Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens
Chapter 590 - Seven Emotions And Six Desires!

Chapter 590: Seven Emotions And Six Desires!

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Bei Feng was undergoing final transformation after having attained Thousand Year King realm. Even his Yin-Yang legacy techniques had reached that level. Only then did Bei Feng think about the change in the space between his eyebrows.
By then, the whole city had already been covered by a blanket of grayish black mist; a sense of imminent danger loomed in the air.
However, nobody could see it. They only felt uneasy as though there was a knife above their heads, ready to drop on them anytime.
Back at the San Chuan School, the principal awoke from his nap due to a sudden increase in heart rate. He could sense that trouble was approaching, and thus quickly went out to check. Still, he couldn’t find anything amiss.
Heartbeat could be distinctly heard as everyone’s heartbeat became in sync!
Bei Feng stared closely at the egg floating in the grayish black mist between his brows, and saw large amounts of stellar energy entering it, forming creepy symbols on its surface.
Not only so, a strange noise could be heard within 2000 square meters around Bei Feng.
After the mysterious noise started, a large black lotus flower sprouted from within the rubble. It only took it a few seconds to bloom!
The countless black leaves were translucent like a piece of inked jade.
By repeating the process of life and death, it shortened its life cycle to just a few seconds.
Nothing must go wrong. Bei Feng prayed while trying to figure out what was inside the egg. However, a powerful wave of energy would block his mental power every time he tried to focus on the egg.
Hence, Bei Feng started to worry that the little fox was no longer the same little fox he knew.
A sound that sounded like a cross between a zither and a Qin rang out, causing the entire area to turn silent in an instant!
A light sound rang out, causing Bei Feng to become nervous.
A long crack appeared on the surface of the black egg, which then proceeded to shatter apart before Bei Feng!
In the instant that the egg shell broke, Bei Feng suddenly felt that let alone his blood Qi and Stellar Energy, even his soul was roused up!
“What’s going on?!” Bei Feng’s expression changed. He didn’t try to control the strange phenomenon in his body; at the same time, he felt that even the spirit power ability he’d spawned on his body had disappeared!
Originally, although Bei Feng’s spirit power ability hadn’t been formed yet, Bei Feng could still feel the energy that belonged to the birth of a spirit power ability.
But right now, this energy had disappeared as if the energy he’d felt a moment ago had just been an illusion.
A crisp sound rang out, and Bei Feng’s eyes blurred as a nearly two meter tall black fox appeared before his eyes, meeping shyly. A pair of huge black eyes trembled with emotion as it stared at him.
Bei Feng’s face changed instantly. Was it going to happen finally?
Without waiting for Bei Feng to react, the little fox stepped out and appeared in the air. After that, it raised its head and roared to the sky!
The terrifying roar rang out like a loud thunder, spreading through the entire city!
Hearing the little fox’s roar, Han Kui and the armadillo instantly prostrated their bodies on the ground and lowered their heads as they shivered intensely.
The gangster rabbit was a bit better off, but all hair on its body was standing on its ends as it looked upwards at the little fox.
Yet another roar rang out as the little fox hovered in the air. It continued roaring, for a total of 13 times!
After the 13 roars, Bei Feng could see that the grayish black mist surrounding the entire city had already disappeared, having been swallowed into the little fox’s mouth!
The energy that normally could not be seen yet existed within the body of every single person of San Chuan City had all been drawn out and poured into the little fox’s body.
The little fox was only about two meters tall, but its tail was over a meter long. As the uncountable amounts of energy flowed into its body, it began to transform!
A terrifying roar rang out, filled with fearsome might. With this roar, everyone in San Chuan City seemed to have lost their souls as their eyes turned blank. Only the half-step Thousand Year King realm cultivators managed to hold on forcefully.
A huge figure descended, its form like an inestimably huge Demonic Beast with nine long tails that covered the sun itself.
The little fox originally only had one tail behind it, but after absorbing all the energy provided by the people of the entire San Chuan City, another tail began to grow out, swinging behind it.
Yet another tail grew out; the little fox’s aura shook abruptly, and soared higher!
That was not all. As time passed, more and more tails grew out from the little fox’s body, and the color of each tail was different.
When the last tail grew out, all tails spread out magnificently like a peacock’s tail, numbering 13 in total! At this time, the little fox looked frail yet sacred and inviolable!
The Seven Emotions and Six Desires!
Bei Feng’s expression grew heavy when he saw this sight. Although the others would not know what the energy that rose out from the people was, as the person who produced the little fox, he would naturally understand!
And it was because he understood that he was even more terrified!
Yes, terrified!
