wang Jun to leap backwards like a startled deer.
“That flower is not open for public viewing. Please maintain at least ten meters distance from it,” Bei Feng growled sternly.
“What’s the big deal? I’m just taking a look, it’s not like I’m not going to break it,” Wang Jun rolled his eyes nonchalantly. This Bei Feng was really an overly paranoid person! “Even if I do somehow break off a few branches, I can compensate you for it.”
Wang Jun smiled. No matter how precious the flower was, he felt that it should be within his means to pay for it.
“You won’t be able to afford it,” Bei Feng narrowed his eyes and warned seriously.
“Alright, that’s enough. Wang Jun, come here and sit down,” Wang Jian felt a little displeased by the whole affair as well. Wasn’t it just a stupid flower?
Shaking his head, Bei Feng did not bother to explain. He directly carried a tub of fresh pig’s blood from the side and set it before the Vampiric Vine.
As it sensed the arrival of a meal, the Vampiric Vine suddenly stirred into action. Tens of thick and sharp root hairs burst out of the ground and shot into the tub of blood.
In that moment, the faces of Wang Jian, Wang Jun and Liu Ziyun were drained of color as they watched the Vampiric Vine feed. It was actually a blood sucking carnivorous plant!
Wang Jun suddenly understood with perfect clarity, why Bei Feng said he would not be able to afford the compensation. Because, it didn’t matter whether he had money or not if he was dead!
A drop of cold sweat trickled down his brows as he recalled just how close he had been to approaching this deadly plant.
“This is the meat of a top-grade giant shrimp caught at the depth of a thousand meters below the sea level. Enjoy!”
Bei Feng put a huge plate on the table.
“And… then?” Wang Jian probed.
“That’s it. This is the only dish,” Bei Feng pointed out blankly.
“Huh? Ok, let me try it first.”
At a first glance, the dish only contained some puffy, snowy white flesh which seemed to be packed into numerous large light-blue containers. The shrimp flesh within the containers steadily emitted plumes of white steam that floated into Wang Jian’s nose, causing his appetite to be greatly aroused.
That’s right, Wang Jian’s group all assumed that the light-blue shells were just something like a special bamboo container used for steaming the meat. The thought that such a large imperial shrimp could exist had never even crossed their minds!
“This… oh God! How could this be so delicious?!”
As soon as the piece of meat entered his mouth, Wang Jian thought of a food dish he had seen in a movie… the Explosive Pissing Beef Balls! [1]
It was so chewy and elastic the meat literally bounced within one’s mouth. But with a light bite, the juice and soup would burst forth in a myriad of flavours!
‘Isn’t this a bit too exaggerated?’
Wang Jun remained unfazed. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he had travelled to a multitude of places and tasted all kinds of delicacies. He hadn’t encountered any food which would cause him to reveal such an enraptured expression like his father’s.
“This is definitely the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! There’s no comparison at all!”
Wang Jian said emotionally. Sighing, he turned around and looked at Bei Feng. “I say, little friend, for something this delicious, isn’t this amount a bit too little? How can this be enough!”
“Hoho, go ahead and dig in first. If it’s not enough, I can go and make some more,” a sly smile appeared on the corner of Bei Feng’s lips.
He could hardly resist the urge to laugh out loud as he imagined the torturous looks on Wang Jian and the rest’s faces when they realized that they could only stare in distress and battle their desire as they lay groaning. Although the food of their dreams would be right in front of them, they would be too bloated to eat a single bite more!
Wang Jian looked at the crafty smile on Bei Feng’s face and felt that there must be a sinister twist to this situation. However, he was unable to determine what the problem was.
By now, Wang Jun and Liu Ziyun had also grabbed a piece of meat and put it in their mouths.
“Oh my God! This is so good!”
Wang Jun’s face lit up in surprise as he exclaimed. He finally understood why his father had appeared so intoxicated a moment ago. In fact, now that he tasted the Imperial Shrimp himself, he felt that his father had actually been rather reserved!
