Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 42

Chapter 42: A True Thug Does Not Simply Lie Down And Take A Beating!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe remaining sixteen petals lay in Bei Feng’s palms, glistening in the sun.
“Bai Xiang, come here for a moment,” he gestured at Bai Xiang who was sitting nearby. “Here, try this. It’s pretty good stuff,” Bei Feng said with the mannerism of a drug pusher as he handed a petal to Bai Xiang. Bai Xiang was a very trustworthy person and so the first person he thought of was naturally him.
Bai Xiang did not question Bei Feng at all as he took the petal and put it into his mouth.
“How was it?” Bei Feng asked with an expectant expression.
“Crunch, crunch. Mm, the taste is not bad,” Bai Xiang swallowed the petal and replied honestly.
“That’s all?”
Bei Feng was speechless. Nobody asked you about the taste!
“That’s all,” Bai Xiang was puzzled.
‘F*ck! Another petal wasted!’
Bei Feng felt his face stiffening up and even his forehead felt a little numb. How could he have forgotten that Bai Xiang was a monster who could shatter a stone mill with a single punch?! It was obvious that his physical qualities were much superior to Bei Feng’s!
“Alright, there’s nothing else here. You can continue whatever you were doing before,” an extremely pained expression hung on Bei Feng’s face. These flower petals were so powerful that a regular person’s body constitution would be improved several times over if they consumed even one!
Carefully stashing the remaining fifteen petals away, Bei Feng finally had the mind to check on the Vampiric Vine’s changes.
“Bang, bang , bang!”
A few solid knocks sounded from the front door, causing Bei Feng to pause momentarily.
‘Why is there a visitor at this hour?’
Although he felt rather uncertain, Bei Feng still went out and opened the door.
“You are?”
A group of seven, eight men stood in a neat row outside the mansion’s main door. A middle-aged man who appeared to be their leader stood in the middle between them and looked straight at Bei Feng while the remaining guys inspected their surroundings in a faintly discernible manner.
Wei Hui’s successful business wasn’t exactly built with glamorous, righteous means. Over the years, the number of people he had offended was not a small amount. Even he was not sure exactly how many enemies he had. Thus, it had become customary for him to be surrounded by an entire host of bodyguards wherever he went.
“Aren’t you going to invite me inside?” Wei Hui sneered in response. Not even bothering to wait for Bei Feng’s reply, he directly stepped into the mansion with his numerous bodyguards trailing behind him.
“Hmm… quite a nice place you have here. No wonder you refused to sell it,” Wei Hui said in an extremely nonchalant manner as he glanced around the yard.
“Young man, how about selling this place to me? You can just name a price,” Wei Hui smiled wryly as he turned to look Bei Feng in the eye.
“I’m sorry, this mansion is not for sale. If you’re interested, you may build a new one of your own. There are plenty of nice spots nearby,” Bei Feng scrunched his eyebrows together as black lines covered his forehead. This fellow was likely the mastermind behind his recent troubles.
“If there’s nothing else, please leave.”
Since the latter had obviously come with bad intentions, Bei Feng didn’t bother to give Wei Hui any face at all as he pointed to the door.
“Hey, brat! Watch your attitude!”
A bulky man called Zhang Liang stepped out from behind Wei Hui and snapped in a threatening tone.
“This is the way I talk. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen to it.”
Bei Feng directly discarded the modicum of respect he pretended to show. In any case, these guys weren’t here to talk, but to strong-arm him into selling the mansion.
“Hoh, it’s been a long time since I’ve last seen an interesting young man like you. Since I find you quite pleasing to the eye, I can give you one last chance. 5 million dollars! I would rather we do this like civilized people,” Wei Hui smiled at Bei Feng as he raised a hand to stop Zhang Liang.
“Not. Selling.”
Bei Feng emphasized the two words as he repeated slowly. He had never so much as entertained the thought of selling the mansion even when he was at the lowest point in his life, riddled with injuries and abandoned by his girlfriend. The probability of him selling the mansion now was even more non-existent.
“Let’s go.”
The pretentious smile on Wei Hui’s face disappeared as he stared coldly at Bei Feng. Snorting coldly, he turned around and stormed out of the mansion with his various bodyguards hurrying to catch up.
Zhang Liang purposely lagged behind and, right before he stepped over the threshold, he turned around and faced Bei Feng with a savage grin as he drew a finger over his neck.
Bei Feng’s face fell as he stared darkly in return. Kind people were doomed to be bullied while friendly horses were doomed to be ridden.
Although the group of men were trudging along the dried mud path in silence, these old-timers who had followed Wei Hui for many years could tell that, beneath his calm exterior, Wei Hui was currently seething in rage!
