Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Best Way To Establish Dominance
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuBei Feng shook his head and backed off. It was too difficult to strike here. Those guards on the same level as special force units weren’t merely a decoration.
Although he was retreating for now, Bei Feng did not intend to give up.
‘I would like to see which one of us two is more patient.’
Bei Feng was not in a hurry at all. He found a nice spot near the only road leading in and out of the Small Fragrant Villa Estate Group and settled down to wait for his opponent.
The summer night was not cold at all. One could sit outdoors the entire night and not catch a cold. The only problem was the spot Bei Feng had chosen: while it was a forested area with an extremely good cover and was a great vantage point, the mosquitoes there operated in full battalions and were absolutely relentless!
Luckily, with Bei Feng’s improved physical state, he was almost impervious to all kinds of insect bites. Their stings were completely unable to even pierce through his thick skin, and could only settle for trying to irritate him to death by flying around his ears all night long.
The night passed uneventfully and, before long, the sun was beginning to rise. Bei Feng opened his eyes and, with a few light leaps, jumped atop a tall tree. There, he climbed onto a thick and stable branch, pushed the leaves aside and fixed his eyes on the road.
He was like an eagle, perched atop a tall tree and ready to dive down to grasp his prey at any moment.
‘For you, I even had to give up a day of cultivation,’ Bei Feng cursed under his breath.
As expected, a black Mercedes-Benz soon appeared in his sight, driving around a bend. It was travelling at quite a leisurely speed.
A sinister light flashed across his eyes as Bei Feng directly leaped off the over 3-meter tall tree.
Bei Feng’s knees bent slightly as he landed heavily on the dewy ground. A pair of deep footprints was imprinted into the mud.
Moving quickly, he soon arrived behind some trees right beside the road where he crouched in wait.
‘After today, I should be able to finally take over that mansion. Ah, young people these days truly do not know the immensity of the heavens!’
Wei Hui was in a pretty good mood that morning as he leaned relaxingly against the backseat, reading a newspaper. A light smile appeared across his face as all kinds of fanciful thoughts flew about within his mind.
A clear gunshot suddenly rang out of nowhere, and a dent appeared on the window beside Wei Hui. A series of cracks slowly spread out from the point of impact like a spider’s web.
“Hurry up and drive!” Wei Hui’s face was drained of color as he hurriedly urged the driver.
The driver was similarly scared silly. That was a f*cking assassination! He was only an innocent driver! If he ended up being killed alongside Wei Hui, that would truly be an injustice!
The driver directly stepped on the gas pedal all the way to the metal and, like a stung bull, the Mercedes-Benz accelerated and disappeared into the distance.
‘Damn, he actually has bulletproof glass. Not bad!’
Bei Feng was a little disappointed. Of course, he was the one who had fired off the shot earlier. He was pretty sure that his target was a goner as soon as he squeezed the trigger. However, what he had not expected was that the car had actually been specially modified and outfitted with bulletproof windows and doors.
Bei Feng could only shake his head helplessly as he watched the black Mercedes-Benz disappear into the horizon. After some time, he retrieved the motorbike from its hiding spot and rode off.
“Find him! Investigate and find out who did this!”
Wei Hui’s spirit had almost fled his body. He was barely able to sit still in the car as he looked back from time to time, fearing that the assassin had some backup preparations.
“Understood,” a gruff voice transmitted from the other end of his phone.
His heart was still immersed in that moment of shock and fear. Thankfully, all his cars had been modified and made bulletproof. Otherwise, he would already be dead by now!
Although he had escaped the danger this time, Wei Hui could still feel an ominous shadow of death lingering right above his head.
After a period of time, Bei Feng who had ridden the motorbike all the way back to the village finally returned it back to Uncle Xia. After that, he went the rest of the way to the old mansion on foot.
The two little wolfdogs ran fawningly towards Bei Feng as soon as he stepped into the mansion, barking excitedly as they ran circles around his pants, their small tails wagging wildly.
Bei Feng squatted down and played with the little puppies for a moment before he went in to bathe and get a change of clothes.
As for the Vampiric Vine in the yard, it appeared even more magical with its entire being wrapped in a bloody red light.
A green fruit the size of a baby’s fist had appeared atop its thickest branch. The fruit appeared extremely ordinary, like a random, unknown wild fruit that could be found on a mountain.
