Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife
Chapter 816 - Go and Coax Her Yourself, I Can’t be Bothered

Chapter 816: Go and Coax Her Yourself, I Can’t be Bothered
From yesterday until this evening, Mu Qiqi felt her head spinning.
She could not get over her anger and so she simply returned to the Shen family. She did not want to see the man who lied to her about everything.
Shen Jianchuan had built an antique collection room. When he saw his daughter return home, he only felt the sun rise from the west. “How long has it been since you’ve come back to see your father?”
“Aren’t I here now?” Mu Qiqi sat on the chair and watched him wipe the antiques. “Father, your body has almost recovered now. Haven’t you thought about finding another wife?”
Shen Jianchuan pushed the thin frame of his glasses and looked down at the antiques in his hands. “I’m already at this age. What else is there to look for? It’s enough that I can miss your mother.”
Mu Qiqi lay on the table, feeling very unhappy.
“Go and see your grandfather. I’ll clean this up and come out for dinner.”
Mu Qiqi got up and went to Old Master Shen’s fish pond. It was spring and there were all kinds of expensive flowers blooming in the yard, all personally taken care of by Old Master Shen.
“How come you’re free to come back today?” Old Master Shen put away his fishing rod and turned to look at his granddaughter. “Where’s Eighth Brother?”
“I’m angry. I don’t want to talk about him,” Mu Qiqi answered as she squatted beside Old Master Shen.
“No wonder you came back so eagerly. Your family is so close to you. You must be very happy.”
Mu Qiqi helped Old Master Shen up and the two of them went to the Shen family’s restaurant. When Huang Yu saw Mu Qiqi, she got excited. “You’re such a busy person. Why did you come back today to have a meal with your grandfather?”
“She only came back because she feels wronged.” Old Master Shen snorted. “Usually, the two families are so close. Did you see her climb over the threshold?”
“Grandfather.” Mu Qiqi looked at the old master with resentment.
“Tell me, what did Eighth Brother do to you? You’re usually lawless and spoiled by him.”
Mu Qiqi did not say anything. She just sat down at the dining table and served dishes to the old man. “I should come back more often and eat the dishes in the small kitchen at home. I should learn how to fish from you. I should also learn how to identify antiques from Father so that I can cultivate the noble character of a rich young lady.”
“Since Qiqi doesn’t want to talk about it, then let’s eat. Our daughter of the Shen family came back after being bullied outside. Let her feel the warmth of family.” It was rare for Huang Yu to be considerate. “I’ll tidy up Qiqi’s room in a while. You can sleep here tonight.”
“Thank you, Second Aunt.”
Old Master Shen glanced at her. He did not say a word. In a while, Eighth Brother would definitely ask him about her.
“I’ll stay at Aunt’s place for a few more days.”
At eight o’clock in the evening.
When Sheng Xiao entered the house, Mama Sheng looked at him with a complex expression. “Eighth Brother, you didn’t pick up Xiao Qi?”
“She’s not back yet?”
“Maybe she’s in her room. You should go and see for yourself.” Mama Sheng was not sure because she did not hear anything after she got home. “Ask her to come out for dinner.”
Sheng Xiao went upstairs and found that the entire second floor was empty. There was not a single person there. He thought that she might have gone to Feng Shanshan’s house, but Tang Yan said that he did not see her. Sheng Xiao took a deep breath. Had he really spoiled this thing on a daily basis?
Sheng Xiao made a series of phone calls. Finally, he thought that the thing might have gone back to her mother’s house.
“Mom, I’m going to the Shen family’s house to take a look.”
“What are you guys doing?” Mama Sheng poked her head out and asked Sheng Xiao, “Qiqi is not a petty person. How did you offend her?”
“We’ll talk when we get back.”
With those words, Sheng Xiao left for the Shen family’s house.
Mu Qiqi was watching the military channel with Old Master Shen when the butler suddenly came in and told the two of them, “Your grandson-in-law is back. He’s looking for Miss Qiqi.”
Mu Qiqi did not say a word.
Old Master Shen saw this and stood up. “Alright, I’ll go and see her.”
Mu Qiqi was originally soft-hearted, but when she thought of what that man had done all day, she stood up angrily and went straight to her room.
Sheng Xiao entered the room but did not see anyone. What a headache.
Old Master Shen walked out eagerly. When he saw Eighth Brother, he snorted. “She got so angry that she came back here. Eighth Brother, that was not what you promised me back then.”
“Grandfather, apart from picking up Qi’er, I have something to ask you.” Sheng Xiao did not forget what Shen Yu had said to him in the interrogation room. The Sheng family and the Shen family could not escape. Since the Shen family was involved, Sheng Xiao naturally had to know what had happened.
“Is it important?”
Sheng Xiao nodded.
“Let’s go to the study.”
The two sat in the study and talked for more than half an hour before Old Master Shen finally understood the whole story.
“Eighth Brother Sheng, I’m afraid this matter is aimed at the Shen family. You’re a military enterprise now, and you’re supporting the Shen family.” Old Master Shen knew very well in his heart. “When Second Brother comes back, I’ll have a good talk with him to see if he has any to say.”
“It seems that Third Brother Sheng has been implicated by the Shen family. Fortunately, he’s fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sleep and eat in peace.”
“I follow up on this matter at any time because it involves a murder case. I’ve also cooperated with the police,” Sheng Xiao told the old man. “It’s also because of Qi’er’s safety that I didn’t let her know about a lot of things.”
“Who knows this girl’s personality better than you? You’re the one who taught her. Her personality and temper are 80-90% similar to yours. Both stubborn and being forceful does not work. Go and coax her yourself. I can’t be bothered.”
Sheng Xiao was silent as he followed Old Man Shen out of the study.
Huang Yu was sitting in the living room. When she saw Sheng Xiao, she smiled. “Even the Sheng’s Eighth brother gets defeated sometimes.”
“Second Aunt, where’s Qi’er?”
“She’s in her room.” Huang Yu pointed casually. “This is also your home. I won’t lead the way.”
Sheng Xiao nodded. If they were at the Banyan Courtyarden, he would have slapped her butt a long time ago.
Of course, since they were still at the Shen family’s residence, he couldn’t just think about bullying their girl.
Seeing Sheng Xiao walking toward Mu Qiqi’s room Huang Yu thought for a moment and chased after him. She gave him something. “Here, the key to the room.”
“Thank you, Second Aunt.”
Sheng Xiao accepted the kindness and walked quickly to the little thing’s room.
The lights were on in the room, so she must be inside.
“Qi’er, open the door. I’m here to take you home.”
Mu Qiqi sat on the bed with her back to the door, completely ignoring him.
Sheng Xiao waited for a long time. Seeing that there was no movement in the room, he used the key to open the door.
Mu Qiqi did not expect to be betrayed by Huang Yu. She still maintained her original position with her back to the man. If he dared to do anything, she would shout. After all, they were at her parents’ house.
“Turn around…”
“I won’t. You don’t tell me anything now. You make all decisions on your own. What else do you need me for?”