At this time, Bei Feng knew why the spirit power abilities he’d formed in his body had disappeared. When the little fox was born, all the ‘nutrients’ supposed to be used for the birth of the spirit power abilities had been transferred to the little fox!
The little fox was a part of himself, so it was no wonder that all the spirit power abilities that were originally forming disappeared the moment it was born!
A fine bird chose a good tree to nest in—it was also the same for the spirit power abilities!
Previously, Bei Feng had formed quite a few spirit power abilities in his body. Just a rough estimate would put their number as at least five!
All the spirit power abilities were similar in power, with none capable of suppressing the others. However, that was until the little fox appeared. In the instant that it came out, it suppressed all the other spirit power abilities!
As a result, all of them had disappeared, and all the nutrients had been transferred into the little fox’s body!
At this time, each tail that grew out from the little fox’s body directly increased the aura around it by onefold!
The little fox’s existence was very special. It could be said to be a living creature, but as it didn’t have a body of flesh and blood, it could also be said to be a non-living entity. However, the little fox had its own consciousness.
As the tails grew out, Bei Feng could also feel the little fox’s intelligence growing stronger and stronger. The look of wisdom in its eyes also shone brighter.
At this time, the little fox could also be considered as Bei Feng’s strongest spirit power ability!
Each tail represented a different spirit power ability, so 13 tails represented 13 spirit power abilities! Furthermore, these 13 spirit power abilities were each the foundation of a grand spirit power ability!
The spirit power ability of each tail could be used separately, and if all 13 were used together, it would form an absolute spirit power ability, the Seven Emotions and Six Desires!
As long as one was alive, they would have the seven emotions and six desires in their hearts! Even if it was an immortal, or a god!
Any life form with intelligence would not be able to avoid having the seven emotions and six desires!
Seven emotions: Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Hate, and Greed!
Six desires: Birth, Death, Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose 1 !
Of all the worlds in the Myriad Heavens, all intelligent living creatures would not be able to escape from the confines of the seven emotions and six desires!
And that was the reason why Bei Feng had felt terrified of it! Even if this kind of power was held in his own hands, he was still terrified!
Right now, the little fox could no longer be called a little fox anymore. Its body had transformed into a nine-meter-tall beast, and each of its 13 tails was over six meters long!
Although it had many tails, it wouldn’t give others a sense of confusion when they looked at it. Instead, it gave a sense of gracefulness and orderly feeling. Every swish of its tails was as if it contained the very laws of the heavens!
The little fox appeared before Bei Feng and rubbed its furry head softly against Bei Feng. At the same time, its tails lightly brushed against Bei Feng, causing him to stumble two steps back.
What powerful strength!
A look of complete shock appeared on Bei Feng’s face. The little fox had only nudged him lightly in an affectionate manner, and he’d still been pushed two steps out!
Bei Feng retracted the shock in his heart, and asked tentatively, “Little fox?”
At the same time, he was staring nervously at this incarnation of the Seven Emotions and Six Desires.
The little fox narrowed its eyes as a look of joy and affection appeared in its eyes.
Bei Feng did not ask any further. After sensing this joy and attachment, Bei Feng instantly knew that this was still the same little fox, and nothing had changed about it.
The little fox narrowed it eyes and circled Bei Feng, using its tail to draw a circle as it wrapped around Bei Feng.
At the same instant, a feeling of fatigue gushed into Bei Feng’s mind. This was an emotion that had been transmitted by the little fox.
Bei Feng rubbed the little fox’s head with an emotional smile, and said, “Alright, you’ve just been born, so quickly go back and come out again after you’ve rested well. I’ll also take this time to think of a good name for you.”
The little fox rubbed its head against him again, and turned into a stream of light which flowed into the area between Bei Feng’s brows.
Bei Feng heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that nothing had happened; although there had been some unexpected twists and turns, everything could be said to have turned out well in the end.
Not only had he managed to break through in his cultivation, he’d also awoken the little fox. On top of that, he’d even obtained the grand spirit power of Seven Emotions and Six Desires by a stroke of good fortune.
“The reason this kind of spirit power ability was awoken must have something to do with the Evil Source Energy! The Evil Source Energy, also known as the Origins of 10,000 Evils, and the source of all evils in the world, naturally includes the seven emotions and six desires.”
Bei Feng could not help but feel somewhat lost at that moment. It wasn’t clear how that Evil Source Energy had appeared, but it had truly given him an extremely rough time. Right now, it’d already fused together with the little fox’s soul, and turned into his own spirit power ability, so he at least didn’t have to worry about the invasion of the Evil Source Energy anymore.