Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 45

Chapter 45: A Sudden Impulse
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuThe briefcase in his hand was the same one with the 500,000 yuan. Bei Feng was naturally on his way to deposit it into the bank.
Except for 20,000 yuan which he kept to have some cash on hand, he directly deposited everything else into the county’s bank. Only then was he able to set his mind at ease.
After that, he continued on to the golden cicada store to buy even more golden cicadas.
“This brother here, don’t mind me being nosy, but what are you buying so many golden cicadas for?” [1]
The shop owner was baffled. This young man had bought more golden cicadas over the short span of a few days than the shop owner himself usually sold in a month!
“Eh… haha, do you have any more in stock?” Bei Feng shook his head and laughed awkwardly, dodging the question.
“Sure, how many?”
Since Bei Feng was unwilling to divulge his reasons, the shop owner did not ask any further. He was merely curious, and it wasn’t like it’d kill him if he didn’t get any answer. It didn’t matter as long as Bei Feng brought him money…
“Hmm, I’ll take 20,000.”
20,000 golden cicadas should be extremely helpful in accelerating the growth of the Vampiric Vine.
If he weren’t worried that the Vampiric Vine growing too fast would affect the maturity of the Blood Origin Fruit, Bei Feng would not have to resort to such troublesome means. He would simply buy up the entire stock of golden cicadas at once and dump everything in front of the Vampiric Vine in one shot!
It was impossible to count 20,000 golden cicadas one by one since it would take forever to do so.
What the shop owner did was to simply grab a bunch of golden cicadas and weigh them instead. With that, he could determine the number of cicadas once he knew their total weight.
As for whether he was making a profit or a loss, it was impossible to tell.
“Little brother, our stock has been cleared out by you alone… if you need more golden cicadas, I’m afraid you’ll need to wait a couple of days for us to restock,” the shop owner said bitterly.
Golden cicadas were not like other commodities which could be produced on a large scale.
Although there were people who farmed golden cicadas, their output was far from enough to meet the market’s demand!
Most of the golden cicadas in the market were captured in the wild, which explained the lack of reliable supply. As such, the price of each golden cicada was extremely high. A simple dish with golden cicadas in the high-class hotels and restaurants would typically cost upwards of three figures.
“In that case, you can just give me your name card. I’ll give you my contact number as well. When you restock, please give me a call. You can also directly have the driver deliver the golden cicadas to my place at that time. I’ll transfer the money to you after I received the cicadas.
Bei Feng also felt that it was troublesome to travel all the way to the county every few days.
“Sure,” the shop owner nodded his head and handed his name card to Bei Feng.
After everything was prepared, Bei Feng returned to the mansion with the driver.
“Heh, I’m not an idiot like that Ol’ Black. He probably jumped the gun, not even bothering to find out the hidden cards of his opponent.”
Zhang Liang sneered. Ol’ Black was nothing more than an amateur with unorthodox means. That fellow desired to exceed others and had an overly competitive spirit. It was within expectations that he would one day die like a fool while attempting to do something beyond his ability.
Zhang Liang was lying prone atop a mountain peak, surrounded by tall, leafy trees for cover.
A vast, empty plain spread out in front of him; one could also see a Tarmac serpentine of this area’s main road far in the distance.
A long sniper rifle was mounted beside him, the glare of its scope hidden in the shadow. It was unclear how he even obtained a weapon like this.
He held a powerful binoculars to his eyes as he observed the main road patiently, like an eagle waiting for its prey.
Bei Feng sat in the truck, his hands fiddling with his mobile phone as he chatted casually with the driver. For some reason, there was a sense of irritation in his heart, as if an ominous event was looming over him.
‘What the hell is going on? What’s this uneasy feeling I’m getting for no reason?’ [2]
A trace of anxiety and bewilderment was apparent in his eyes.
“Could it be that somebody is about to try to do something to me?” Bei Feng muttered to himself as he thought of a possibility.
Ever since his five senses was heightened, his intuition had sharpened as well.
Sometimes, right before the death of their loved one, people would for no apparent reason feel a perilous premonition of a dire event, causing them to feel extremely uneasy. Right now, Bei Feng was having a similar experience.
“Stop the truck!”
The closer the truck got to entering the bend section of the road, the more edgy he felt. Right as the truck was about to clear the bend, Bei Feng was finally unable to ignore the grim restlessness in his heart.
