Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Braver Man Will Emerge From A Meeting On The Narrow Road
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuIn the moment Zhang Liang raised his handgun, Bei Feng felt a sudden sense of danger flood his entire being. All his hair stood on their ends in an instant and, like a cat with its tail stepped on, he forcibly leaped half a meter to the side.
A bullet hole appeared on the ground, right behind where he was standing a split second before. Immediately after, the sound of the shot arrived. [1]
‘How is this possible?!’
Zhang Liang refused to believe his eyes. Bei Feng had actually dodged his bullet from a 50-meter range!
‘Sh*t! That was close!’
Bei Feng panted wildly like a person who had just sprinted 100 meters. He had only barely managed to dodge the bullet. If he was slower by even a millisecond, he would definitely be dead or at least heavily injured by now!
‘Gwaah!! This sh*t is endless!’
Killing intent erupted within Bei Feng, rushing into his brain and clouding his mind. He only had one thought at the moment, and that was to tear the opponent before him apart!
A distance of fifty meters was not much to someone like him. Bei Feng was able to see Zhang Liang’s expression very clearly!
Just like a leopard crouching in the bushes, it was fine if it did not move. But the moment it decided to pounce, it would be like a sharp arrow leaving the bow!
In the blink of an eye, Bei Feng had closed the distance by twenty meters!
Numerous deep footprints appeared in the ground as Bei Feng covered several meters in distance with his every step!
‘What the hell is that speed?!’
Zhang Liang widened his eyes in shock as he watched Bei Feng barrelling towards him with incredible speed.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
He realized that he was unable to discern the movements of his opponent and could only fire three shots in the general direction of Bei Feng.
Two of the bullets went speeding off into the distance as they entirely missed their target. The third bullet, however, slammed into Bei Feng’s shoulder.
‘A hit! No matter how formidable he is, he’s still made of flesh and blood!’
Zhang Liang let out a sigh of relief as he watched Bei Feng stumble slightly. He had indeed been scared senseless when Bei Feng came charging at him like a demon a moment ago. But now that he saw that Bei Feng could bleed and be injured, the panic in his heart gradually dissipated.
Bei Feng had only stumbled slightly from the shot and his momentum was not completely broken. Once again, he continued charging straight at Zhang Liang!
“Bang, bang!”
Two more shots were fired off. Zhang Liang who had managed to calm down was able to aim more accurately. Two more patches of blood bloomed on Bei Feng’s body.
One of the bullets hit him squarely on his abdomen while the other grazed him across the face, taking a large chunk of flesh with it.
Bei Feng completely ignored the injuries on his body. In such a critical moment, as long as he hesitated for even one moment, he would be dead without a doubt! The only way for him to turn the situation around was to get into melee range of his opponent!
Fresh blood flowed in a continuous stream from Bei Feng’s face, giving him a heroic and fearless look. In addition to the fierce, crazed expression on his blood-soaked face, Bei Feng was like an Asura warrior who had just climbed out of hell.
‘Don’t panic! There’s no way I’ll lose!’
This was the first time Zhang Liang had ever encountered such a fearless opponent. He grit his teeth and stubbornly stood his ground. He too was similarly unable to retreat. With Bei Feng’s speed, he did not even have such an option!
The braver man will emerge from a meeting on the narrow road. This sentence perfectly encapsulated the current situation!
Everything came down to whether Zhang Liang could fatally wound Bei Feng before the latter closed in on him!
“Bang, bang!”
Zhang Liang started to panic as Bei Feng got closer to him, causing him to miss both his shots.
10 meters!
5 meters!
Bei Feng had successfully charged within five meters of Zhang Liang!
Immediately after, his frame momentarily disappeared from Zhang Liang’s vision as he crouched downwards. Then, with a powerful kick, Bei Feng soared into the air as he pounced towards Zhang Liang!
“HAHAHA! What an idiot! I’ll like to see how you’ll dodge my shot in midair!”
Zhang Liang laughed ecstatically and aimed his handgun at Bei Feng’s head.
It was only a slight sound, but Zhang Liang’s heart sank violently.
“How… ”
Zhang Liang sputtered weakly as he fought to hold onto his consciousness.
Bei Feng slowly released his grip around Zhang Liang’s neck with a cold look in his eyes. Zhang Liang’s neck had been snapped by Bei Feng in the last moment!
“What an idiot!”
Bei Feng spat in disgust. Throughout the fight, he had been counting the number of bullets in Zhang Liang’s handgun the entire time. [2]
He did not even bother to look at Zhang Liang’s body as he unceremoniously kicked it off the cliff. Then, enduring the pain coursing through him, Bei Feng dragged his blood-soaked body all the way back to the old mansion.
