Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife
Chapter 531 - I’ll Make It to You Until You Cry

Chapter 531: I’ll Make It to You Until You Cry
Looking into Mu Qiqi’s eyes, Sheng Minglan saw the admiration and softness in her eyes.
Soon, the two men walked to the front of their respective women.
Sheng Xiao stretched his hand out toward Mu Qiqi. “Let’s go.”
“Congratulations.” Sheng Minglan wished the two while nestling in Jing Yun’s arms. “You must notify us of your wedding ceremony as soon as possible.”
“It’s still too early to say that.” Mu Qiqi blushed and looked at Sheng Xiao.
“We shall leave now. After you come back, we shall make time to have another good chat.”
Mu Qiqi nodded and saw Jing Yun and Sheng Minglan off with Sheng Xiao. Seeing her man was back at work, Mu Qiqi leaned on the table and said, “I thought we could have dinner with them tonight.”
“Fourth Sister is in a hurry to go to the hospital for a checkup,” Sheng Xiao answered without raising his head.
“Is she pregnant?” Mu Qiqi made a guess.
“What great news!” Mu Qiqi walked around the table and sat on Sheng Xiao’s lap nonchalantly. “Let’s talk with me…”
“How can I work if you are like this?”
“You are still thinking about your work after you got me here?” Mu Qiqi deliberately rubbed on his lap. “You used to be very flirty before. But after six months, you have become a boring man.”
Sheng Xiao could not stand her rubbing on his body any longer. He pinned her on the office table, leaned over, and kissed her. “If you don’t stop, I’ll make it to you until you cry.”
Sheng Xiao did not say anything anymore. He cupped his hands on her bottom and stood up as he headed to his private lounge.
“Although we have been together for so long, I have never seen you having a business meeting with other people. If I knew earlier how captivating you are at that moment, I would have asked you to bring me out here more frequently.”
Sheng Xiao pressed her against his hard body. “Little one, did you put honey on your lips?”
“Just consider that I did. Darling, I want you.”
Mu Qiqi was especially proactive today. She reached out and grabbed Sheng Xiao’s collar to pull him nearer to her body.
“You are so naughty!”
After that, sounds of moaning that would make people blush were soon heard. When the secretary did not get an answer after knocking on the door, he knew his boss must be having an intimate moment with the mistress. So, he did not disturb them anymore. As long as Mu Qiqi was with Sheng Xiao, this harsh man became a frightfully soft man.
Three hours had already passed when the couple finally got out of the lounge.
Mu Qiqi was sleeping in Sheng Xiao’s arms. He carried her out of the office and left Zhongteng.

In the evening, Lu Mansion was already brightly lit.
Lu Qianqian and her family were dining at the table. The vibe was rather warm.
“I will go back to the academy in two days,” Lin Mu’an announced suddenly. “I have rested long enough. I don’t want to delay my studies anymore.”
“Is your hand alright?” Mama Lu was concerned.
“I think it’s almost fully recovered. It’s Qianqian who thinks I have to rest,” Lin Mu’an explained.
“If you are in pain again, it will serve you right. Just go back if you want.” Lu Qianqian gave him a look. She had stopped him from returning to school because she cared about him. Why would she care if it were another man?”
Lin Mu’an chuckled. Just as he was about to comfort his woman, Mama Lu let out a shriek and got up from the table right away.
Lu Qianqian’s third uncle came rushing into the living room with blood all over his body. Mama Lu paled in shock.
“Qianqian, save me, save me!”
When Lu Qianqian looked carefully, she saw her uncle’s left hand was already gone. Blood was gushing out from the wound.”
Lin Mu’an quickly guarded the mother and the daughter. He shouted to the bodyguards. “What have you been doing? Didn’t you see him when he got in?”
The bodyguard quickly seized the man. But blood spilled all over when he struggled.
“Qianqian, you must save me. They have really chopped off my hand, Qianqian.”
“Mother, you should go back to your room first. I shall take care of this.” Lu Qianqian pushed her mother into her room.
“Can you really handle this?” Mama Lu was getting a little dizzy already.
“Mu’an is here. The bodyguards are here. I’ll be fine.” Lu Qianqian comforted her mother.
After Mama Lu left the scene, Lu Qianqian grabbed the first-aid kit. “You must stop the bleeding first. If you lose too much blood, the consequences will be disastrous.”
“Give them the kit. They know how to do it.” Lin Mu’an reminded Lu Qianqian to pass the first-aid kit to the bodyguards.
“Young Master Lin, we did not just let him come in. He has the key. His creditors are all outside. We were blocking them from getting in just now.”
After listening to the bodyguard’s explanation, Lin Mu’an walked to the window. As he looked down through the window, he saw ten or so men in black standing outside. They were holding all sorts of weapons in their hands.
“How did they get in?” Lu Qianqian was puzzled.
“Look at them. I bet the security would not dare to stop them,” said Lin Mu’an. “Just ignore them. The police will come shortly.”
“Qianqian, save me. They will kill me for real. Save me!”
Lu Qianqian looked at her third uncle. He was in such a hideous state. She could not calm herself down.
When Lin Mu’an saw that, he quickly said, “You go in and accompany Mother. I’ll take care of this.”
“Can you?”
“Are you looking down on your man?” Having said that, Lin Mu’an pushed Lu Qianqian into the room.
Lin Mu’an still did not know that Third Uncle Lu had come to Lu Qianqian for this matter before. He knelt before him and said, “Please calm down first. You are safe for the time being.”
“No, I’m not. Those people won’t leave if they don’t get the thirty million dollars. Nephew-in-law, you must help me…”
“Just report it to the police.” What a joke! It’s thirty million.
When Lu Qianqian was suffering, these uncles did not miss any chance to pick on her. Now that they were in trouble, they shamelessly came to her for help.
“No! Don’t call the police. You can’t!”
If he called the police, the police would find out about their illegal gambling. If that happened, the men would kill him for sure.
“I can do it. But you must calm down and get your treatment first.”
“Nephew-in-law, I beg you. Just give them the money. Otherwise, they will kill me. I beg you!”
“You must get your wound bandaged first. I will go in and discuss with Qianqian.” Lin Mu’an motioned the bodyguards to keep a close eye on him in case anything else happened. More importantly, he did not want to let this man scare the mother and the daughter in the room.
After that, Lin Mu’an stood up and joined the mother-daughter pair.
“How is it?”
“He is asking for thirty million dollars.”
“He came to me once this morning. I asked him to give me his shares as a pledge, but he did not agree to that.” Lu Qianqian recounted the event to Lin Mu’an. “Gambling is a recurring habit. Once it happens, it will happen again and again. How is it possible for me to settle for him each time?”
“You did the right thing.” Lin Mu’an praised Lu Qianqian for her decision.