The driver directly slammed on the brakes and turned around. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing. I just got a little carsick. You can drive ahead first,” Bei Feng said naturally. He couldn’t possibly tell the driver that he felt an ominous premonition, right? The guy would probably think he was an idiot.
Even now, Bei Feng felt extremely uneasy. He didn’t even know if the danger had passed yet.
The driver mumbled something about crazy people under his breath and drove off.
Bei Feng watched the truck turn the corner and hurriedly darted into the cover of the woods on the side of the road.
‘Eh? It should be that truck. Where’s the kid?’
Zhang Liang peered through the rifle’s scope… only to find out that the shotgun seat was now empty.
“Peh! He got lucky!” Zhang Liang spat unhappily and got up to pack his equipment.
Bei Feng who was running through the woods at high speed also slowed down slightly as the unease within his heart gradually dissipated.
He gave himself a self-deprecating laugh. Perhaps he had been too paranoid…
After a bit of trekking, he finally reached the bus stop by the main road, with branches in his hair and an annoyed expression on his face.
“The f*ck? How did he end up here?”
Zhang Liang was driving in his silver Volkswagen when he spotted Bei Feng across the road, waiting for the bus. He was just considering pulling out his gun and taking care of him right there and then when a bus pulled into the bus stop, blocking his view.
Zhang Liang could only sigh about the magnificent amount of luck Bei Feng possessed as he pulled his hat down to cover his face.
‘So that was the reason for my premonition just now! This guy was planning to assassinate me!’
That small action had caught Bei Feng’s eye and he had immediately recognized Zhang Liang’s face.
His guard was raised immediately as he hurried onto the bus.
‘Luckily, I was seized by a sudden impulse to get off the truck just now,’ Bei Feng celebrated in his heart. Things would have gotten extremely ugly had he not trusted his intuition.
At the same time, his killing intent soared to the heavens. The situation was becoming more and more troublesome by the minute!
Bei Feng did not know what it was about the old mansion that attracted all those people, but it did not matter to him now. There could be no secret bigger than the existence of the Ancient Well, after all!
He was unable to do anything to Wei Hui for the time being as well. The Thunder Pulse Pearl would probably do the job, but its destructive range was too big. It was very easy for innocent people to get caught up in its area of effect.
As for Wei Hui, there were two unexpected guests in his office at that moment. In front of these two men, the usual domineering Wei Hui disappeared, replaced by a very meek middle-aged uncle.
“President Wei, looks like you’ve been doing pretty well these past few years.”
The younger of the two men sat down on the leather couch and crossed his legs as he sneered. Standing beside him was a 50-plus-year-old senior who had a very refined, calm and stable bearing.
“Ah, no no, I don’t dare… compared to young master, my lifestyle is much inferior.”
Wei Hui immediately put on his best a*s-kissing expression as his heart palpitated wildly in his chest. Why were that family clan’s people here?
“Oh. Anyway, I heard that you’ve been trying hard recently, scheming for our family’s Ancestral Mansion? I wonder if that’s true… I’ve also gotten word that you’ve been creating trouble for our Ancestral Mansion’s watcher?” The young man asked unhurriedly, as if he were inquiring about something extremely ordinary like the weather.
“Young Master Yun, it’s a misunderstanding! It’s just a misunderstanding!” Wei Hui’s back was already drenched in cold sweat.
“I don’t care about your little schemes. However, if anything happens to the memorial tables of our Nie family in the Ancestral Mansion, I’ll wipe out your entire family. Do you understand?”
A leisurely smile still hung on his face, but Nie Yun’s tone had already become several degrees colder.
“I understand, I understand!” Wei Hui let out a sigh of relief at Nie Yun’s words as he hurriedly reassured the latter.
Nie Yun stared coldly at Wei Hui for a second before turning around to leave with the senior accompanying him.
“Young Master Yun, this Wei Hui character might be hiding something from us. For some reason, he had his eyes on our Ancestral Mansion for many years already,” the elderly man behind Nie Yun suddenly said.
“Wu Bo, you don’t have to worry; I’ve also noticed that. Although he did a good job of hiding it, he cannot hide the fact he was extremely nervous every time we spoke to him. His heartrate would also increase dramatically whenever the topic of the Ancestral Mansion came up.”
Nie Yun smiled lightly. He held great respect for Wu Bo, but he also had a lot of confidence in himself!
Wu Bo also did not continue speaking. Since Young Master Yun was so discerning, he must have had his own plans.