Although he was able to reduce the amount of blood lost by contracting the muscles around the wounds in his body, there was no way to stop the blood on his face from flowing freely.
Bei Feng rushed into the old mansion and closed the door. Then, he went to the kitchen and took a small knife, heating it with fire to sterilize it while he grabbed a clean piece of cloth nearby.
He didn’t have any other option. Those were gunshot wounds on his body. If he went to a hospital, the police would also get involved.
What was he supposed to say? Someone tried to kill me so I snapped his neck and kicked him off a cliff? Does it even make any sense? [3]
“Ahhh! F*ck!”
Bei Feng clamped down hard on the piece of cloth in his mouth and growled lowly as he pushed the scalding dagger into the wound on his shoulder.
A bullet was finally dug out from the wound and rolled on the ground.
It was a fortunate thing that Bei Feng’s body was several times stronger than that of an average man. The bullets had not been embedded too deeply in his body. Otherwise, it would have been much harder to remove the bullets.
One by one, the bullets were all removed by Bei Feng. The most troublesome one, of course, was the bullet in his abdomen. Luckily, it had not punctured his organs. Even so, it took a lot of effort before he was able to remove it.
His face was white as a sheet of paper as waves of pain surged within him.
“Come out!”
With a single thought, Extreme Arctic Frost appeared within the room. In an instant, the room became a winter land.
Bei Feng used the Frost Qi to directly freeze the wounds and stop the bleeding. After that, he recalled Extreme Arctic Frost back into his body and fell unconscious on the floor.
As he slept, the Yang Qi he had absorbed in the morning before he had been interrupted finally started moving again; on its own initiative, it broke into small balls of energy which slowly merged into Bei Feng’s blood.
Compared to the speed when Bei Feng revolved the Yang Qi using the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique, the speed at which the Yang Qi flowed around his body this time was at least ten times slower.
As he slept, the Blood Origin Fruit’s medicinal essence also merged with his body as it strove to replenish the lost blood and Qi.
The first rays of the morning sun contained the most bountiful amounts of vitality. As though it were directed by a divine hand, the radiant energy gathered around Bei Feng’s wounds. If one were to get close enough, it was possible to see muscle fibers growing over the wounds with visible speed as his body healed and his cells regenerated.
By the time Bei Feng regained his consciousness, it was already past three o’clock in the afternoon.
His wounds had all been sealed perfectly and the pain had also disappeared for the most part.
“I didn’t want to use this…”
Bei Feng murmured, a dangerous gleam flashing across his eyes as he held a black pearl with lightning patterns between his fingers.
‘They should be panicking right about now since the guy they sent after me is dead, right?’
Killing intent filled his heart. This was the second time he had almost died by the hands of these people!
As expected, Wei Hui was currently throwing a fit in his office.
Zhang Liang was required to call every three hours to report his status. But half a day had already gone by since his last report! They could not get through his phone as well.
“F*cking trash! It’s better that a useless idiot like that is dead!”
Wei Hui knew that Zhang Liang was most likely dead. However, he did not seem to feel sad, regretful or sympathetic because of that.
“Looks like I’ve taken unnecessary pains to approach an insignificant problem!”
Wei Hui forcefully calmed himself down.
“Since I’ve already decided to risk everything and skip town, why should I still care about offending the Nie family?!”
Wei Hui smiled coldly as he arranged for his guards to wait for him by the entrance of the tower.
Throughout the years, Wei Hui had managed to amass a huge collection of firearms, which he stored in a deserted warehouse in the suburbs.
Right now, two Mercedes-Benz sedans had pulled up outside of the warehouse. Wei Hui with seven other rough-looking men stepped out and entered the broken-down warehouse.
“I have a mission for all of you. Once it’s completed, everyone will receive 5 million yuan! Those who want to back out can do so now. In a moment, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to,” Wei Hui turned around and examined the expressions of the other seven, a cold gleam in his eyes.
[1] TL/N: Bullets travel faster than the speed of sound. You’ll be hit by a bullet before you can hear it. ED/N: It depends on what kind of gun it was shot from (some are a bit slower), but generally that’s how it is.
[2] ED/N: While it may sound risky and unreliable, especially since the enemy didn’t reload his weapon which would make assessing the magazine’s capacity possible, it’s not a problem as long as one could recognize the gun’s model.
[3] ED/N: Speaking of cliffs, he could say that he did it for the sake of saving the readers from cliffhangers, haha.