Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Art Of Explosions!
Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuSeven men stood in the broken-down warehouse, exchanging glances with each other as they considered the offer. A few men appeared to be hesitating, but the rest had greed in their eyes. 5 million yuan! That was more than enough for them to lie down comfortably at home and not have to lift a finger for the rest of their lives!
Even the few who were hesitating steeled their resolve as they considered the crazy remuneration. If they let this chance pass by, it was impossible to tell whether they would be able to come across so much money again in the future.
“We’ll follow the instructions of the boss!”
The group of seven shouted in a disciplined manner.
“Very good!”
Wei Hui nodded his head in satisfaction. These guys were still rather sensible at the very least. He was actually just testing them. He had never planned to let any deserters walk out alive in the first place.
“Follow me!”
Wei Hui led them deeper into the warehouse and started pulling off sheets of old tarpaulin, sending dust flying wildly about the warehouse.
After rummaging about for a moment, he pulled out a 50-centimeter wide, 1-meter long box.
The key twisted in the lock and the cover was flipped off easily.
All kinds of firearms filled the inside of the box. There was a great variety of handguns, and even a few AK47 assault rifles. On the side, one could even see seven, eight hand grenades!
‘Holy sh*t, did I just board a pirate ship?’
Such a thought flashed through everyone’s mind.
There were so many guns and grenades! Could it be that they were going to storm a military base or a government office?
Unease was apparent in the eyes of the seven. If Wei Hui really wanted them to act against the government, then it was likely that all of them would turn on him immediately!
What kind of joke was this? Money might be a nice thing to have, but one must be alive to spend it!
If Wei Hui knew what these guys were thinking right now, he would probably shoot all of them on the spot in a fit of rage.
“I want you to help me take down a certain individual. This fellow is a rather tough opponent. Both Ol’ Black and Zhang Liang had already fallen by his hand,” Wei Hui loaded the bullets into his handgun and said frostily.
“Kill him!”
The seven chorused enthusiastically. What a relief. It turned out to be just a normal assassination mission. Although the target was a little tricky to handle, it was eight versus one this time! The 5 million dollars were practically in their pockets already!
“Boss, what happened to you?”
Bai Xiang stared at the savage scar on Bei Feng’s face in shock.
“It’s nothing. Have you eaten yet?” Bei Feng waved his hands dismissively and avoided the question.
“Not yet,” Bai Xiang shook his head.
“Alright, you can go ahead and cook right away. Oh, put two more sections of shrimp leg in this time,” Bei Feng was starving. He had lost a lot of blood and was in dire need of some calories.
Bai Xiang did not continue asking further. He could tell that Bei Feng was not in a very good state, so he hurried to the kitchen.
Half an hour later, a sumptuous meal comprised of five sections of steamed Giant Imperial Shrimp’s legs was placed on the table.
Bei Feng grabbed an entire section of meat and chomped down on it like a ravenous old beggar. Soon, the only thing left in Bei Feng’s hand was an empty shell.
Bai Xiang stared at Bei Feng as if he was looking at a ghost. There was still half a section of meat left in his hands!
It was only after gobbling down three sections of meat that Bei Feng finally stopped. There was a comfortable and warm feeling in his stomach and he felt much better already.
“I’m going out for a moment. If you’re feeling bored, you can go into my room and watch the TV,”
Bei Feng left immediately after, leaving Bai Xiang sitting at the table, deep in thought.
‘If my calculations are right, Wei Hui will definitely make his move tonight, like a cornered dog leaping over a wall in desperation,’ Bei Feng sneered as he walked leisurely on the mountainous path.
Finally, he arrived at the peak of a small hill where he sat down, waiting for the fish to take the hook.
This game of waiting stretched from noon till night. As a seasoned fisherman, Bei Feng was extremely patient and did not mind the boredom. He only stood up from time to time to stretch his limbs.
It was another cloudless night, and the moon hung high in the sky, bathing the earth in a silvery light.
Wei Hui arrived at Qing Ling Village with his seven lackeys. Upon his arrival, he only whispered a few instructions to the seven and the group hurried towards Bei Feng’s old mansion in silence.
All was silent on the twisting, dry mud path. The atmosphere among the group of eight was solemn and their gazes were filled with determination.
The trees on both sides of the road swayed gently in the wind, their leaves and branches waving about like a host of demons dancing in a riotous revelry.
‘They’re here!’
A gleam flashed across Bei Feng’s eyes as he noticed the group of men two hundred meters away. Wei Hui led the group at the front, his eyes filled with murder.
The moonlit night was no different in Bei Feng’s eyes as compared to a bright, clear day during the noon. With such conditions, Bei Feng could even observe the fine details of a small object from a few hundred meters away!
A single pearl blacker than the night had long been prepared, waiting within the palm of his hand for this exact moment. Bei Feng gathered his strength with a frosty sneer on his face. Then, after infusing a sliver of Qi into the Thunder Pulse Pearl, he hurled it with all his might at Wei Hui’s group!
