Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Chapter 2301 - The Experience of Showing Off

Chapter 2301 The Experience of Showing OffThe ocean up ahead seemed peaceful and tranquil, but it was in the color of devastating redness under the illumination of sunlight.The redness soared up into a crimson pillar of smoke that could be seen clearly from hundreds of kilometers away.
It was exactly the location of the undersea base that had been accurately marked by the reconnaissance troops who had come in advance. The base was right below the pillar of smoke.
At this moment, the fastest warships had already reached the smoke. Abundant bombs were released from the warships and sank into the ocean, not exploding until they submerged for almost five hundred meters.
The bombs were so powerful that the blasts raised splendid tides on the surface passing through the seawater hundreds of meters deep. The entire ocean seemed to be boiling.
According to the intelligence, Dongfang Wang’s undersea base was constructed in the undersea mountains more than two thousand meters below sea level. Naturally, those bombs could not damage the base at all.
However, they could trigger overwhelming undercurrents below the ocean, which could disrupt the teleportation arrays and stop the starships from being directly launched to space.
Dongfang Wang’s last retreat had been completely blocked.
A hundred warships, with almost a hundred thousand elite soldiers on board, flew to the top of the bloody pillar of smoke. A gory hunting was about to begin.
Dongfang Wang in the undersea base seemed to have realized that he had nowhere to go anymore. Even if he was lucky enough to run to space, there would still be no place for him in the enormous Imperium.
But it was absolutely impossible for him to give up and surrender as the former prime minister of the Imperium and the leader of the Dongfang family, to be tied up, tried, and butchered like a pig later.
Resisting in hopelessness and fighting to the last moment was his only outcome.
A hundred serial explosions suddenly echoed from the bottom of the ocean. Then, water pillars as thick as dragons rose abruptly to an altitude of a hundred meters.
From the water pillars, thousands of flying swords and ten times more grenades were shot at the warships overwhelmingly.
Ripples in various colors were spreading out on the spiritual shields of the warships under the barrage. Many of the spiritual shields were shot through, and the power units and the anti-gravity units were badly damaged. Hideous smoke popped up on the starships one after another.
However, more warships had already locked onto where the assault came and counterattacked with the cannons on board. The vast ocean was immediately riddled with holes. The seawater weighing billions of tons was vaporized immediately into a stinky storm of blood.
After a prolonged mutual shooting, the two parties gradually slowed down. Then, tremendous crystal suits and Colossi leaped off from the warships into the ocean.
Both the crystal suits and the Colossi were the best anti-pressure models. They had also been installed with the fin kits for the undersea battle. Even under the pressure of the water thousands of meters deep, they could still carry out at least 60% of their combat ability.
In a moment, the previously dirty water turned translucent under the illumination of the light of the crystal suits and the Colossi. It was almost like a colorful crystal that was emitting gloomy coldness with a weird sense of beauty.
“Let’s go now. If we can successfully rescue His Majesty, it will be a major accomplishment!”
Li Yao grinned and said to Li Jialing half-jokingly. Then, he rose and warmed up his limbs, before he sprinted and leaped from the front of the warship!
While he was still in midair, his crystal suit was already glowing, outlining a cluster of glamorous wings, as if an enormous golden-winged bird was flying out of his body and enshrouding him. His Colossus Gold Vulture showed up again!
The Gold Vulture dived deep into the ocean and swooped to the dark, deep bottom of the ocean.
The battle in the deep ocean was entirely different from those on the ground or in space.
The ocean water was a natural barrier that would significantly disrupt and slow down the transmission of spiritual waves.
Even the weapons such as flying swords and bullets would be terribly decelerated in the water.
It was needless to say that the senses of human beings would be mostly blocked once they entered the deep ocean.
The most terrifying of all was the pressure in the ocean. At the bottom of the ocean thousands of meters deep, the pressure of the seawater was enough to press a crystal tank weighing dozens of tons into a flawless iron ball by brute force. There would not even be a hole that a needle could stab in on the ball.
The battle in such an environment was extremely treacherous even for the experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage who were protected by the super anti-pressure crystal suits and Colossi.
The reason was simple. The experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage could not stay in the Divinity Transformation Stage every second and every minute. It would be quite impressive if they could unleash the intensity of the Divinity Transformation Stage a couple of times in a fierce battle. Most of the time, they would only keep themselves in the Nascent Soul Stage or the Core Formation Stage to lower the consumption on the life and the soul.
The turrets of the latest warship cannons of the Imperium of True Human Beings had a longevity of about three minutes, which meant the addition of all the moments when the cannons were fired.
The same logic applied to the experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage.
No turrets could stand opening fire for dozens of minutes continually, and no experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage could stay in the Divinity Transformation Stage for dozens of minutes by burning their lives incessantly.
