Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife
Chapter 814 - You’re Taking Revenge on Me Again!

Chapter 814: You’re Taking Revenge on Me Again!
“Of course, I didn’t plan all of this. Otherwise, would I have been schemed against by you?” Sheng Bowen shrugged casually. He was a completely different person from before.
From this, Shen Yu’s wariness peaked and curiosity piqued.
“What kind of trick are you playing?”
“I’m just waiting for my sentence. What can I be playing with you?” Sheng Bowen was still smiling.
Shen Yu thought about the whole process, his heart becoming more and more uncertain, and his suspicions were through the roof.
In the end, he got up from his seat.
“You’re in a hurry to leave? You won’t be able to leave. You’ll stay with me.”
The more Sheng Bowen talked, the more excited he became, and the more he spoke, the more he seemed to take it seriously.
Shen Yu turned around, and hurriedly opened the door of the interrogation room. However, he had only taken a few steps when he saw Sheng Xiao enter.
“Lawyer Shen, you’re leaving just like that? Don’t you want to see what I brought?” Sheng Xiao was calm and reserved, but there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.
Shen Yu looked at Sheng Xiao, especially at his eyes. This unpredictable man was like a god who controlled everything.
“It’s useless. You won’t be able to get Sheng Bowen out.”
“Really? Does the police have evidence of Sheng Bowen driving drunk?” Sheng Xiao asked calmly.
“I am the evidence.”
“Based on your one-sided statement, if it counts as evidence. This thing in my hand might directly take your life.” With that, Sheng Xiao handed over the surveillance footage to the police. “If the person behind you is only at this level, then I think it won’t take long for me to find his lair.”
Shen Yu’s face was pale because he had no idea what Sheng Xiao had just handed over to the police.
So, he could only bluff. “You’re really going all out in getting your brother freed.”
“White latex gloves, blue smock, and black shoe covers. I can see you clearly in the dark. Looks like I’ll have to increase the bonus for the technical department.”
Hearing those three adjectives, Shen Yu felt as if he had been struck by lightning.
“That’s impossible… Impossible!”
“Remember, when a rabbit is anxious, it will bite.”
Shen Yu was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat and ran out of the police station. Sheng Xiao did not stop him.
Was a rabbit easy to bully?
It was, but there was a price to pay for bullying a rabbit!
The police quickly confirmed the evidence and that Sheng Bowen was innocent. He had been framed. Sheng Xiao’s video was very clear, and there was no way Shen Yu could deny it.
So, half an hour later, Sheng Bowen was directly released by the police, and Shen Yu became a wanted criminal.
Sheng Xiao’s car was just outside. When Sheng Bowen saw it, he sat in it in a sorry state.
“Eighth Brother, I knew you would save me.”
“Have you had enough fun?” Sheng Xiao was angry. If Shen Yu had been a little more insane and hit him harder, Sheng Bowen might have been crippled from then on. Or rather, he might have died in the driver’s seat. “If you’ve had enough fun, you can go back and explain it to Grandpa yourself.”
“At least you came back after a disaster. You’re so fierce.”
“So? You know who’s behind Shen Yu now?” Sheng Xiao glanced at him and asked.
“I was just in prison. Do you think he would have told me those things and so I could pass the message to you? However, when he got carried away, he said something that I believe. He said that Sheng Kai found a good backer, that he was going to give Sheng Kai a gift.”
“You believe It? Shen Yu took such a big risk for Sheng Kai?”
“Alright, I think it’s nonsense too.”
At the very least, he had caught the person who framed him. As a rabbit, he had bitten back, hadn’t he?
“We’re going in circles with this matter. Only a cunning person like you can play it…”
Sheng Xiao did not answer him. At least he was back, and the show had officially begun.
“Shen Yu is related to Bai Xinyi’s case, but he doesn’t know anything more than Sheng Kai.” After a while, Sheng Bowen suddenly said, “Otherwise, Shen Yu wouldn’t have been sent on a mission to deal with me. Moreover, he’s alone.”
“But he does know something.”
This was what Sheng Bowen was puzzled about. Shen Yu seemed to know a lot, but it also seemed like he was bluffing.
“He knows, not because the other party trusts him, but because of his survival instinct. He wants to master something important so that he can save his life in the end.” Sheng Xiao interrupted Sheng Bowen. “No matter what, they’re not actively making their moves just yet. So we wait.”
“I have a headache. I can go back and sleep!” Sheng Bowen blinked and leaned against the back seat, his mind abnormally clear. “Why didn’t Xiao Qi come with you?”
Sheng Xiao ignored his question.
“Don’t send strange things to Xiao Qi in the future…”
“You’re taking revenge on me again!” Sheng Bowen suddenly reacted.
Was this considered revenge?
“Why did you let Shen Yu go at the police station just now? You could have caught him on the spot.”
“Caught him on the spot? How would we know who he had sought help from, where he was hiding, and who he had met?”
Sheng Bowen was speechless. As expected, he couldn’t play with these scheming big shots.
He simply closed his eyes and went to sleep. Going up the mountain had already exhausted all of his wisdom.
The tables had turned!
Everyone thought that Sheng Bowen had been caught red-handed and that he definitely wouldn’t be able to escape from prison this time, but…
In just a short afternoon, Sheng Bowen was acquitted.
Not only that, the police also issued a wanted notice. It turned out that the murderer was Shen Yu, a lawyer from the same industry.
Eventually, there were people who did not believe in this evil. They always thought that the Sheng family had used their background to do something behind the scenes and let others take the blame.
However, the evidence in Sheng Xiao’s hands, dozens of cameras of all sizes, captured videos of Shen Yu committing the crime from all angles.
In order to stop rumors, Sheng Xiao allowed a short 10-second video to be released by the media, which showed Shen Yu doing the deed and framing Sheng Bowen.
Huang Yao issued a statement at the same time. Sheng Bowen was innocent and the police had sufficient evidence in their hands. They hoped that the public would stop spreading rumors.
This way, Sheng Bowen’s reputation and innocence would be restored.
Sheng Xiao’s counterattack was very powerful because his purpose was not only to clear Sheng Bowen’s name, but also to force Shen Yu and the people behind him to not take any chances.
At the same time, it served as a warning to Sheng Kai. There was no way out of this fight with him, so don’t waste your energy.
Sheng Bowen was completely pulled out of this whirlpool by Sheng Xiao.
Sheng Kai wanted to touch the Sheng family? That would depend on whether the person in power behind him agreed or not.
Sheng Xiao’s car had just arrived at the Sheng family’s home.
Old Master Sheng and Ren Yufei were anxiously waiting at the door. When they saw Sheng Bowen get out of the car, Ren Yufei immediately ran over.
“I’m back.”