There was no need to consider anything like mercy or morals at this point. Even if Bei Feng thought with his a*s, it would still be obvious that these people were here for his head! If he fell into their hands, there was no way they would choose to spare him. In that case, why should he stay his hand?
Bei Feng flinched as his recently closed wounds were torn open as he exerted his strength. Clenching his teeth, he turned around and dashed down the opposite side of the hill without even looking back!
“What the hell is that?”
Wei Hui and the seven looked at the black pearl arching through the air towards them in puzzlement.
“It’s too fast!”
Before they could even react, the black pearl landed right in front of the the group with a crisp sound as it bounced on the ground.
“Get out of the way!”
Wei Hui felt a huge sense of crisis flood his entire being and immediately hollered while jumping to the side simultaneously.
But was the power of the Thunder Pulse Pearl something so easily dodged?
It had a over 300-meter explosion radius! The Thunder Pulse Pearl might as well be named the ancestor of all grenades in this world! If it could be dodged by simply jumping to the side in the last moment, that would truly be the greatest joke under the heavens.
Without a doubt, the destructive energy from explosions was one of the deadliest forces in the world!
A deafening blast like that of a volcanic eruption spread out with shocking speed for tens of li! Countless tons of mud and stone fragments transformed into deadly projectiles as they flew through the air in all directions!
It was nighttime and the villagers in Qing Ling Village didn’t have much else to do other than to watch some TV and sleep. At this moment, the sound of the blast had also travelled to the village.
“Hey, old man, didn’t you hear that clap of thunder just now? I think it’s probably going to start raining soon. Hurry up and bring all the clothes in!” [1]
A middle-aged auntie sat in front of the TV and snapped in a shrill voice without even bothering to turn her head.
Inky black electric currents burst forth from the Thunder Pulse Pearl, enveloping everything within three hundred meters!
With another deafening blast, the energy collapsed in on itself and exploded outwards once again!
“No! I refuse to die here! Open for me!”
Wei Hui looked like a madman, Qi and blood surging within him as he revolved his peak level martial skill to the extreme!
A thin layer of golden light immediately appeared around his body, forming a round barrier which enveloped his body!
With a light, almost indiscernible sound, the golden barrier that could withstand a force of a thousand jin shattered instantly!
In an instant, the skin on Wei Hui’s body evaporated, exposing layers of muscles and flesh which gave off sizzling sounds as they melted!
The same thing was happening to the other seven men who had followed Wei Hui. In the face of such force, the strength of an individual was completely negligible.
A huge mushroom cloud rose into the sky from the location of the explosion. The fact that it was nighttime was truly the whole affair’s saving grace. Otherwise, the gigantic cloud of smoke could be spotted from hundreds of li away!
Bei Feng, who was fleeing from the blast range, was sent flying by the shockwave. Although the explosion’s radius was said to be three hundred meters, that was based on the scenario of a flat and open terrain with no cover. Even though he was only two hundred meters from the blast range, he was on the other side of the small mountain by the time the Thunder Pulse Pearl exploded, giving him plenty of cover.
In addition, Bei Feng’s body was extremely fast, allowing him to run away quickly. With the mountain behind him absorbing most of the force, Bei Feng was only hit by the residue shockwave. Other than reopening some of his wounds, he was not really hurt otherwise.
Bei Feng spat out the mud in his mouth and crawled back up the mountain to check the aftermath of the explosion.
The scene was covered with huge amounts of thick smoke and debris. The road was littered with twigs and pieces of wood from trees. Rocks were shattered and the entire mountain path looked as chaotic as a scene out of a war movie.
“Crack, sizzle, pop!”
A nasty smell formed by burnt soil and melted rocks covered the entire area, causing Bei Feng to cough wildly. The ground around the central point of the explosion was covered in cracks. It was burning red, and plumes of black smoke continuously rose off the ground through the cracks!
A huge crater had formed in the epicenter of explosion. Faint traces of electricity could still be observed, crackling and jumping about wildly within its depths!
Not even a trace of Wei Hui’s group could be seen. It was as if they had never even existed in the first place! Although he did not have their corpses as evidence, Bei Feng knew that they were dead without a doubt!
He stared open mouthed at the sinister-looking crater and felt his scalp beginning to grow numb. As expected, anything the System evaluated as a treasure was indeed a premium product! It had not exaggerated the effects of the Thunder Pulse Pearl in the slightest!
‘Luckily, I was cautious and positioned myself well away from the blast zone. Otherwise, if I were to somehow drop into the crater, that would be a truly foolish way to die!’
Bei Feng was extremely glad that he had chosen to trust the evaluation of the System.
“HAHA! It’s finally over!”
His body was stinging from the pain, and blood was flowing steadily from his wounds. However, Bei Feng did not seem to notice it at all as he stood atop the small mountain, laughing like a madman!
[1] ED/N: Old man as in husband. Married couples, especially aged ones, often refer to each other as old man and old woman in China.