‘There are some things in life that simply cannot be avoided or resolved. Not only now, but in the future as well. As I obtain more treasures through the Myriad Heavens Fishing System, I won’t be able to avoid people who approach me with bad intentions,’ Bei Feng thought. ‘Only strength is king! I have to obtain enough power so that I would never need to fear anyone or anything!’
Bei Feng clenched his fists. The desire to obtain power had never felt so strong to him.
The matter this time had given him a rude awakening. The road to strength was not paved with flowers and cotton. Situations like this would definitely become increasingly common in the future. In the end, even if he became stronger, he was still only one man. He couldn’t be expected to handle everything by himself!
Bei Feng wore a serious expression as he realized that. However, something like this could not be rushed. It was better to take his time finding reliable manpower rather than rushing to find random helpers who would only bring him more trouble.
The huge cow Bai Xiang was presumably still at the market, picking up the pig’s blood and was not back yet.
Since he had some time, Bei Feng grabbed the Purple Bamboo Fishing Rod and made his way to the Ancient Well.
“Yan Tian, as long as you’re willing to sign the contract, I can still spare your life!”
Within an ancient burial site, there stood two young men. The night was silent and the air soft and cool. Three bright moons hung in the cloudless sky of this world, reflecting their brilliance upon the planet. The nights here were strangely not much darker than its days.
“Impossible! Ingrates like you who return kindness with evil disgust me the most!”
Yan Tian spat venomously. He was like a cornered wolf who couldn’t wait to tear apart his enemy’s flesh and drink his blood!
“Man endeavors to rise to greater heights while water aims to flow downwards. Such is the natural order of life. I just want to get stronger. What’s wrong with that?” Yan Nan said in a cold and self-righteous tone. [1]
“For the sake of power, you can even kill my little sister? Did you also forget that she is your wife?!” Yan Tian spat in bitter rage.
“What’s so bad about it? Yan‘er only has a mortal body. But me? I can live forever! Now that she’d been refined as my Ten Thousand Ghosts Banner’s banner spirit, she can stay by my side for all eternity! Isn’t that great? HAHAHAHAHA!” Yan Nan laughed maniacally, a crazed look apparent in his eyes.
“You f*cking lunatic!” Yan Tian’s tears rolled down his cheeks uncontrollably as he hollered in rage.
“That’s right! I’m a madman. But that’s still better than a sentimental, broken fool like you with your entire family scattered and decimated!”
Yan Nan did not seem to mind Yan Tian’s insults. In fact, an even more sinister smile spread across his face as he took a step forward. “Since you’re not wiling, let me give you a hand.”
A silver needle around 10 cm long appeared in his hand as he walked towards the immobile Yan Tian.
“You know, I’ve spent a lot of effort to successfully refine this Book of Spiritual Contract…hehe, you’re actually the first person I thought of after I created this! How about it? Are you touched? Don’t worry, your consciousness will remain perfectly clear and you will be completely sober throughout your time as my spirit slave. However, you won’t be able to defy any of my orders. Without my permission, you won’t even be able to commit suicide!”
The corners of Yan Nan’s mouth arched upwards in a perverse smile. The greatest enemy of his life would be right in front of him; yet, not only would he be unable to lay a single finger on him, he would even have to obey all of his commands unconditionally! Just thinking about it caused a wild heat to burn within his heart in anticipation!
“You will not die a peaceful death!”
Yan Tian had lost all hope. When he thought of how he had to obey this vile man all his life without a chance to take revenge, Yan Tian wanted nothing but to die right away!
However, his entire body had been bound by some strange magic. Apart from speech, he was incapable of any other actions. He could not even implode his core and rupture his body from the inside out.
“Haha! Curse me! Curse me to your heart’s content! The more hatred you feel, the happier I am! Hahahaha!”
Yan Nan appeared increasingly excited. With a thought, a faint light appeared around the ring on his right hand as a book which seemed to be made of neither gold nor jade appeared in his hand.
With lightning speed, the silver needle on his right hand pricked into Yan Tian’s chest, right above his heart!
As he pulled it out, a drop of gold-laced, dark-red blood flew out, attached to a minute hollow on the tip of the silver needle.
Like a boy on Christmas Eve, Yan Nan’s face lit up in glee as he observed the drop of blood as though it were a masterpiece.
As long as he dripped this drop of blood onto the contract book, he would immediately gain a new, powerful slave!
In contrast, Yan Tian was staring blankly into space as if he had lost his spirit.
[1] ED/N: A side note for anyone wondering about Yan Nan and Yan Tian’s surname: they look the same in English but are in fact written with different characters.