Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife
Chapter 646 - Overly Caring

Chapter 646: Overly Caring
Feng Shanshan didn’t move after getting the information. She scanned the list to look for Qin Yang’s name. However, Qin Yang was not one of the enemies of Dai Xi, so his name was not on the list.
Looking at Feng Shanshan’s unwillingness to give up, Mu Qiqi crossed her arms across her chest and asked, “Are you thinking of looking for Qin Yang? We don’t even know who Qin Yang is, nor do we have any information about him. How can you look for him?”
“You and Chief Sheng can go home. I still want to continue.”
Seeing Feng Shanshan was about to leave, Mu Qiqi grabbed her arm. “Do you still want your life? It’s already so late but you’re wandering everywhere. Do you have to go this far for the sake of Captain Tang? Qin Yang won’t run away.”
“I know what I’m doing, Qiqi. He’s working desperately outside because of that bastard. If I can’t get the evidence sooner, I can’t be at peace.”
Mu Qiqi sighed helplessly and looked at her man in the car.
Although Sheng Xiao was reading the documents, he was aware of the argument between the two. So, he uttered, “Get in.”
Although this little one was telling Feng Shanshan to stop, he knew the little one would have already rushed out with her if he was not there.
“Get in.” Mu Qiqi repeated to Feng Shanshan, imitating his tone.
After making a few calls, Xu Che confirmed the identity of Qin Yang.
Although he was a person who helped Dai Xi pass his exams by taking them for him, he had started a business and became quite successful after he graduated.
Soon, they arrived outside Qin Yang’s shop. The same old rule applied here. Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan went in themselves while Sheng Xiao waited in the car.
This man was currently running a bar called Night Wind.
Seeing the type of business, Sheng Xiao said to Xu Che while reading his documents, “Go and protect her.”
“Yes.” Xu Che reacted immediately.
Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan got to know in which VIP room Qin Yang was from the bartender. The atmosphere of the place was foul. Some of the people were singing and some were drinking. The men and women were having so much fun.
“Boss, there are two ladies looking for you,” said the bartender to Qin Yang.
Qin Yang sat among the crowd. Seeing that Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan were both beauties, he waved at them. “It’s my pleasure to have two beauties looking for me. Why don’t we sing a song first?”
“We came for Dai Xi’s matter,” Feng Shanshan said directly to Qin Yang.
“No matter who and what you came for, you must drink first. This is the rule here.” Qin Yang pointed at the wine bottle on the table. “Otherwise, why should I tell you anything?”
This man clearly did not take them seriously. He exuded the aura of a rogue.
The man wearing a pair of gold-framed glasses seemed drunk. He didn’t see the man behind Feng Shanshan.
“Will you tell me after I finish that bottle?”
“Of course, I’m a man who keeps my words.”
After the men and women heard him, they burst out laughing.
Feng Shanshan was once the bar’s frequent visitor. One bottle of wine was an easy task for her. So, she took it and finished it in one go. But after she drank the wine, Qin Yang barked with laughter and encouraged her to drink some more. “Impressive! Drink one more bottle and I’ll tell you.”
“Don’t trust him. He’s just teasing you.” Mu Qiqi stopped Feng Shanshan.
Feng Shanshan remained motionless.
“Feng Shanshan, he’s clearly not in a sober state. Why don’t you wait and come tomorrow when he’s sober? Must you do this now?”
“Since you’ve come, don’t think about leaving tonight.” Qin Yang signaled the bartender to close the door. It was rare for two cute girls to come, so how could he miss such a good opportunity?
“Are you sure you want to lock us in?” Mu Qiqi looked at Qin Yang, crossing her arms. “Do you know who we are?”
“This girl looks very much like Mu Qiqi, doesn’t she? The one who always appears on the newspaper.” One of them recognized Mu Qiqi, but he was unsure about it.
As for Qin Yang, he laughed out loud. “Who is Mu Qiqi? I don’t know her. I only know that people with that kind of status wouldn’t come to a place like this. If you two really want to ask me about Dai Xi, you should pay for it, right? However, I am not a person who likes money. I simply have one little hobby.”
Having said that, Qin Yang stood up and walked toward Feng Shanshan. He wanted to touch her cheek, but right at that moment, the door of the VIP room burst open very suddenly and before he could see the man who came in clearly, Qin Yang had already been thrown against the wall.
Now only did the crowd see Xu Che.
“Who are you? Are you asking for your death by picking up a fight here?”
Xu Che took out a name card from his pocket and threw it to them. Then, he said, “Get lost if you want to live.”
One of them picked up the name card. He paled and stood up immediately. “He’s Zhongteng’s man. He’s the general assistant of Zhongteng.”
After a while, only Qin Yang, Xu Che, and the two girls were left in the VIP room.
And then, Sheng Xiao walked into the room slowly and casually.
“The two girls just want to ask you something. Don’t you think you are being too enthusiastic and overly caring, CEO Qin?”
Qin Yang knelt on the ground. He did not dare to look into Sheng Xiao’s eyes, so he could only look at his shoes.
“It’s me who is the fool. I didn’t recognize you. I’m sorry, Chief Sheng. If I knew she really is your wife, I wouldn’t have messed around.”
“So, can you tell us now?” Sheng Xiao said irritatingly.
“Yes, yes…” Qin Yang wiped the sweat on his forehead and started to explain. “Dai Xi has a powerful uncle. When he knew that I look like Dai Xi, he forced me to take the exams for him. My grades were barely enough for me to graduate then. But because I had to take the exams for Dai Xi, I missed the exams of my own papers and didn’t graduate in the end. If I didn’t have some money, my life would have already been destroyed by Dai Xi.”
“Do you have any proof?” Feng Shanshan asked.
“Yes. Because I’m afraid of taking responsibility, I kept it as a protection. Dai Xi’s uncle always came to me, so I installed a camera at my door.”
“Give it to me,” Feng Shanshan said coldly.
“I’m also a victim. I was forced by Dai Xi’s uncle. If you can guarantee that I won’t be affected, I will give it to you right away.”
“The one who is in bad luck is someone else.” Sheng Xiao implied that he wasn’t the one affected and considered it a promise to Qin Yang.
“Since Chief Sheng had promised, of course, I will cooperate.”