“What a pure and nourishing energy! What exactly is this meat?!”
In the moment that the meat entered his mouth, Liu Ziyun too had been revelling in the amazing taste. However, as the piece of meat slid down his throat and entered his stomach, he was able to feel a strong nourishing force spreading out from his stomach and into his body!
The speed at which Martial Practitioners digested their food was a few times faster than that of the average person. For some, it could go up to tens of times that of normal people’s!
They were also able to sense their body’s conditions much more clearly. In some cases, these martial practitioners could even be said to be their own personal doctor since they knew their bodies so well! Although they might not be able to sense small changes on the cellular level, they could easily detect the larger and more obvious changes in their bodies.
A wave of untainted energy was quickly released from the meat soon after it entered Liu Ziyun’s stomach, instantly filling him with pure strength!
“What kind of meat is this?!” Liu Ziyun wondered aloud, shocked.
Bei Feng smiled knowingly, but did not explain.
Liu Ziyun widened his eyes and looked thoughtfully at Bei Feng for a moment. In the end, he did not push the issue and refocused his attention on the Imperial Shrimp’s meat.
Bai Xiang and Bei Feng also entered the fray, continuously shoving large mouthfuls of meat down their throats. Wang Jian and Wang Jun descended into a silent frenzy as their chopsticks flashed between their mouths and the table with lightning speed.
“Oh no! I can’t eat anymore!”
Wang Jian’s face was slightly distorted as he stared at the large amount of meat in front of him. Despite his bloated stomach, he could still feel a bit of drool gathering in the corner of his mouth. The spirit was willing but the body was weak. His stomach was simply too bloated! He felt like he was going to explode if he ate anymore!
‘AH! What a bunch of beasts!’
Wang Jun was in a similar situation. A look of embarrassment appeared on his face as he caught the eye of his father. However, as he looked around him, Wang Jun could not help but curse internally as he saw that apart from himself and his father, the other three crazy bastards were still mercilessly shoving mouthfuls of meat into their mouths without the slightest pause!
“What’s wrong, Boss Wang? Do you need me to cook another serving for you?” Bei Feng resisted the urge to laugh out loud as he looked at Wang Jian and asked innocently.
“Ah… hahaha… hmm… what kind of lobster is this? It’s rather filling, isn’t it? It’s just a few mouthfuls and I feel full already. There’s even a nice warm feeling in my stomach now,” Wang Jian cleared his throat awkwardly.
“Boss Wang.”
Liu Ziyun turned around and lightly shook his head at Wang Jian.
“Well, if Boss Wang likes it, you can take a few jin of the meat home to eat,” Bei Feng offered with a smile.
“Hehe, in that case, it would be discourteous of me to decline,” Wang Jian’s eyes lit up in delight as he hurriedly accepted, as though afraid that Bei Feng would change his mind.
By the end of the meal, the Wang father and son felt extremely satisfied. The only regret they had was that they could not finish everything, and had to spend the rest of the time staring longingly at Bei Feng, Bai Xiang and Liu Ziyun gobbling up the food.
“Ziyun, is something the matter? Just now you were shaking your head…”
Wang Jian asked as soon as they boarded the helicopter.
“Boss Wang, you don’t really think that the shrimp we ate was just some regular shrimp right?”
Liu Ziyun did not answer Wang Jian directly. Instead, he threw a question of his own in return.
“Although that was the most delicious shrimp I’ve ever tasted, it couldn’t be that much more extraordinary than normal shrimps. The reason it tasted so good was because that older brother’s cooking skills are simply too high,” before Wang Jian could reply, Wang Jun rubbed his belly and said with the airs of a gourmet who had seen it all.
“Heh. Let me tell you guys something. Based on my estimations, if we were to put the same several jin of meat we ate earlier into the circle of martial artists, we could sell it for 100,000 yuan a jin and people would still be fighting and jockeying to buy it!” Liu Ziyun shook his head and laughed coldly.