“Liangzi, I will entrust this matter to you. I’ll give you two days. I don’t want to see him still breathing after two day from now on. Do you understand what I mean?” Wei Hui said in a bland voice. There didn’t seem to be any emotion in his tone.
Having followed Wei Hui loyally for so long, which one of their hands had not been stained in blood?
“Don’t worry, Boss. I guarantee that it’ll be clean and quiet. Not a single soul will learn of it.”
Although Zhang Liang spoke in an extremely confident manner, he did not dare to underestimate Bei Feng. He had already suffered tremendous setbacks with the two batches of men he sent to deal with him. The first group of men was still alright; apart from a bit of a shock, they were fine otherwise. The same could not be said about the rest, though. Especially the assassin, they still didn’t know whether he was dead or alive!
“Good. I can put my mind at ease since it’s you,” Wei Hui nodded, a cold gleam in his eyes. By this point, he did not give a d*mn about attracting the eyes of that family anymore.
‘As long as I don’t do anything to the mansion itself, they probably won’t do anything to me,’ he thought.
‘Finding trouble with me time and again, fine, I can still take it. But now you actually want to take my life? Hmph! These people really take me for a soft persimmon!’
Bei Feng had actually been shadowing Wei Hui’s group the entire way. Based on his knowledge of the terrain, there were plenty of excellent hiding spots around the mud path which provided good vantage points for stalking.
He was not some noble and saintly character with lofty ideals. If someone gave him a punch, Bei Feng would make sure to return two, heavier punches!
If others wanted to take his life, they had best prepare to forfeit their own lives as well. Since he was already alerted to their sinister plans, Bei Feng decided that his best move was to seize the initiative and smother the danger while it was still in its cradle.
Bei Feng was not one to simply lie down and take a beating. As he previously did not know who the person targeting him was, he had no way to counterattack against them. But now that the mastermind had revealed himself, Bei Feng did not intend to simply lie down and take a beating. Instead, he would seize the initiative and strike first!
He did not dare to get too close to the group since stalking was not his strong point. If he was to be discovered, all his plans would go up in smoke.
Before long, Wei Hui’s group reached the village and sped off in two black Mercedes-Benz sedans.
Bei Feng borrowed a motorbike from Uncle Xia and followed behind the two cars from a safe distance. His heightened eyesight ensured that he wouldn’t lose his target despite the distance between them.
An hour later, the two black Mercedes-Benz cars stopped beneath a towering building. A large group of bodyguards immediately swarmed over as they escorted Wei Hui inside.
Bei Feng stood within the shadow of a nearby building as his fingers caressed the cold metal of a silencer. There were still two bullets in the gun.
This weapon was the very one he had found beside the dried out corpse of the assassin killed by the Vampiric Vine. The handgun was originally fully loaded. However, most of the bullets had been expended by Bei Feng to improve his marksmanship.
With his improved senses, although he could not claim to have Deadshot’s accuracy, Bei Feng was still confident that he would not miss his target within a 20-30 meter range.
Most importantly, Bei Feng possessed the most fundamental, vital quality for an assassin; that is… patience!
He moved in an unhurried and tranquil manner to sit down at an eatery within view of the Jin Mao Tower. As he ate, he would glance leisurely at the building from time to time, taking mental notes of all the people entering and exiting the building.
Time passed, and soon the evening lanterns on the streets were lit as the sky grew dark. People flowed in and out of the shop but Bei Feng remained the constant as he sat in his corner by the window.
“Has that guy paid yet? He’s been sitting there for so long… my guess is that he might be waiting for an opportunity to get away with a free meal. Keep an eye on him, don’t let him get away,” the shop owner pointed at Bei Feng and told her staff in a hushed voice.
“Heh. He’s finally out.”
The corner of Bei Feng’s eye arched upwards as he called the waitress over to settle the bill.
Bei Feng whistled a little tune as he climbed onto the motorbike parked outside and pulled a jet-black helmet with tinted visor over his head, resuming his shadowing mission.
Wei Hui’s car eventually drove out of the city and headed towards the suburbs.
There were very few vehicles on the road and, at times, the black Mercedes-Benz was travelling alone on the open road. Bei Feng had turned off his headlights and was still tailing the car from a fair distance behind it, relying only on the moonlight and his powerful vision.
Finally, the car stopped before a massive property. A hand reached out of the driver’s window and, with a beep, the gate recognized the entry card as it slid open and admitted the black Mercedes-Benz inside.
‘Oho, so that perverted bastard is living in one of the villas here,’ Bei Feng squinted his eyes together as he stared at the heavily guarded property, deep in thought.
This was a grand villa after all. Although the prices were shockingly high, the security here was also top-notch!
The guards were mostly made up of retired veterans from the special forces. The security here was extremely tight, and there were numerous shifts of guards patrolling the estate at all times.
Additionally, all visitors had to receive clearance from the guard house before entry was granted.