The heavy pressure of the seawater, on the other hand, was endless without any gap. Unless one had escaped into an undersea base, it would be impossible for them to relax for a single moment.
From that point of view, Dongfang Wang, who had an undersea base as a shield, was in a much more advantageous position than the attackers.
When Li Yao dived to five hundred meters deep, the entire undersea world was already a mess.
Chaotic currents, turbulences, and dazzling electric arcs triggered by invisible barriers were everywhere. Flames were squeezed into all kinds of bizarre shapes by the water, before their gloomy fluorescence swallowed the lives of countless people.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
The mainframe crystal processor of the Gold Vulture let out alarms nonstop. The entire undersea mountain had almost been built into a forest of flying swords, and a thousand of them darted at Li Yao’s face without a sound along with the undercurrents!
While dodging the attacks unhurriedly, Li Yao boosted his telepathic thoughts to the maximum and observed the layout of the undersea base.
At this moment, the elite warriors of the two parties had already clashed. Dozens of Colossi and tens of thousands of crystal suits raised the craziest tides at the bottom of the ocean. One side was determined to capture Dongfang Wang, and the other side was resisting hard because they had no retreat. The battle had entered the most heated phase the moment it started!
“Li Jialing!”
Locking onto a position, Li Yao called the golden-haired lion in the point-to-point private channel. “This way, follow me!”
Evading the last flying sword as agilely as a shark, the Gold Vulture moved to the dark bottom of the ocean.
Following Li Yao, Li Jialing found it strange. “This… does not seem to be the direction to the main battlefield. The undersea base is that way!”
“Of course I know this isn’t the direction to the main battlefield. That’s why we are heading this way!”
Li Yao replied matter-of-factly, “Hurry and switch your crystal suit to stealth mode. Turn off all the units except for the anti-pressure ones in case other people discover us!”
While talking, Li Yao turned off the light around the Gold Vulture first. The Colossus now looked like a piece of rusted bronze.
“What are you doing?”
Li Jialing was astonished. “Aren’t we supposed to rescue His Majesty?”
“That was just a joke. There are countless loyal and devoted patriots in the Imperium of True Human Beings. It’s inappropriate for us to do everything in person, right?”
Li Yao said matter-of-factly again, “Young man, you must keep a low profile and never show off easily!”
Li Jialing: “… B-but you’ve been showing off in your every battle in the past, Brother Yao!”
“Here, allow Brother Yao to teach you a life lesson about when you can show off and when you can’t.”
Li Yao said solemnly, “Before, when I showed off in the battles, I had run careful evaluations in advance and foreseen that the difficulty of the battles was not high and the enemies were not determined to resist but likely to collapse at the first sign of failure. If you are engaged in such battles, of course you need to show off, or you won’t deserve your hard training, right?
“There is another scenario. The battles are terribly difficult, if not life-blighting, but you have no retreat at all because all the responsibilities are on your shoulders. Then, there is no other way except to try your best. In that case, you might as well die a cool death if you have to be killed!
“But today’s battle is different.
“Dongfang Wang used to be the prime minister of the Imperium after all, and he certainly has tremendous extraordinary talents under his command. This place is also the last nest that he has carefully operated on for years with all kinds of traps, barriers, and arrays. This is definitely one of the most dangerous places in the world!
“The experts deployed here are all Dongfang Wang’s last trusted subordinates whose lives have been completely tied to Dongfang Wang. There is no way for them to surrender at all. They are just the most ferocious rabid dogs that have no plans of escaping alive. They will feel worth it if they can kill one enemy.
“Also, the water pressure here is so high. Even an expert like myself might have an accident after one moment of carelessness. Is there any reason why we should fight hard with the rabid dogs?
“Furthermore, the four Kurfürst families have all sent experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage for the operation to arrest Dongfang Wang. This place has been beleaguered by so many crystal suits and warships too. It is impossible for Dongfang Wang to get away at all. So, it won’t matter whether the two of us join the battle or not.
“Therefore, we will just keep a low profile, hide at the periphery, and clear the small fries who intend to break out of the siege while we cheer for the experts who fight in the front!”
Li Jialing was dazed for a long time, before he said, “But the queen said…”
“Please, don’t be so rigid. Just forget what the queen said!”
Li Yao said, “Just sense the experts of the Divinity Transformation Stage on the main battlefield carefully. Can’t you tell that ‘our’ Divinity Transformation Stage experts are all sluggish as if they haven’t woken up yet? They are all planning the same, and none of them is willing to lead the vanguard to fight the enemy. Even the main forces of the four families and the reformists are thinking that way. Why do the two of us need to work so hard when we only joined the cause halfway?”
Rendered speechless, Li Jialing followed Li Yao to dive further into the ocean.
Li Yao nodded his head in satisfaction. He was about to teach the boy more life lessons when the Gold Vulture suddenly received a familiar signal from the depths of the dark, boundless ocean.